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Internet upgrade from 600 to Gig

Hello All & Shaw Team,is it possible to have a Free upgrade to Gig Internet package for those who's having 600 MBPS on a 2 years agreement? it might be a good service offer for the existing customer, who's always stay with Shaw for a long time. May w... Read more

Wait times

I have been on hold with Shaw for over 12hrs over the last two days. I need to disconnect my service but the only way is over the phone since all main stores are closed due to corona virus isolation. I am being forced to pay for a service I no longer... Read more

Shaw shuts Down it's Loyalty Department!

Well, after 30 minutes yesterday trying to contact anyone at Shaw concerning my expiring Customer loyalty promo on my Internet 300, I was informed that Shaw has Shut down it's Customer Loyalty Department! All options presented to me, by 3 different p... Read more

EMail body is blank in Chrome now

The body of the emails are not showing in preview, nor when I click to open them, Win 10 Chrome.Works OK in IE.Just happened in the last few days. Been using this set up for years.....Anyone else? Read more

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Issue deleting a contact from a Contacts Group

I use a Contacts Group to email several people at once. I need to remove one contact from the group, but every time I try (clicking on the x beside the contact while in the group's editing mode) I get an error message immediately upon clicking the sa... Read more

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League of Legends Ping

Hi,Recently my league of legends ping has been hovering around 60+ms when it used to be around low-mid 40ms. I contacted Riot games support and submitted various tracert and WinMTR reports and they said to contact my ISP as it was a networking issue.... Read more

Shaw Internet wifi Dropping

I looked at few posts where people have similar issues, it's been going on for months and could be longer. Only noticed it when my kids started on the online learning and had connections dripped daily, few times. My issues were very slow Wifi Speed, ... Read more

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blue curve problems camera

Dear shaw admin,You guy make me upgrade to this blue curve for more money and suppose to be faster, but it not and it now cause all kind of problems.- Problems are:- 1 wireless camera runing on 2.4g now is not working- 4 camera on wire now I can not ... Read more


Additional email storage space.

Is it possible to have more email storage space than the standard 1.0 GB per email address? If so, are there additional costs and what is the pricing of this? Thanks Read more

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