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Pixelation on ABC

ABC channel 200 has had terrible pixelation for a couple of months now. It is the only channel that has this issue. ABC channel 205 is fine. This happens whether it’s live TV or recorded on the PVR. Is this a known issue? When will it be fixed?Thanks... Read more

Big Fail for SHAW

I wanted to switch one of theme packs last night so I called SHAW around 7:15 pm and got the callback option. I was told to expect a return call in about 35 minutes - 2 hours later and no call back. 😡 So then I try the SHAW Chat option and once I co... Read more

Centre Ice Free Preview

So is SHAW going to be having the current CI Free Preview ???? Apparently it is being offered from September 17th to October 8th. By the way - I mentioned over 2 weeks ago that the Sportsman Channel was on a Free Preview but it still hasn't been list... Read more

New Channel Alignment for ADVANCED Channel Subscribers

I am in Northern Ontario.In the past two days I have received two identical emails from Shaw Direct regarding switching from the CLASSIC channel list to the new NATIONAL channel list with links to the updated side-by-side listing.However, I am and fo... Read more

Missing channel - free range tv

I recently added the Canadian Time Shifting package to my programming. When I log onto Free range tv I am missing NTV which was the main reason I added that package. Why is this station not showing up?thanks Read more

How do you reach support?

I've been trying to reach Shaw all week. Chat doesn't work at all if you have a VPN on but no error message, but have tried chat on both the app and on the website and it just says "transferring to a rep" then crashes. Tells me my phone number regist... Read more


Al Jazeera in HD?

Do you plan to have Al Jazeera (English) available in HD soon? They are likely one of the bets news channels available on your lineup (in the world even) and they have a ton of very interesting shows and documentaries, it is time to have it available... Read more

Shaw Service Technicians

I can't find a place to put this, and it's not a question, but here it goes anyway!I have been a Shaw customer since they took over from Rogers in the lower mainland. Other than a few glitches with telephone support waits, I am pleased with the servi... Read more

Recording Shows - "Keep One" setting

I used to be able to have the BlueSky PVR set to just keep one show. This was very useful because I record several shows every day. If I miss a day of News for example, I'm not going to go and try and watch it once the new news is out. It's done/expi... Read more

Suggestions For Theme Pack Page

First of all let me say that I really like the new look that SHAW has implemented for sections like News and Free Previews, Theme Packs and TV Plans. But I do have a quick suggestion for the Theme Packs page. It would make things a lot less confusing... Read more

DTOUR in "Classic" Theme Pack

Hello,After enjoying DTOUR on your free preview the other month, I was looking to add it to my package via a theme pack but noticed that the Theme Pack it was a part of made no sense. Can you explain to me why DTOUR is part of the Classic theme pack ... Read more

I live in Kamloops and have been having problems with one channel CItytv (local affiliate CFJC) for the past 24 hours. There is picture and sound on the screen but the screen keeps flashing like a strobe light. There is also a message in the upper left

Shaw customer in Kamloops. Channel 7 (Citytv, local affiliate CFJC) has not been working properly for the past 24 hours. There is sound and picture but the screen keeps flashing like a strobe light. There is also a message in the upper left hand corn... Read more


Why does not not support the FX App yet?

I'm very disappointed to constantly be seeing the "binge watch all your favorite FX shows now" and then find out it's another thing Shaw does not support, while Telus does. Recently I tried to watch an older episode via the City TV app which I was ha... Read more

Current Free Previews

Since the people in charge of updating the " News and Free Previews " can't be trusted to update the page in time ( or sometimes at all ) I guess I can do my best to keep SHAW users updated with any Free Preview available.The Comedy Network ( availab... Read more

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