4K, also known as UHD (Ultra HD), is the next generation standard of high definition TV content, offering a massive increase in picture clarity (resolution) compared to previous HD standards.

With Ignite TV, you can watch live sports in 4K through your Ignite Entertainment Box (Xi6 or XiOne) or TV Player (XG1v4), and stream 4K content with set-top box apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video.

Benefits of 4K

Compared to current HDTV standard (1080p)

  • 4K offers a massive increase in picture quality compared to the current HD standard (720p or 1080p).
  • 4K video has four times the number of pixels (resolution) on screen compared to 1080p.
  • More pixels means more image detail. The picture will be more clear, especially on larger TVs.




Did you know? 4K gets its name from the number of horizontal pixels displayed on the screen—just short of 4000 (3840). 4K may also be referred to as "2160p" (the number of vertical pixels on the screen).

How to watch 4K content

To get 4K on Ignite TV, you must be using 4K Shaw equipment and a 4K TV. If you're using a home theatre receiver, it must also support 4K.


  • Ignite Entertainment Box (XiOne or Xi6) or TV Player (XG1v4) (supplied by Rogers)
  • High Speed or Ultra High-Speed HDMI cable (supplied by Shaw with your 4K Ignite set-top box)
  • 4K compatible TV set
  • 4K compatible receiver (If you're using one)
  • TV channel subscription or streaming service that includes 4K content
  • Minimum 25 Mbps internet connection for streaming online 4K content




Looking to upgrade your TV service for access to 4K content? Contact us.

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4K sports channels

If you have the requirements listed above, you can access 4K sports channels on Ignite TV simply by tuning to those channels or selecting them from the guide.

Available 4K channels

These 4K channels are included in our existing TV plans and sports packages. If you already have these channels in HD, you can also access the 4K versions.


  • TSN 4K: Available to Ignite TV subscribers in BC and Alberta
  • TSN 3 4K: Available to Ignite TV subscribers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario
  • TSN 4 4K: Available to Ignite TV subscribers in Ontario



  • Sportsnet 4K: Available to Ignite TV subscribers everywhere


  • Sportsnet One 4K: Available to Ignite TV subscribers everywhere

Visit shaw.ca to find channel listings in your area.

4K broadcast schedules

  • 4K content delivery is determined by the network and varies by channel and broadcast.
  • This means that, even on a 4K channel, not all programming will be in 4K resolution.
  • The TSN 4K broadcast schedule can be found here
  • Sportsnet does not publish a 4K events schedule.

Learn more: How to watch 4K content on Ignite TV

4K streaming apps

You can stream 4K content via Ignite TV set-top box apps like NetflixYouTube, and Amazon Prime Video.



  • Netflix
    • Requires subscription to a premium plan to access 4K content.
    • See Netflix Pricing Plans for more plan details.


  • YouTube
    • Creators have option to upload content in 4K.
    • Videos available in 4K have an option for 2160p (4K) in resolution settings.


  • Amazon Prime Video
    • Select titles are available in 4K.
    • Video quality is shown at the bottom left of playback controls while watching content.


Availability of 4K content depends on the app and may require an additional subscription from that streaming service provider. A minimum 25 Mbps Internet connection is required for streaming 4K content.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to subscribe separately to 4K content?

  • Any package that comes with the regular HD version of a channel will also include the 4K version. If you're already subscribed to the HD version, you don't need a separate subscription for the 4K version.
  • For example, a Total TV subscription includes both TSN and Sportsnet, which also includes the 4K version of those channels.

How do I know if my TV supports 4K?

  • Please refer to your TV manual to see if it supports 4K.

Will 4K sports channels have content when there is not a live event on?

  • No. 4K channels will only show content when there is a 4K broadcast.

Where can I find a 4K broadcast schedule?

  • You can view the TSN 4K broadcast schedule here.
  • Sportsnet does not publish a 4K events schedule.

Does streaming in 4K use more of my monthly Internet data?

  • Yes, streaming 4K UHD content requires a great deal of internet bandwidth compared to HD to SD video.
  • It's estimated that 1 hour of 4K Ultra HD programming will account for up to 7 GB of bandwidth.

What is the difference between 4K UHD HDR and 4K UHD SDR?

  • HDR stands for High Definition Range whereas SDR stands for Standard Definition Range. Both 4K formats require a 4K TV, but a HDR format will have better colour and contrast than SDR.

Which 4K format does Rogers (legacy Shaw) use to deliver 4K channels?

  • Our 4K channels are delivered over IP in 4K UHD SDR format.

What is 4K upscaling and what is native 4K?

  • Native means that the content is delivered in 4K resolution.
  • 4K upscaling means that content delivered in 1080p resolution in upscaled to 4K.
  • Upscaling is supported by some 4K TVs. This is a feature specific to your TV and is not controlled by Shaw.
  • Native 4K content is more detailed than upscaled 4K content.
  • Our 4K channels deliver native 4K content, when available.