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Sports Package Ripoff

Can anyone explain to me why I pay for seven Canadian sports channels only to have the same program on at the same time on a majority of channels and why there may be three NHL games on 3 of 5 TSN channels and 1 of 2 Sportsnet channels and they are a... Read more

Australian Open PVR

On BlueCurveTV, how can I set to record the Australian Open on different TSN channels at the same time? After setting to record on one channel, when I set to record a different channel to record two different matches in the same time slot, the first ... Read more

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Cost of Non-Bluecurve TV Packages

I can't find a price list anywhere on the SHAW site for the Limited TV, Small TV, Medium TV and Large TV packages for non-Bluecurve customers. I have the PDF list of channels included in each package but want to know what the current cost is for each... Read more

Recordings cutting off early

I have BlueCurve tv. I've had quite a spate of recordings cutting off several minutes before the end of the show lately. It isnt just one show or one channel. As most shows tend to end a few minutes before the hour is up, i'm guessing that my recordi... Read more

Stingray Music Channels

Stingray music channels go off and on intermittently - sometimes the display remains while the sound goes off while other times the sound and album display both go off. Have tried rebooting and checking cable connections but problem persists.Is this ... Read more

Big Changes To TV Plans

Well it looks like SHAW has made some big changes to their TV plans. Not only have the prices gone up ( $ 60/ month for Small TV, $ 80/month for Medium TV and $ 95/month for Large TV ) but now you don't even get to pick your own Theme packs as SHAW h... Read more

HDMI no information

In the last few days, my TV screen had inconsistently displayed three different dialog boxes - HDMI - no information, the menu and the channel tuning at infrequent time intervals for a few times throughout the days. My TV has HDMI cable connected wit... Read more

Gateway Scheduled Series issues

For the past few months I've had nothing but troubles with the Gateway not recording shows that are scheduled before other shows by times. When I go through my daily scheduled recordings I often find a number of shows that are programmed for the next... Read more

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Transmission Quality (lack of)

Four of the channels that we get are badly pixelated with garbled audio. My mother, who watches one of them regularily, says that it happens every Saturday. What is going on and what can we do to fix it? Read more

FX Now on Appletv

Thought I would post this up hoping for Shaw to advocate on behalf of their paying customers. I wanted access to FXnow on my AppleTV 4 however every other cable provider is available except for Shaw. I tried contacting FX for support however my quest... Read more

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A few questions here

Awhile back I filled the shaw channel request form & asked that KSTW (from Seattle) Vision TV & a couple others I requested that I can't recall be added to the Limited TV package (not high end channels like A & E or Sportsnet or TSN or CNN etc,) but ... Read more

Tried to downgrade but...

I recently upgraded to total tv from limited tv but decided it wasn't for me a lot channels I don't watch I don't watch the news channels or lifestyle ones or A&E or Paramount or the history ones .....I contacted an agent on the my shaw app she said ... Read more

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