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How To: Troubleshoot Error 012 on BlueCurve TV

If you encounter Error 012 on BlueCurve TV, it was likely caused by an activation issue. Error 012 On-Screen Message "Device activation has failed due to error:012. Please contact Shaw at 1.888.472.2222 for assistance" CauseThis error occurs when the... Read more

How to: Connect your Shaw Gateway HDPVR portal

This article will help you connect your Shaw Gateway HDPVR portal (MP2000 or MP2150) to your TV. Before you begin Remove any plastic wrapping from your Shaw Gateway HDPVR portal. If you already have a Shaw Gateway HDPVR (XG1v3-A) in your home, make s... Read more

How To: Access TV Parental Controls

This page will give you quick information on your equipment's Parental Controls. Parental Controls By configuring the Parental Controls settings on your equipment, you can lock programming according to its TV or Movie rating, channel number, or progr... Read more

How to: Order channels with My Shaw

Otherwise known as 'Click to Add', My Shaw now lets you order and subscribe to select channels right from our My Shaw website and My Shaw app. Just sign into your account, find the channel you want to subscribe to and get ready to view it in 10 minut... Read more

How To: Connect your HD Guide TV Player

This article will help you set up and activate your HD Guide TV Player (DCX3200 or DCX3510). If you are setting up a BlueCurve TV Player, click here. If you are setting up a Wireless 4K BlueCurve TV Player, click here. What's included A remote, HDMI ... Read more

Ordering Shaw PPV FAQ

Find frequently asked questions about Ordering Shaw PPV below. What happens if I ordered a PPV event and it is not appearing? Ensure that the PPV order went through by trying to cancel it through your Guide. If you're having issues feel free to conta... Read more

How To: Find your WiFi password on BlueCurve TV

With BlueCurve Internet and TV, you can find your WiFi password, network name, and status, right from your TV box using a voice command. Just ask your BlueCurve TV voice remote, and your WiFi network details will pop up in seconds. Note: This feature... Read more

About: Legacy TV box upgrade program

In order to provide you with the best TV experience possible, we’re streamlining our TV hardware product offerings. Some of our legacy TV boxes are nearing the end of their life cycle and will be retired, meaning TV programming will no longer be acce... Read more

Oct 15 | BlueSky TV and FreeRange TV have a new name

Starting October 15, 2019, we’re updating the names of BlueSky TV and the FreeRange TV app. BlueSky TV is now BlueCurve TV, and the FreeRange TV app is now the BlueCurve TV App. We’re making this change to streamline our products as part of the BlueC... Read more

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