Use these tips to troubleshoot Shaw on Demand Error codes. Error messages which appear when you are trying to access Shaw On Demand or not being able to access your chosen content in Shaw On Demand may be due to a variety of factors.

Common causes of Shaw on Demand issues include:

  • Poor signal caused by a loose or damaged cable connection
  • The content you are attempting to access is not available on the server
  • Shaw On Demand is not yet available in your area
  • Issues with Your Shaw Account or Billing

Self Serve Troubleshooting Tips

For some errors self serve troubleshooting can help resolve VOD issues without having to call in. the first and best step to take on your own is to try reseating you cable box (unplugging all the cables and re-plugging them back in). If you are using the Shaw Gateway system to access Shaw On Demand, please refer to Resetting Your Shaw Gateway System instead.

To reseat your cable box simply:

  1. Unplug the power to your cable box.
  2. Unscrew the coaxial cable connection from the back of the cable box and the wall outlet.
  3. Reconnect all cables.  


Wait 15-20 minutes for the Guide information and Shaw On Demand to load. The guide during this time may display To Be Announced.

If the issue persists and you have a spare coaxial cable, repeat the steps above with the new cable. If this does not correct the issue, please contact one of our technical support representatives to further investigate.

Error Codes: 33330, 33319, 33344, 33405, 33419 or 33629

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the following error codes: 33330, 33319, 33344, 33405, 33419, or 33629.

  1. Locate and unplug the power cable on your Digital Box
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Plug the power back into the Digital Box
  4. Wait approximately 10-15 minutes for the Interactive Guide (including Shaw On Demand) to be restored
  5. Press the ON DEMAND button

If you still receive an error code, please contact one of our technical support representatives.

Error Codes: 16522, 16525, 16528, 16527 or 22487

If you encounter error codes 16522, 16525, 16528, 16527 or 22487 it means we are currently doing maintenance in your area. Check for planned service updates and outages for more info. If you are impacted by an outage, please try to access VOD again later when it is resolved. 

Error Codes: 13402, 22474 or 22484

Error codes 13402, 22474 or 22484 indicate an account-related issue. Check your My Shaw to make sure that your bill and account is up to date. See managing your Shaw bill for more

Please contact us to chat through your account if everything looks to be up to date or you cannot access your account in My Shaw. 

Error Code: 1004

Error Code 1004 occurs when your TV box is attempting to stream MPEG4 High Definition (HD) content in an area that is not yet MPEG4 compatible. This issue typically occurs when you have ordered HD content through the online store (found at for streaming through your cable box, then stopped the content and attempted to resume it at a later time. The content you are trying to play is either not supported in your area or not playable on your cable box.

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