Learn how to view and change your WiFi network name and password using BlueCurve Home app on mobile or desktop view.

Note: If you're using Shaw BlueCurve Pods, you cannot split your WiFi names and passwords from one another.

Change your BlueCurve WiFi name and password

  1. Open BlueCurve Home (mobile app).
  2. Select Connect.

    Tab BlueCurve Connect Icon Selected.png

  3. Select See Network.

    Connect See Network Option Highlight.png

  4. Press the pencil icon on the top right corner.

    Connect My Network Pencil Highlight.png


  5. Select WiFi Name or WiFi Password to change them.

    WiFi Name Password Change Apply.png


  6. Once you're done, select Apply Changes, and you're all set!


Note: After making changes, you may need to choose your new network name or enter your new password on previously connected devices.

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