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Upgrading Internet

Hi, I've received 2 Shaw emails over the past month saying, "We'd like to upgrade your internet. Let us help you unlock 10X faster speed. You're eligible for up to 10X faster internet and a hardware upgrade. Call us today."Do I HAVE to do this? The t... Read more

Shaw Technician a no-show

I had arranged for a Shaw tech to visit my residence to investigate intermittent drop outs of cable, land-line phone, and internet concurrently. In addition at least two other residents of my condo building experience identical outages. The tech was ... Read more

Internet constantly disconnecting.

Internet constantly disconnecting all day everyday. Completely drops then comes back online, makes streaming Netflix very frustrating, drops online gaming, it’s basically unusable. Supposedly it’s the node for my area that’s the issue, it’s going on ... Read more

Slow wifi; direct connection is fine

Hi, I have F+ 300 internet and an XB6. On a wired connection I consistently get a little over my advertised speeds. This drops to around 10-50 on wifi. Even with a test right next to my modem. I've done all the cable resets and reboots but nothing re... Read more

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