My Shaw provides access to various Home Phone features including voicemail through a convenient and easy-to-use website. This guide contains simple information about and instructions on getting the most out of your Home Phone.  

Note that access to these features are available for customers subscribed to a Home Phone package which includes the features listed here:

Getting started

Begin by logging in to My Shaw at If you have not yet registered for My Shaw, please click Create one now on the right side of the login page or refer to Shaw Account Settings (My Shaw) for additional information and instructions. If you have registered in the past and forgotten your password, please follow the instructions on the How to reset your Shaw ID password page.

Once logged in, click My Services and then choose Phone from the menu at the top. You will see a list of all phone numbers associated with the account, as well as the plan packages applied to each individual phone number. On this page you'll be able to manage voicemail, privacy and call forwarding settings, and listen to voicemails.


How to manage Voicemail settings

The Manage Voicemail Settings section presents you with a list of various options and settings you can customize. Details about each of the options/settings are listed below.

Under Manage settings, click the Manage button beside Voicemail settings.



The Manage Voicemail Settings window is displayed. Select a setting to configure it.



Voicemail on/off

Enable/disable your voicemail.



Number of rings

Set the number of rings before voicemail picks up. Click the drop-down menu to select between two and nine rings




When you click on the Notifications button you'll see the following options:

Email notifications:

You can enable/disable options to email you an audio recording (.wav format) of each voicemail message and notify you when your mailbox is full or nearly full.

  1. Under Email notifications, click Add an Email Address
  2. Enter your email address and click Save.
    • A maximum of five email addresses can be active for Voicemail to Email settings.
    • Settings chosen will apply to all email addresses registered for notifications.
  3. Toggling the switches to On will enable the associated email notification feature.



Calling-in for messages

When you click on the Calling-in for messages button you'll see the following options:

Menu options:

You can enable/disable options to skip the main menu and play messages right away, as well as to have the date, time, and phone number play before each message.


Voicemail PIN:

A security feature you can enable/disable is to prompt for a voicemail PIN to be entered before access is provided to messages. The PIN would be required to be between a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 14 digits in length.

To change your Voicemail PIN, please follow these steps:

  1. From the expanded Calling-in for messages menu, click the Change Voicemail PIN button.
  2. Enter your new PIN in the provided field.
  3. Click Save to finish.



Play messages in this order: 

Preference can be set to play the most recent message or oldest message first.


Play voice prompts in:

Preference can be set to play voice prompts in several languages, including: English, French, Punjabi, Mandarin, or Cantonese.



When you click on the Greetings button you'll see the following options:

Main greeting:

Use a default greeting or upload your own recorded greeting.


Listen only:

Upload a recorded greeting for listening only. With this feature enabled, this message will play when a call is received and not provide an option to leave a message. This feature can also be used by calling into voicemail and using the Absence Greeting option within the menu.


How to manage Privacy Settings

The Privacy menu offers a selection of features to control how your phone line receives calls and to ensure that you have the tools required to prevent unwanted callers from reaching your line. Under the Privacy tab, you will see options for Blocking unwanted calls, While on a call, and 1-900 callingCustomers with private phone numbers can also choose to hide their caller ID.

Under Manage settings, click the Manage button beside Privacy.



The Manage Privacy Settings window is displayed. Select a setting to configure it.



Block Unwanted Calls

Do Not Disturb:

  • When this feature is enabled, your phone line will not receive any incoming calls or voicemails.
  • Callers will hear a message explaining that you are not accepting calls at this time.


Anonymous Call Blocking:

  • When this feature is enabled, incoming calls from private or unlisted numbers will not ring on your line.
  • The caller will hear a message explaining that you are not receiving calls from unidentified numbers.
  • Note: Callbacks from 911 Emergency services may come through as anonymous and therefore would be blocked if this feature is enabled. 



Selective Call Blocking:

  • This feature allows you to define specific numbers and block those numbers from being able to call your line.
  • You can specify up to 30 numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls.
  • If a blocked number calls your line, the caller will hear a message advising them that your line is not accepting calls from their number.



Spam Call Blocking:

  • Spam call blocking helps to filter out unwanted calls made to your home phone.
  • With this feature activated, we'll automatically detect and block suspicious calls, including those from unregistered telemarketers.
  • Spam call blocking is an opt-in feature, meaning it will be off by default until you choose to activate it.
  • To learn more about spam call blocking and how to use it, read How To: Use spam call blocking.



While On a Call

Call Waiting:

You can enable/disable this feature from notifying you when another call is coming through via a beep.


Busy Redial: 

You can enable/disable this feature to contact you when a busy number you're trying to reach is available.



Hide my Caller ID

You can enable/disable this feature to hide your name or name and number.



1-900 Calling

  • 1-900 or 1-976 calls connect you to companies that provide a service (e.g., psychic lines, adult chats, contests, etc.). These calls are billable to your account if they are made from your line, and the cost can range from $1 to $15 per minute, or more.
  • We automatically put a block on your line so that 1-900 and 1-976 calls can't be made from your telephone. You can request to remove the block to allow 1-900 and 1-976 calls to be made.
  • By removing the blocking of 1-900 and 1-976 dialing you are solely responsible for its use by yourself and others, including all calls to 1-900 and 1-976 numbers originating from your telephone(s), regardless of who made them.             

How to manage Call Forwarding Settings

The Forwarding tab enables you to configure your Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring options.

Under Manage settings, click the Manage button beside Call Forwarding.



The Manage Call Forwarding Settings window is displayed. 

Change Call Forwarding

This feature allows you to forward your calls to another phone number. Alternatively, you can forward all of your calls to voicemail if you wish to screen calls for a brief period of time or are not going to be answering incoming calls for an extended period (e.g., while you are away on vacation).

Change Simultaneous Ring

This feature allows you to define up to four additional numbers which will ring when your main line is called. This can be helpful for having calls ring at home, in your office, and to your cell phone so you don’t miss an important call. This feature can only be used with local numbers.


Did you know?

You can manage most of your services using the My Shaw App, as well as find additional support by speaking with a Shaw Agent using the chat support function of the app.  Find out more at My Shaw App - Features or connect with an Agent directly for technical support, ordering new services, scheduling a move, billing and account support, and more. Chat support is available Monday through Sunday, 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM PDT. Learn more: How to reach Shaw Support with the My Shaw App

You can find additional troubleshooting tips and tricks with our home phone frequently asked questions.

Learn more: Home Phone FAQs

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