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My experience with Shaw Wi-Fi

I just wanted to share my experience with Shaw Wi-Fi.I feel like I got trapped by Shaw because I assumed the 300MBPS internet default setup would be more than enough to accommodate a regular size house so that when the modem is on the main floor and ... Read more

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XB7 and Bridged mode

Hi! I've upgraded my internet package and will be receiving an XB7 modem later this week.I run my current modem in bridged mode as I have a mesh setup in my house that's been working great and I don't want to change that (two ASUS modems hard-wired).... Read more

Incorrect offer?

I was sent an email this morning from Shaw because I am a customer of their internet service. This is the following offer as advertised on my email. Great news, we took a look at your account and we have new Internet offers available to you. Switch t... Read more

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