Shaw Stream is a video streaming device that can be used with your Shaw Internet service. Enjoy quick access to your favourite movies, TV shows, and more. Shaw Stream combines popular video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video—all in one simple view—without having to switch inputs on your TV. It includes our iconic voice remote, with a sleek new design, so you can easily pull up all your favourite content.

How to get Shaw Stream

Shaw Stream can be bundled on your account with Shaw Internet service. A Shaw Internet subscription is required.

Visit to get started or contact us for more information.


Shaw Stream features

Learn more about the features of Shaw Stream.

Quick and easy setup

  • Shaw Stream is easy to install and activate.
  • Follow our Self Connect Guide and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Simple home screen

  • The Shaw Stream home screen is your personalized streaming dashboard.
  • Easily access all your streaming apps in one place, get recommendations, or pick up where you left off.
  • Visit How To: Navigate the Shaw Stream home screen to learn more.

Voice control and search

  • The quickest way to find content on Shaw Stream is with your voice.
  • Use our voice remote to navigate and find what you want to watch, and search across multiple streaming apps at the same time.
  • See How To: Use the Shaw Stream voice remote for more details and voice command tips.

Streaming apps

  • Find apps for movies, TV series, music, weather forecasts, and much more.
  • Wide range of both free content and paid subscription services.
  • Watch in 4K UHD where available.
  • Check out our list of available streaming apps to learn more.

Shaw Video On Demand

Parental controls

Shaw Stream hardware

Get the latest hardware with Shaw Stream including support for 4K, voice search, and WiFi connectivity.

4K Wireless TV Player (Xi6 or XiOne)

  • Top-notch video features like 4K, HDR, WiFi connectivity. Learn more.

Voice Remote (XR16)

  • Use your voice to search for content across multiple apps at the same time. Learn more.

Fibre+ Gateway (XB6 or XB7)

  • Powerful WiFi connectivity for every device in your home. Learn more.


Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about Shaw Stream below.

Do I need a Shaw TV package subscription to use Shaw Stream?

  • No. Shaw Stream includes various streaming apps to provide a diverse library of content.
  • A traditional TV package subscription is not available with Shaw Stream.
  • A Shaw Internet package is required to use Shaw Stream.

Can I watch live TV on Shaw Stream?

  • No, regular live TV channels are not available on Shaw Stream. However, many of the included streaming apps may have similar content for you to watch.

How is Shaw Stream different from BlueCurve TV?

How do I know if my Internet package is eligible to add Shaw Stream?

  • Shaw Internet with a Fibre+ Gateway is required to use Shaw Stream.
  • To stream 4K content from providers like Netflix, a minimum Internet speed of 25Mbps is recommended.
  • Note: Our Hitron modem is not compatible with Shaw Stream. If you have a Hitron modem, please contact us about upgrading your plan to get a Fibre+ Gateway.
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