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Crazy Slow Internet Speeds

Hello everyone, I just wanted to check in and see if anyone else was having similar problems to me. We recently had a technician come by to help diagnose a problem with our slow speeds. He couldn't find any tell-tale signs of what would be causing it... Read more

Usage & Speed

My Gaming Speed on SHAW is horrible to the point, I am considering changing providers. Is there a service technician available that can help get this corrected? If not, Shaw is not the ISP for me. Read more

Intermittent Internet Signal Drops

I have an issue with my internet signal dropping for no apparent reason.This has been happening for at least a year now and I have contacted support, gone through all of the troubleshooting protocols, and had a tech come to my house. Nothing has fixe... Read more

Slow Internet Speeds even on ethernet.

I have the 1Gbps Shaw plan and speeds most of the time are at 70-90 Mbps (ethernet). I tried speaking with support but they just told me that it was due to the fact that I have 14 devices on my router but the majority of them are smart bulbs or plugs... Read more

Rogers/Shaw Takeover News Today

Not sure if everyone caught wind of the news in regards to a bump in the road for the takeover, Who knows might end up being a mountain. Canada's commissioner of competition intends to oppose Rogers Communications Inc.'s proposed $26-billion merger w... Read more

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