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Faster upload speeds?

It has eluded me for some time now why shaw doesn't give you faster upload speeds. I know all about DOCSIS, blah blah blah. My current plan is 300/15. As someone who does a lot of video uploading, faster speeds would help cut down wasted time.DOCSIS ... Read more

Pod Troubleshooting

Hi: found this morning that wifi speeds were in the 400 Kbps range for any device on a pod. I restarted the BlueCurve Gateway, pods, and all devices. No change. These same devices connected via wifi directly to the Gateway are getting 150-300 Mbps sp... Read more

Poor performance, spotty connection

background: Being a recent resident I am stuck with a connection that is maximum 5 mbps. That's download. Upload it is, apparently 1 mbps. This makes backing up files online almost completely useless.The connection breaks. Very frequently. The speed ... Read more

Gateway blue curve bridge mode

I am having network issue with my Bluecurve Gateway, model CGM4141SHW.Basically the unit is setup and connected in the den of the apartment but keeps dropping signal to the TV in the living room. When watching TV in the living room, the picture quali... Read more

Internet constantly disconnecting.

Internet constantly disconnecting all day everyday. Completely drops then comes back online, makes streaming Netflix very frustrating, drops online gaming, it’s basically unusable. Supposedly it’s the node for my area that’s the issue, it’s going on ... Read more

Megaserver blocking important email -

We have a situation where we need to make sure that no matter what emails from specific domains will come through - so regardless of the content of the email or attachments or anything that might cause the email to be marked as spam or blocked we wan... Read more

Fiber Internet

Hi Im wondering about shaws fiberplus service and wondering how its installed and how much its cost.Thanks Read more

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Problems with BlueCurve gateway

I recently upgraded to the BlueCurve Gateway modem with Internet 150 service.I use a Switch and connect it to one of the two available ports. (We do not use WIFI)I used the same setup with the old modem for years without problemsSince we got the mode... Read more


I have just lived thru the week from hellinstalled blue curve wouldn’t talk to my pc. Finally I just reinstalled my old equipment and now to get my internet working with OLD equipment and less features and channels. They want to charge me more almost... Read more

Blue Curve In Bridge Mode

Have my blue curve router in bridge mode.It still shows security low level.I don't want the shaw router to do any security as I have a 3rd party router.Do i have to take it out of bridge mode to change settings ? Read more

What source is shw using?

What anti-spam database does Shaw use?For example, do they use SpamHause, SpamCop, DNSBL etcetera - who? Don't 'google' it, Google will only provide information relevant to Canada. THANKS a lot GEO/GPS spies!!!!! I shoot every third person that asks ... Read more

1/3 internet speed since July 25th

I switched over to the gigabit internet a few months ago and had mostly great speeds. Since Monday I’ve had my speeds down to less than half of their usual speed (150-300mb/S) vs the 600-800mb/S I was getting last week. I’ve contacted support and the... Read more

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