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Port Forwarding

When I go to my Gateway controls ( Advanced Setting > Port Forwarding I'm told I have to go to the Shaw app to control my Port Forwarding. I go to the app .............. no Advanced settings no Port ForwardingSo where can I set up Port Forwa... Read more

Cannot send email when using app

We have a problem where any time we are not at home connected to our Shaw internet we cannot sent email through the email app on our devices. We have 4 different devices affected - 2 Samsung phones, Samsung tablet and iPad. Can send receive email wit... Read more

Internet Constantly Disconnecting

I've seen this question posted many times before but it's our turn. We live in North Vancouver. For about the past four weeks, our Internet has been constantly disconnecting at random, all day long, every day. Sometimes it will happen 15 or 20 times ... Read more

XB7 Intermittent Slow to Wake Up

The annoyances I have with my XB7Random loss of WiFi for short periods late at night (to PS4 Pro - AppleTV+, Prime, etc)When I wake up my computer it seems like the internet ethernet connection has gone to sleep and websites show as "server not found... Read more

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