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TV Apps Not Recognizing my Credentials from MyShaw

Hello,I recently renewed my Total TV package for another 2-years. Historically, I've used Apple TV 4Ks on all my tvs across the house, and then I use the channel specific apps (Global, CTV, SportsNet, TSN) for content. These sites ask me to go on my ... Read more

Channels not working

YeChannels have not been working for the last 2 weeks, channel 257 & 485.Message on channel 485 is "Sorry there seems to be a problem here. XRE-03121.Why is this happening? I have called many times and the wait time is over 3 hours!!! Poor customer s... Read more

Theme Pack Question

1. Can theme packs be ordered standalone?2. If so, are they price protected as a value plan?3. I am currently using an older model Gateway (Arris) HDPVR and Portal for my second TV. If I switch plans to theme packs and pick 'n pays will I get the cha... Read more

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