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Noisy & hot XB6. Can I go back to my Hiltron?

I had a silent and fanless Hiltron from 2015 to 2023. I streamed F1 races for hours while my kid watched other shows on a different device. We almost never had a glitch. It basically never let us down even once. And the distance seemed to be better t... Read more

Loaded latency

Does anyone worry about the variability with loaded latency numbers? I have used and the variability is crazy. I understand that cable internet data is affected by the number of users at the cable aggregation point which explains why cable i... Read more

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Internet speed is nothing close to my plan

Hi, I have the most expensive wifi plan and the download speed is nowhere near (only 20mbps when I pay for 1.5gbps). I know the speed of wifi is not going to be 1.5gbps but I expected at least 400mbps for wifi connection. Is there anything I can do t... Read more

Internet is getting worst everyday

I have Shaw300, but for the whole day, my download couldn't even go above 10Mps. I cannot do anything for the whole day. It is getting worst each day. The Internet also constantly disconnect. Read more

Rogers-Shaw Corporate Promises

Rogers, Together with Shaw - About RogersThe new era of wonderfulness is emerging. Why, they're going to spend, enhance, invest, expand, create, sponsor, add, launch and build. Untold billions.I can hardly wait. Read more

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