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Good cheap internet.

Hello, trying to figure out good cheap internet for my senior parents. What is fiber+ 10 and how much can you really do with it? Thanks Read more

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XB7 and Bridged mode

Hi! I've upgraded my internet package and will be receiving an XB7 modem later this week.I run my current modem in bridged mode as I have a mesh setup in my house that's been working great and I don't want to change that (two ASUS modems hard-wired).... Read more

Issue between Shaw and TBayTel in Thunder Bay

Hi,Working remotely connecting to Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre which is directly connected to the local internet provider TBayTel. All remote workers that are also on TBayTel have no issues but all remote workers on the Shaw network ar... Read more

Shaw Fibre+ 1.5 coverage

Hi,Am just wondering if there is any information anywhere about coverage improvements for Fibre+ 1.5Gig?Would like to upgrade but it is currently not available in my area of NE Calgary and wonder when/if it will be.Thanks Read more

Upload speed of Fibre+300 plan

I get conflicting information i've been told that it is 100mbps upload, but when I to a internet plan comparison on the shaw website it show to be only 15mpbs upload. Can someone with the Fiber+300 plan confirm this Read more

Extremely Poor Speed

My internet speed has never been great 100Mbs on a 300Mbs plan. Last week it slowed down to less than 1Mbs and often no connection at all. The technician came and said the problem was noise on the line. My wires are fine and the problem was with the ... Read more

Internet, loyalty, and cancellation

I am loyal Shaw customer for as long as I remember. I moved in Calgary in 1986 and may be I am with them for over 30+ years. Before they had loyalty department, but now it seems that every agent says it does not exist. they never call back.I had 300 ... Read more

No internet, North Edmonton

Spoiler (Highlight to read) Haven’t had internet all weekend, anyone else in Edmonton the same? Tried going to the support page and page won’t load either. I’m not on social media so I can’t even contact the chat support Read more

Fibre+ Speeds Downtown Edmonton

Hello,Any Downtown Residents care to post their Fibre+ speeds. So your plan and what you're getting Speed Test. My plan is Fibre+ 1.0Gbps and my speeds are consistently 0.130Gbps sometimes when I am lucky they are between 0.300Gbps and 0.500Gbps.Plan... Read more

How can I get Shaw to really call back?

Yesterday, a Shaw agent, after hours of trying to reach one, did something to my phone modem. He said if there was still a problem to call back. My call--back (CV) started at 8:34 A.M. today. The CB was to be "35-45 minutes" 2.5 hours later, a man ca... Read more

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