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Connecting to wifi while im gone

My camera system has a different user name (ELITE4554) and my modem ne is (SETUPCB66) there both show up on my cell phone wifi list. Is there anyway to jointhen under modem name from my phone while I'm away from home ,so I cab get my cameras back onl... Read more

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Connecting my wireless printer to my new wifi modem

My printer was working with Shaw's old modem. I now have a new Shaw modem and need to connect my printer. After 2 weeks of trying (shaw won't help because it's not their printer) (printer manufacture no longer supports the machine.) I have not been s... Read more

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port forwarding

I've been trying to forward some ports for a VPN and some web apps testing but haven't been able to get it properly working, my servers are running on raspberry pi and are setup with IPv4 static addresses, i did the set up as instructed by the offici... Read more


Email recieving but not sending

This one's got me mighty stumped, so I'm turning to the Shaw community for help. I'm trying to help my mom with her MacBook Pro (2019) which is running Catalina, and she is using Mac Mail to get her mail. She has an IMAP account, and the incoming is ... Read more

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