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Up and coming changes to payment due dates

Just wanted to ask people to post what the new due dates will look like after any invoices are issued on or after July 15th, so we can see the new dates and what period they cover. I just received my new invoice today the 14th of July, and since it h... Read more

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Nest Wifi and BlueCurve Gateway

I have a BlueCurve Gateway and also a Nest Wifi router with 2 access points.The BlueCurve Gateway is set to bridge mode, and everything in my house is connected to Nest Wifi devices.The problem is that some services perform WAY worse with Nest Wifi. ... Read more

Wi-fi Switches to Pod AP

Hi: I have an annoying issue. My Dell desktop PC's wi-fi will switch regularly from the nearby (10m) Shaw/Rogers/Ignite XB-7 to a far away (30m) Shaw/Rogers/Ignite pod (Gen. 2 - XE2-SG) and stay there. It always connects to the pod when waking from s... Read more