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Sent email not saving in "Sent" folder

.: Greetings. I've just noticed that all emails sent out from my account, including replies to incoming messages, are not being saved in the "Sent" folder. In my preferences, I have checked "Save a copy of sent messages to my Sent folder." I am at a ... Read more

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A question regarding my Bluecurve internet 600

I currently have the Bluecurve internet 600 on a 2 year value plan that I've been on for a couple of weeks & wonder if I do need it,. I live by myself in a 1 bedroom apartment & really all I use the internet is streaming YouTube via my Roku device & ... Read more

Personal Server + Dynamic DNS Policy

tl;dr at bottom.Summary/Context (with research):So before anything else, yes. I have read the acceptable use policy - specifically the part where it states: "You may not run a server in connection with the Shaw Services nor may you provide network se... Read more

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New Bluecurve Modem Slow Speed

Hello,I've just self-installed a new Bluecurve Modem w/ 600, but I'm not getting a faster speed than ~340. Is it possible my account speed is still set to the old 300 account? Also, I had a second IP address on my old account; is that still activated... Read more

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