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Topics with Label: Usage & Speed

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Shaw's Technicolor modem: avoid if at all possible

There really needs to be a recall and mass replacement of this modem. This is the second replacement Technicolor modem and the issue remains where it randomly disconnects from the internet but remains available thru disconnect remains fo... Read more

Loyalty Means Nothing to Shaw

As a longtime Shaw customer (over 13 years with NO late payments), I was shocked when I looked at upgrading my current services. Despite great offers on their website, I am not eligible as an existing customer and their "Loyalty Department" gives a s... Read more

Download speed got lower

So I did a speed test just before changing the wifi channel from 1(default) to 5 and the result was 200-400 Mb/s. After changing it it got lower to 60-80 Mb/s and it wouldn’t even go past 100. So I switched the channel back to its default but it’s st... Read more

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