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How to solve this question??

Hello everyone,I currently have the BlueCurve 600 with the wireless TV boxes. I am looking to use my own router but according to Shaw, I cannot bridge the modem and therefore I cannot use my own router. Anybody knows what I can do? I have searched an... Read more

Poor performance, spotty connection

background: Being a recent resident I am stuck with a connection that is maximum 5 mbps. That's download. Upload it is, apparently 1 mbps. This makes backing up files online almost completely useless.The connection breaks. Very frequently. The speed ... Read more

Pay for 600 get 30 (or less)

Lately Shaw 600 has been a joke (Shaw 1000? dream on)I've been getting 0-30 for days now. Download is often 0.I've patient and understand that due to the pandemic usage is high but getting only 5% of what i pay for is frustrating.And since I have Blu... Read more


What happens to all the Shaw emails that have been forwarded to gmail When you cancel a Shaw account. Do they disappear or remain in your gmail account? Read more

Trying to attach photos to email

We have android phones, using shaw webmail through the Chrome browser, we can no longer attach photo's to the emails, this was a recent change as we used to be able to do so, but the icon is gone. Any help would be great. Read more


2 year contract renew question

Hi there, I have a question for anyone/everyone. I've been with Shaw for the last 20 years and up until 2 years ago I had always been a month to month agreement, but an agent at Shaw finally after so many years convinced me to go with a 2year value p... Read more

Shaw blue curve modem always disconnecting

Hey our modem has been disconnecting randomly almost every day since we have been hooked up here.We keep having techs come over just to say they don't know what the problem is, they guess that the neighborhood has a bad connection / cabling as it's a... Read more

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