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Restart Modem/Router

Is it possible to remotely restart my modem/router if it has become disconnected while I’m away. I recently lost all communications with my in home devices (camera, thermostat, plugs etc.) while on holidays for no apparent reason. I had to have someo... Read more

phone wait times

So i've been on hold now for ... 2hrs43mins and nothing...I've sent messages through facebook too and no dice on live chat.... what is going on here Shaw? Absolutely unacceptable Read more

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Setting up Blue Curve Bedtime Mode

Has anyone had the situation where, once the Bedtime Mode is set for a particular profile, in this case a child's profile, the devices under that profile will change and move to another person's profile so that the Bedtime Mode is no longer applicabl... Read more

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looking to segregate home office from rest of the home

We have bedroom and livingroom TVs, Xbox, laptops, tablets, phones ect all discoverable within the same network. It's super handy, as it let's us cast to a TV, Echo, Chromecast from any device, however I'm looking to segregate devices in my home-offi... Read more

Internet Cutting In and Out Every Night

Hey there! This has been driving me absolutely NUTS, as my wife and I are both night owl gamers, and this issue honestly makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get anything done on the internet.So here's there issue. Just about every night, like clockwork, around 1A... Read more

Tv wont connect to wifi

I just got the new blue curve modem, but now my new smart tv will not connect to the wifi. It says its out of range, but the modem is directly below the tv. I've unplugged both, I have factory reset the tv, I've checked all the wires. I also bought a... Read more

WIFI Problem

Couple of months ago purchased a Amazon FireTv stick to stream some of my streaming apps that my older smart TV cannot provide. But in the last three weeks noticed when watching streaming programs on either the FireTV or smart tv I'm getting a lot of... Read more

Terrible speeds on XB6

I am on 600, using the XB6 modem. Speedtest shows on a good day 350-400, upload is always fine. I'm running in bridged mode to a Ubiquiti ER-X w/ HW Offload turned on, was good for a while, power cycled modem multiple times, and I do notice that this... Read more

Shaw email not working with Gmail app

The Gmail app on my Android phone updated last night. Today my Shaw exchange email was not working. The only option Gmail gave me was to delete the account. When I try to add the account again, I get the message:"Can't add account.Gmail's security se... Read more

What is this terrible service shaw?

Hi shaw, I am trying to cancel my service. I called in yesterday and waited 4 hours. No agent picked up my callToday, I am 3:30 hours into my wait time. What is wrong with this unrealistic waiting time?Approximate wait time was initially 35-45 minute... Read more

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Which wifi extenders work with BlueCurve?

Because of the layout of the house, it appears that BlueCurve doesn't reach everywhere, and I need to add a wifi extender. Am thinking of a NetGear WiFi RangeExtender (EX3700) and wonder whether there might be an issues with it and BlueCurve.Apprecia... Read more

Spotify can't connect to internet

Recently changed from Shaw75 to Shaw100. Spotify app on Android worked perfectly fine before-hand, and now won't connect to my wifi.Tried it at a friend's place to test, and Spotify worked fine on their wifi, so looks to be a problem with my internet... Read more

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Faulty Shaw Open wifi location

Hi - the Shaw Open wifi location at RHC Insurance Brokers Ltd, 605 Columbia Ave, Castlegar, BC seems to not be working. I sometimes can see the SSID but only with very weak signal strength and can't get internet. Recently I was inside the location an... Read more

Can't get ShawPasspoint profile (Hotspot 2.0)

HelloI can't get a ShawPasspoint configuration profile for my 7th Generation iPad (2019) running IOS 13.2. I had no problems getting it set up on iPhone 6s (also running IOS 13.2).I've done several factory resets to the device, as well as reset the n... Read more


I am able to receive shaw email in Microsoft Outlook, but am unable to send anything. Task One of Two completes, but then it just hangs there with a cryptic error message. The POP Account settings for outgoing mail show Server:, port: 58... Read more

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Bluecurve modem does not work with Disney Circle

Hi, I just tried installing a Bluecurve modem with Technicolor internal hardware and found out that it is not compatible with the Disney Circle parental controls. There is a 'fun' interaction where the Disney Circle ends up blocking all WiFi connecte... Read more

Unable to send email

I have been able to receive email today, but when I try to send an email it won't go through. After a period of a 30 seconds or so I get a message that there was an issue with the certificate and that it could be one pretending to be Shaw. Is this a ... Read more

Using Shaw email on ios13

I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue with ios13. On my iphone and ipad, using the Apple mail app, when I send an email message, 2 copies are saved in the sent folder. Also, I cannot save a draft message.This started happening as soon as... Read more

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Connecting my wireless printer to my new wifi modem

My printer was working with Shaw's old modem. I now have a new Shaw modem and need to connect my printer. After 2 weeks of trying (shaw won't help because it's not their printer) (printer manufacture no longer supports the machine.) I have not been s... Read more

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Geeni Security Cameras

I purchased 3 Geeni security camera from Canadian Tire to set up a small security camera system for my house. I purchased 2 Vivid 1080p HD smart indoor wifi cameras for inside my house to view out and I also purchased a Sentry 1080p HD smart floodlig... Read more

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My Internet just disconnected and I can't get back on line.. Tried everything. I'm in the Vernon BC areaAny one having this problem?? Read more

Customer Retention/Loyalty Care Disappointment

I've been a Shaw customer for over 10 years. My friend told me about a loyalty promotion offered by Shaw recently. She was offered Internet 600 with BlueCurve on a 2-year term for $61 after taxes per month. So I called Shaw and asked about it. The re... Read more

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