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Poor performance, spotty connection

background: Being a recent resident I am stuck with a connection that is maximum 5 mbps. That's download. Upload it is, apparently 1 mbps. This makes backing up files online almost completely useless.The connection breaks. Very frequently. The speed ... Read more

Pay for 600 get 30 (or less)

Lately Shaw 600 has been a joke (Shaw 1000? dream on)I've been getting 0-30 for days now. Download is often 0.I've patient and understand that due to the pandemic usage is high but getting only 5% of what i pay for is frustrating.And since I have Blu... Read more


2 year contract renew question

Hi there, I have a question for anyone/everyone. I've been with Shaw for the last 20 years and up until 2 years ago I had always been a month to month agreement, but an agent at Shaw finally after so many years convinced me to go with a 2year value p... Read more

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