Outlook 2016 LogoLearn how to setup your Shaw email account through Outlook 2016 via Exchange/ActiveSync.  You can also set up your Shaw email via IMAP, with Outlook 2016. While the preferred setup method for Outlook 2016 is ActiveSync/Exchange, there can be issues - in these cases, IMAP is the preferred email setup method. 


For more information on the differences between IMAP and POP, please see the following article: Email server settings: POP and IMAP




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ActiveSync/Microsoft Exchange email setup

To set up your Shaw email in Outlook 2016 to send and receive emails using an Exchange Server:


  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2016
  2. Click File from the top-left corner
  3. Click Add Account
  4. Click Manual setup or additional server types 
    Outlook 2016 > Manual Setup
  5. Click Next
  6. Depending on your version of Outlook 2016, you might see different options to choose your account type.
    • Option A: Click Outlook.com or Exchange ActiveSync compatible service 
      Outlook 2016 > Add Account > Exchange/ActiveSync
    • Option B: Click Exchange ActiveSync (Note: Office 365 is selected as the default).
  7. Click Next
    • Note: Outlook 2016 uses Autodiscover and will search for your configuration settings where you may be prompted to enter your email password and click OK. If Outlooks cannot locate your mail server settings, proceed with step 8.
  8. Enter the following information
    • Your Name
    • Email address: Your full Shaw email address
    • Mail server: wm.shaw.ca
    • User Name: Your Shaw email address excluding @shaw.ca
    • Password: Your Shaw email password
  9. Click Next
  10. Choose your account options and which services you would like to sync (mail, contacts, and calendars)
  11. Enter a name for this mail account (for example "My Shaw Account")
  12. Click Finish

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Did You Know?


When it is compatible, Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) is a convenient way to setup your email and is recommended as it is the best option for users looking to check mail worldwide and from different computers/devices. Otherwise we recommend the IMAP setup method.


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