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mailbox upgrade

Checking if this email I received from Shaw is legitimate. Here are the details: Shaw)Dear User,We are closing all old versions of our Mailbox as of the 24th, 2024.Please follow the link below to update your account:Upgrade Your MailboxTo avoid disru... Read more

Cant access many sites after Shaw Outage

I cant access craigslist in opera and firefox. But able to access in comodo dragon.Also patch file in Path of exile did not download. I had to use vpn to download then stop vpn and play the game.It seems IP is blocked in random.Only after the outage.... Read more

Whats With the Constant 12 Hour Outages?

Second 12-14 hour outage this week. Looking to move to Telus or Starlink. Anyone else not happy losing Shaw? More internet issues than ever since Shaw is gone. Done with this nonsense.Fibre cuts every few days here… Read more