To use devices with Shaw Go WiFi — an urban network of Shaw WiFi hotspots available to you with your Shaw Internet account — you have to register each device manually. A registered device will connect automatically every time you enter a hotspot location.

How to add a device to Shaw Go WiFi

You can add a device to Shaw Go WiFi when at any Shaw Go hotspot. To make it simple, preregister your device using the Easy Device Registration form.

When at a Shaw Hotspot:

  1. Access the network/WiFi setting on your device.
  2. Select "Shaw Open" from the list of wireless networks.
  3. Open your web browser.

Now your device will connect automatically whenever you're in a hotspot!

Haven't registered your device yet?

You will need your Shaw ID and password. Don't have one? Get one now 

  1. Access the network/WiFi settings on your device
  2. Select Shaw Open from the list of wireless networks
  3. Open your web browser and you'll see the Shaw Go WiFi sign-in-page
  4. Sign in using your Shaw ID or email address and password
  5. Register your device and select Remember Device

Shaw Go WiFi device limits

As a Shaw Internet customer, add as many devices as you like to use with Shaw Go WiFi, but the number of devices that can connect automatically is determined by your active Internet plan.

Internet Plan Number of Devices
Fibre+ Gig 1.5 10
Fibre+ Gig 10
Fibre+ 10 / Fibre+ 25 / Fibre+ 75 / Fibre+ 150 / Fibre+ 300 / Fibre+ 500 / Fibre+ 750 10
Warp / Broadband 50 / Internet 50 / Nitro / Broadband 100 / Broaband 250 10
High Speed 20 / High Speed 25 / Extreme / Internet 30 / Internet 75 8
Internet 15 6
High Speed 7.5 / High Speed 10 5
Lite / Value / Express / Internet 5 3
Access 1 1


If you'd like to use additional devices beyond what's included with your Internet plan, that's no problem. You'll just need to manually log in each time you're in a Shaw Go WiFi hotspot, or you can upgrade your Internet plan to a level that offers additional connected devices.

You may be unable to auto-authenticate to the network if you exceed the number of devices you are able to connect to your account.

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