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ShawPasspoint is an improved method for connecting to WiFi hotspots as part of the Wi-Fi Alliance Hotspot 2.0 Specification. The new ShawPasspoint SSID allows for easier registration by installing a profile on your device. This allows you to register for Shaw Go WiFi from any location with an Internet connection, without having to be physically near a hotspot or needing to lookup the MAC address of your device. 


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SSID (Server Set Identifier) is also referred to as a network name because it is the name that identifies a wireless (WiFi) network.  When you set up your WiFi network, the SSID is the name that you give your network.


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ShawPasspoint is a new SSID we've released as part of our ongoing efforts to provide an exceptional Shaw Go WiFi experience. “Passpoint” is an improved method for connecting to WiFi hotspots as part of the Wi-Fi Alliance Hotspot 2.0 Specification. This makes registering and connecting to Shaw Go WiFi easier than ever when using a supported device. See Key Points & Features below for a breakdown of what's new, and check out Frequently Asked Questions for more information and troubleshooting tips.
Key Points & Features

  • Simplified sign-up experience
    • Use the Get Connected page at Shaw.ca to register for Shaw Go WiFi without physically visiting a hotspot, or having to find and enter the MAC address of your device
    • When registering from home, the website will automatically fill in your account information - this makes getting set up for Shaw Go WiFi easier than ever
  • At launch, only Apple devices running iOS 8 or later will be supported
  • The ShawOpen SSID will remain in place and will still be available, running alongside ShawPasspoint

Supported Devices


All Apple devices using iOS 8 or later are supported:
  • iPhone 5 or newer
  • iPad 3rd generation or newer
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini 2nd generation or newer
Note: The Safari web browser must be used to complete registration. Other browsers will not work.

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Registered Device Limits

As a Shaw Internet customer, you can connect to Shaw Go WiFi with as many devices as you like, but the number of devices that can connect automatically is determined by your current Internet plan. Once you register your devices for Shaw Go WiFi, they will automatically connect every time you enter a hotspot. You may be unable to auto-authenticate to the network if you exceed the number of devices you are able to connect to your account.


Shaw Go WiFi Device Limits


Internet PlanNumber of Devices


Lite / Value / Express / Internet 53
High Speed 7.5 / High Speed 106
Internet 156
High Speed 20 / High Speed 25 / Extreme / Internet 308
Warp / Broadband 50 / Nitro / Broadband 100 / Broadband 25010
Internet 60 / Internet 120 / Internet 15010


If you'd like to use additional devices beyond what's included with your Internet plan, that's no problem. You'll just need to manually log in each time you're in a Shaw Go WiFi hotspot or you can also upgrade your plan.

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