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How to change Shaw Bluecurve IP range?

I need to change my IP range from 10.0.x to 192.168.0.x because my work network is in the 10.0.0.x range so when I try to VPN from home to work my laptop is expecting to find my work's network drives on my local network.Does anyone know how to make t... Read more

A few problems with shaw Bluecurve modem

When I'm using it works perfectly fine except I have to go onto the opposite network my Chromecast is on which is really odd. Also since I have this in my bedroom with my computer the fan on it is noisy and recently it's been getting louder and loude... Read more

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work arounds for gateway mode

Just wondering if there will be any plans to allow users to connect the wireless tv 4k boxes to our own router or come up with a solution that we do not have to run the bluecurve in gateway mode? The software in the bluecurve device is lacking (i mea... Read more

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