The (Legacy Shaw) High Definition Guide provides you with a brand new channel surfing experience. If you have any questions or have encountered any issues you can find responses to frequently asked questions listed here. You can review the following video, or check out the information below for a full list of frequently asked questions.

Programming and Channel FAQs

The programming guide isn't showing any information
 If the guide listings show "To Be Announced" or "TBA," please unplug the Digital Box from power for 30 seconds and then reconnect the power cable. When the HD Digital Box finishes rebooting, your guide data should be restored.  If the problem persists, please Contact Us.


Why can I watch HD channels but not standard-definition channels?
Some older HDTVs will not display a standard definition signal when it comes through high-definition video inputs such as component-video inputs.
Alternatively, some HD TVs cannot display anything above 720p while the default resolution on your cable box is 1080i. In order to fix this, please try these instructions:

  1. Connect an SD cable like S-video or Composite to your television
  2. Press MENU, then select Settings
  3. Select the Video Settings category
  4. Under the TV Resolution tab, change the video resolution to 720p
  5. Reconnect the HD cables



Where are my HD Channels? I only see a few of them in the 200's
HD Channels will now be automatically delivered over their equivalent standard definition channel when available, and the higher channel number will disappear. These channels will be indicated with small HD icons to make searching for HD channels a more simplified process.
CBC - CBUT Vancouver displays on channel 209 in HD, and channel 03 in Standard Definition.
With the new HD Guide, the CBC - CBUT Vancouver will now display in HD on channel 03 and will no longer appear on channel 209.
For more information on this, please review our document on HD Organization


I only see channels that I subscribed to and none of the others. Where are the other channels?
To streamline your browsing experience, the HD Guide displays only channels to which you have subscribed. To learn more about additional channels or change your channel lineup, please visit


How do I find a program in the new HD Guide?
The Search function allows you to search by Program Title, Actor or Description.

  • Press the MENU button on your Shaw Remote
  • From the Main Menu, select Search
  • Using the up or down ARROW keys, highlight the letters on the keypad and push OK to have them appear in the search field
  • Press the RIGHT ARROW to advance to the results column
  • Highlight the program you want to watch and press OK
  • Current/future scheduled programs and Pay-Per-View titles are displayed in your search results


For more information on the search functionality of the new HD Guide please review our document on Searching the HD Guide.


How to Access Crave and Super Channel on Demand Content
Subscribers of Crave and Super Channel stations can now find the included On Demand content through their On Demand menu on their HD Digital Box. To access this content, simply press the ON DEMAND button on your Shaw remote control, and select Subscriptions to see the available titles included with your subscription.



HD Guide - Features FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions specific to various features of the HD Guide.

How can I Enable Closed Captioning?

  1. Press the MENU button on your Shaw Remote
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Choose Closed Captions
  4. Move the slider to either the Off or On position using the LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS on your Remote
  5. Press OK to save your modification

Did you know? Ignite TV offers an even more improved Guide experience. Ignite TV introduces a new navigation system, along with an updated main menu, and a welcome screen. The main menu acts as the central navigation point to access key sections of the Ignite TV interface. Ignite TV Main Menu overview

Additional Troubleshooting and FAQs

Here are some additional troubleshooting tips and frequently asked questions about the HD Guide.

The guide style keeps changing. How can I choose only one?
 By default, the new High Definition Guide offers two possible guide views. The first guide view is Full Screen Guide and the second is the Traditional Guide. You can use both by repeatedly pressing the GUIDE button on your remote to cycle through each version of the guide. If the Full Screen Guide is up, pressing the GUIDE button again will bring up the next guide view.

Full Screen Guide Traditional Guide
Shaw Full Screen Guide Shaw Traditional Guide

Click image to enlarge

You are able to customize which views appear in which order, by navigating to Settings

  1. Press MENU on your Shaw remote to access the Main Menu
  2. Navigate to Settings and then press OK
  3. Select Guide, and then Guide Views in the Settings menu by using the ARROW keys on the Shaw remote
  4. Highlight First Press and select the guide view you want to appear first when selecting the GUIDE button
  5. Do the same for the Second Press and Third Press options
  6. You are also able to disable second and third press guide views by moving the sliders to the Off position

For more information on this please review our document on HD Guide View Settings


My TV picture is pixelated
If your TV picture is pixelated or digitized (squares of distorted picture appearing throughout the image) then you may be experiencing signal issues.  Please see our guide on troubleshooting pixelation to resolve this issue: Poor Picture Quality / Pixelation


The front panel on my HD box shows "Cd##" or Fp##." What does this mean?

The Cd## or Fp## messages indicate that your Digital Box is currently downloading and applying the latest updates. This process should take no more than 20 minutes and may cause the Digital Box to reboot itself once or twice. Afterward, it should function normally.

  • Do not press any buttons on your remote or Digital Box during this time
  • Do not attempt to disconnect power on your Digital Box as it could cause a potential malfunction


My Digital Box is frozen and not responding
 If your Digital Box is no longer responding to your remote control, you may need to reset it. To do this, simply:

  1. Locate the Power Cable on the back of the Digital Box
  2. Unplug power for 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect the Power Cable
  4. Wait two minutes while the Digital Box resets
  5. Power on the Digital Box and attempt to use it again to see if this has corrected the issue

HD Guide Digital Boxes displaying "APP" on the front panel and are not responding to your remote can also be reset by doing the following steps:

  1. Point your Shaw remote at your HD Guide Digital Box
  2. Press and hold the POWER button on your remote for 15-20 seconds
  3. Your HD Guide Digital Box should now reboot and display "8888" on the front panel
  4. After a few minutes, your unit should be rebooted and display the current time. Once this has occurred you can power your Digital Box on and resume normal usage

You can also review our troubleshooting guide for non-responsive Digital Boxes by following this link: Digital Box not responding to Shaw Remote


I'm seeing static or a "Not Authorized" message on some, but not all channels
The new HD Guide will build a list of channels based on the packages to which you are currently subscribed. Your guide should only show the channels that are included in your cable package. If any of those channels are showing Not Authorized please check for any bulletins regarding recent package changes.
You can also review our troubleshooting guide for the Not Authorized message appearing on Digital Boxes by following this link: Not Authorized Error on Television


There is no sound on my TV
If you are unable to hear any audio from your Digital TV and Shaw Music channels, please ensure that Dolby Digital has not been inadvertently enabled.

  1. Press MENU on your remote. Press DOWN to highlight Settings, then press OK
  2. Using the remote's ARROW keys, press the RIGHT ARROW button until Audio is selected, and then press OK
  3. Ensure that Dolby Digital is not selected. If it is, change the selection to HDMI/Auto and press OK to confirm
  4. Press EXIT and ensure that your channels now have audio

If you are still experiencing audio issues please review our guide on troubleshooting sound-related problems by following this link: No Sound / Audio with a Digital Box


My Remote won't work
Your Remote Control works by transmitting instructions via infrared light, which means the path between the remote control and your Digital Box must be clear. If there are any obstructions between the remote control and the Digital Box, please remove them and try it again.
If you have further problems with your Remote, please see the following article: Remote Won't Control Digital Box and Programming Your Shaw Remote


How do I reset customized settings to defaults?

  1. Press the MENU button on your Shaw Remote
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Select Reset to Defaults
  4. Choose the settings that you would like to reset using the ARROW keys and OK button on your remote
  5. Select OK at the bottom of the page to finish

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