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Fibre+ Gateway (XB6) v Fibre+ Gateway 2.0 (XB7)

I've just changed from an XB6 to an XB7 gateway & Fibre+ 300 to Fibre+ 500.For the last two years I have, using the Shaw speed test, got 330 Mbps day in day out, over wifi, the gateway was in the basement a floor below.Changing to the newer Gateway 2... Read more

XB8 Modem / Router

I received a new XB8 router and fired it up two days ago. Replacing an XB7 I have encountered the usual hiccups and need to re-connect some apps and hardware including all my pods, smart home lights and alike. The TV players seems to reconnect quite ... Read more

Is Shaw false advertising their Internet Speeds?

Introduction:I would like to share with you my experience so far has been with Shaw internet service and I hope that my experience is helpful for you, in making your choice on an internet service provider.Before we start: I would like to thank the te... Read more

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