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Intermittent Packet Loss (Unresolved since June)

I've posted before and have has 3 tech visit since June. Refer here: Loss remains an issue. Specifically and especially on Thursday, 4am-10am and then again at... Read more

My internet 300 is all funked up

As of the week of August 18th, I noticed my internet 300Mbps speeds tanked down to 60Mbps.(WIRED Ethernet connection) I talked to a shaw rep, they told me to switch up my router, tried that, got the same style again (hitron) and nothing changed. And ... Read more

BlueCurve download speed issues

I recently got BlueCurve 300, and I’ve been happy with it all except for one thing. I have good consistent speeds around 300, but when I want to download a bigger file or game, the download speed slows down immensely to around 150. If I do a speed te... Read more

HELP!! Disconnecting Serivce

In the last 24 hours, I have wasted more than 3 hours on hold with Shaws 888-472-2222 Customer Support Line - there is no 'call back' option given, just "please wait on the line for any disconnect...". Has anyone experienced similar wait times? Is th... Read more

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