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XB6 Bridge Mode and IPV6

I thought I knew what I was doing for the most part, but this IPV6 stuff has thrown me for a loop.I just updated to the XB6 modem, and the fact that I can't change the DHCP or DNS is silly, so I bridged it to a TP Link Archer C2300.Now, I can't figur... Read more

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packet loss

while playing some games, I am noticing some packet losses at server. I have performed Winmtr traced and was able to identify that is having 6% packet losses.Can @SHAW look into this or give me ... Read more

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Internet Shaw300 why not to upgrade.

I recently got Shaw 300 and what a disappointment it has been and unfortunately I signed a 2 year contract.First I had to trade the Hitron model in for a Arris XB6 model so I could get the 300 mbps speeds.My devices on the Shaw 150 Hitron model use t... Read more

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blue curve pods not connecting

When I try to initially connect the blue curve pods from the app I get the following error."Let's Try That Again - Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please try again or go back to the previous screen." I have tried all the pods from multiple iPhones in m... Read more

Ping to Blizzard servers has doubled

Good evening,I noticed a issue with my ping to blizzard games starting wednesday. My pings have basically doubled. I went from 64-70ms to 145-150msNow looking through some older issues that I had the first thing that pops out is that the route has ch... Read more

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