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Cable replacement

I was told that there is something wrong with the cable from the Shaw box to my condo unit. Apparently, the signal is degrading. Any idea on who I would contact to get this cable replaced. I realise that it will cost. I’m in the Canmore area. Read more


Unable to connect to some sites and slow startup

Two issues.1) When I start my ASUS ROG laptop in the morning it takes 30+ seconds for the four startup tabs to open. This started a couple of weeks ago. I cleared some cache. No help there. 2) One of the sites I use often can't be reached when others... Read more

Routing to AWS, google play etc

Hello, I have a XB7 router which I received around Jan 1st. Ever since I have had nothing but problems with 'certain' connections, and it's always the same ones. I don't think it's the router itself, but it ALL started happening when I changed over. ... Read more

XB8 Modem / Router

I received a new XB8 router and fired it up two days ago. Replacing an XB7 I have encountered the usual hiccups and need to re-connect some apps and hardware including all my pods, smart home lights and alike. The TV players seems to reconnect quite ... Read more

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