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I've been told that it's not possible to automatically delete emails from the server after it has been downloaded to my home computer. Is this info accurate? I never had this problem in the past but over the last number of months I keep getting autom... Read more

New free replacement email client Outlook

The new free replacement email client, Outlook for Windows, is not syncing (importing) all my Webmail folders, it synced most of them with no problem, but not all of them. The old Mail client did... is this a Shaw (Rogers) issue or a Microsoft issue ... Read more


Does anyone know why I might not have been billed this month for home services? Read more

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Email keeps switching to unsecured

Is anybody else having this problem with shaw webmail. I frequently have to log back in due to the site information stating that my connection is not secure. It is fine when I first log in.. but after awhile I notice that the icon is showing unlocked... Read more

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