Shaw ID is a single login for Shaw products and services like My Shaw, BlueCurve TV, Shaw Go WiFi and more. It consists of an email address username and password. Each Shaw account has one Primary Shaw ID and can invite up to four household members to create secondary Shaw IDs, providing additional household members their own logins. Only the Primary account holder can create a Primary Shaw ID.

To get started see How to: Create a Shaw ID.

Using Shaw ID

Shaw ID allows you to easily sign in to services that use Shaw accounts. One of the primary uses is accessing My Shaw, which allows you to manage your Shaw billaccount, and services. 

Some of the best uses of My Shaw:

Shaw ID allows you to set up your various devices to Shaw Go Wifi, or log in to the BlueCurve TV app. Multiple Shaw ID's can be created for your account to let your entire household enjoy the benefits of your Shaw services on the go.

Primary vs. secondary accounts

A Primary Shaw ID provides the Primary account holder with full administrative access to My Shaw and the ability to create and remove Secondary Shaw IDs.



Primary Shaw ID Secondary Shaw ID
  • Full administrative access in My Shaw
  • Add or remove Secondary IDs
  • Access Shaw services on the account, like BlueCurve TV and Shaw Go WiFi
  • Access Shaw services on this account, like BlueCurve TV and Shaw Go WiFi
  • Manage their own Shaw ID in My Shaw, but they do not see any other My Shaw features such as billing.
  • Identical access to other Shaw apps (BlueCurve Home, BlueCurve TV, etc.) as Primary ID.


Adding a Secondary Shaw ID

A Secondary Shaw ID lets household members access Shaw services, but not account management features. Once a Secondary Shaw ID is added to an account, they will be able to log into their own version of My Shaw.


  1. Start by clicking Add Shaw ID
  2. Enter First nameLast name, and Email
  3. Click Save



Linked Accounts

If you have multiple Shaw accounts you can link them under one Shaw ID so you can easily manage them with one login in My Shaw.

To link another Shaw account:

  1. Visit the My Shaw sign-in page,
  2. Within the My Profile section, select Add account
  3. Enter Account Number and Postal Code



Managing Shaw ID

Both Primary and Secondary Shaw IDs will have access to manage various settings using My Shaw. Once you sign in to My Shaw, within the My Profile section you will see the following options under Manage Your Shaw IDs.



Change Shaw ID Change your Shaw ID email address
Change password Change the password associated with this Shaw ID
Change recovery email Update the email that forgotten passwords will send to
Change name Change the username associated with the Shaw ID
Unlink Shaw ID Remove an account number from Shaw ID

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