Have you received a message indicating that your service has been or is scheduled to be interrupted? Have you missed a payment for your account? You can restore your service immediately without having to call our Customer Care department.

The best way to pay is a credit card. Payment for your overdue balance will be processed immediately, and will restore your service right away. this can be paid through My Shaw.

Suspension Notice

If you have received a notice like the one below indicating that your service has been suspended, it's probably because you have an outstanding balance on your account. Fortunately, you don't even have to chat with an agent to fix it. All you need to do is pay the outstanding balance, in full, using your credit card with one of the following methods:



You can find information relating to paying your bill at Self Serve Payment Options .

An online credit card payment for the full overdue balance will restore your service immediately.

If your services have been suspended because you have missed a payment, you have probably received a message in your email like this one, or possibly an automated phone message.

Non-Pay Suspension Notice Email.jpg

Requesting a payment extension

If you’re unable to pay the full balance today, you may be eligible for a temporary payment extension.

  • Log in to the My Shaw app or website to see if you are eligible for a payment extension.
    • An alert will present itself at the top of the page showing your balance and a prompt to request a payment extension


An online payment extension may take up to 48 hours to be approved, but if you qualify you can get up to 15 days extra to pay your overdue balance. 

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