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Global tv channel has major disturbance

Have had crappy reception on channel 101 Global Tv for well over a month and it has only gotten worse over the last few days . The channel is unwatchable . Spent 2 hours on the phone with Shaw tech support last week doing all the usual resets of boxe... Read more

CTV app issues

I have a new shaw account because my previous one has errors and I have total tv and in the CTV app says I'm not subscribed to certain channels even though they are included in my total tv problem with the Global tv app, it's just ... Read more

METV in Alberta

I just got back from spending a few months on the coast where I got to enjoy METV on KVOS. Alas, I've been told that METV is currently only available in BC. Now surely I can't be the only person in the rest of Canada who'd enjoy their particular mix ... Read more

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TV listing issue

When searching for show times, I am getting a "This program has no other show times. Please try again later." Amazingly, if I know the time the show is on, it actually shows in the listings, but search says it doesn't. This is inconsistent as well. L... Read more

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