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Upload Increases to Shaw Internet

Hi there, there are some posts on Reddit and DSLreports regarding an upload speed increase for Shaw customers but some of the posts seem to mention that it won't be applicable to any of the grandfathered plans that aren't + fibre. As an Internet 600 ... Read more

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Shaw routing through Calgary while gaming?

When PC gaming (hardwired to my desktop) I keep getting awful 100ms+ pings when connected to Illinois servers primarily. This never used to be an issue up until about a month ago. I used to get roughly 48 ping on these servers but it's now a minimum ... Read more

Terrible internet in Victoria

I just upgraded to the Blue Curve package after two weeks of chatting with techs who could not improve my internet service (frequent drop outs was the main problem). Now my internet seems less reliable (super slow, Zoom conference calls frequently fr... Read more

Shaw is throttling and cutting my internet

I am a Shaw internet 300 customer, and nearly every day for the past 2 months, I have been experiencing internet outages consistently from around 8:00pm to 10:30pm (my time). I have had a technician check my line from the outside, then I had a techni... Read more

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