Learn about notable changes to your bill which may appear after your account has been moved to our upgraded billing system.

Note: Starting February 1, 2024, the entity issuing this invoice and its associated business numbers have changed. But don't worry, no action is needed from you. You can simply find all the details on your invoice, effective February 1, 2024.

Did you know: You can view bills, set up auto payment, opt-in to eBilling and view your current bill using the My Shaw app.

Download: My Shaw app for iOS or My Shaw app for Android devices.

Breaking down your bill

Your bill will look like this:



Invoice date

Date this invoice was issued.


Due date

The latest date you can pay your balance without incurring any additional fees.


Summary of your account

All the charges and payments on your account for your services.


Transfer of balance

The amount remaining from the previous billing system, including any payments and charges from before the date of the system change.


Changes since your previous invoice

Partial charges for services active on your account between the billing upgrade date to the end of the month.


Current charges

Charges incurred for your current month of service.

Page 2 of your bill:
Details of current charges

An item-by-item breakdown of all services and purchases made on your account, including any current promotions.

Auto payment on My Shaw

Worry-free billing is here. You can now set up automatic payments easily yourself on My Shaw:

  1. Sign in to my.shaw.ca or open the MyShaw app.
  2. Scroll down to Auto Payments (on the app, tap Billing).
  3. Click Set up Auto Payments.
  4. Select Credit card or Bank account as your preferred payment method.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter credit card or bank account details.
  7. Click Sign up to enable auto payments.

Learn more: How to: Set up auto payments

Partial charges

Whenever you change or add to your services, your next bill may include partial charges. This pro-rated amount covers the time between the date of the change to the end of the month. These charges will be listed in the “Changes since your previous invoice” section of your bill.

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