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How do I change the guide?

Just got the new gateway update, and it's okay. There is an issue - everything is just black. no colours any more (green for sports, etc).My husband is disabled, and used those colours to help navigate.How do I get them back? Read more

Rewind and watch previous channel.

On the old shaw box we used to be able to switch between two channels and rewind the show. Now when we toggle to the “last” channel it starts at the exact time we switch back and we cannot see what was missed. Is BlueSky working on providing this ser... Read more

LoveNature Channel

Hey All 🙂Does anyone know what happened to the LoveNature Channel this wknd? It seemed to have mysteriously gone 'off air' and when I attempted to find out why, wasn't able to find anything. So, just as I was about to contact Shaw, I decided to rech... Read more

Great job Ryan

Not many positive things are said here but through chat Ryan was able to help me in 5 min, great job Ryan and Shaw Read more

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Another Rate Increase !!!!!!!!

Talk about a slap in the face. So Gateway users get no new HD channels but are supposed to accept another rate increase starting in January. 😡 this point ev... Read more


I can't sign in to Global TV and Global Go app

I have subscribed to Small TV package which should have Global channels included. But when I tried to sign in Global TV website and Global Go app (on iPad), they both said I am "Not Authorized".I have tried many things (clear cache, re-install Global... Read more

Weather Channel Volume too low in Vancouver

The volume for both the HD and SD feeds of Weather Network is substantially lower than all other channels. I first noticed it soon after the HD version launched. This issue has been pointed out before here: Read more


series recordings

how do you see all of the series that you have recorded?i upgraded to blue curve i say upgraded losely it is not what i expected i am not very happy that you cant customize like the gateway. who wants to fast forward 5 min nobody i only want to go on... Read more

So Shaw no longer offering theme packs???

I was just at my local Shaw retail store to return a Bluecurve box that was sent to me by mistake....I was talking to the person working at the counter about my package as it's Limited TV with pick 10 for $22 & at month to month as for my cable I don... Read more

Feedback regarding 2 year contract

I have Bluecurve internet 600 on a 2 year contract, but Limited tv month to month (with a regular cable box) since it would be cheaper & more affordable plus I don't watch much TV) however I would gladly go for a 2 year contract if I were allowed wit... Read more

Current Free Previews

Since the people in charge of updating the " News and Free Previews " can't be trusted to update the page in time ( or sometimes at all ) I guess I can do my best to keep SHAW users updated with any Free Preview available.The Comedy Network ( availab... Read more

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