This page provides information on how to request new channels from Shaw. If there's a channel you'd like to watch that Shaw does not carry, please let us know using the Channel request form (link below). These requests are reviewed by our product team and will factor into the decision-making process when it comes to offering new channels. The survey link provided below is for requests only; we are unable to respond to inquiries.

Channel request form

Click on the link to access the online form for requesting new channels from Shaw. Note that we do not respond to inquiries. To contact us, follow one of the links below.


 Channel Request form


Using the channel request form

Note that this form is strictly for requesting channels not currently offered by Shaw. If you are looking to add existing channels or have questions about your account or Shaw products and services, please contact us using one of the methods listed here or start a discussion in the TV Forum.

If you would like to contact us, the easiest way to reach us is through our social media channels, particularly Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Message. Representatives are available to speak with you every day from 7AM to 10PM PT. More ways to contact us can be found at the link below.

Learn More: Shaw — Contact us with your feedback and suggestions 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which factors affect the decision-making process around new channels?

A. When looking at new channels, we consider a variety of factors, including:

  • Licensing. A channel must be licensed for carriage in Canada in order to be considered. Many of our most popular channel requests, including Hallmark Channel, TNT, and USA Network, are not licensed in Canada.
  • Cost. Packaging requirements (both from regulations and the networks) have a major impact on the overall cost of adding a channel. We strive to offer our customers the entertainment experiences they want at competitive prices and so we take these decisions very seriously.
  • Popularity/Demand. Channel requests from customers like yourself, viewership ratings, social media followers, critical acclaim, and content uniqueness are all considered when looking at adding new services.
  • Bandwidth. While we would love to offer every channel available, there are technical factors that govern the amount of room we have in each city to launch new channels. We are always looking to make decisions that optimize the available capacity and provide the most balanced benefit.


Q. How will I know if my channel is launched?

A. Shaw announces new channel launches to customers via our website, bill messaging, and in the onscreen Guide.


Q. What is the status of my request? Are you in negotiations with the supplier?

A. Unfortunately, due to the complexities around supplier/provider negotiations (including confidentiality requirements), we are not able to provide detailed updates or respond to specific channel requests. We appreciate all feedback and ensure that it is considered (along with the factors listed above) in determining which channels we pursue for carriage.

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