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Why is ping when gaming horrible now

Gaming on Shaw is a joke, 1gig package, wired connection, new router custom settings to maximize gaming. Yet still my ping is twice as high as it used to be and my friends that live in high river with Telus internet still have good 30ms ping where as... Read more

XB6 Blocking 6in4 IPv6 Tunnel

I recently upgraded from a Hitron CGNM-2250 to an XB6. Specifically, I received the Technicolor CGM4140COM, and have placed it bridge mode, where it is connected to a Ubiquiti ER-X SFP.With the Hitron, I had an IPv6 tunnel with Hurricane Electric (ht... Read more

Google Stadia Latency in Alberta

Anyone else in the Calgary region experiencing high latency to Google Stadia servers? The servers noted below have a latency of 75-80ms, however the same IP's from other ISP's in the same geographic area are about 30-40ms.This high latency stops the ... Read more

not receiving some emails

I have two email accounts. I can receive an email from someone outside shaw on one address but not the other. It doesn't show up in junk. I don't have any rule that handles it automatically. I don't appear to have this problem with any other ... Read more

Blue Curve Modem LAN port issue

I'll spare you the details of the last 8 support calls and me basically having to demand a tech come out after the 7th one... When I connect using WIFI, my speeds are 100% normal. When I connect plugging directly into the LAN port (yes I am positive ... Read more

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