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Pixelation with Shaw HD Channels

I have an issue that popped up in the last week after Shaw made their internet upgrade from 300mbps to 600mbps.Since the upgrade, I have both an HD box and the XB6 modem coming off of a splitter in one room. Since the upgrade from 300mbps to 600mbps,... Read more

Any plans to add Corus co-owned Pluto TV as an app?

Today Pluto TV launched in Canada. Would it not make sense for the Corus/ Paramount co-owned venture to be added as an App or Virtual Channels to all BlueCurve boxes?It would be nice not to have to flip to another device to access these free channels... Read more


Hide un-wanted channels on Blue Curve

On the Gateway you had a "channel list" and you could go through add or remove a check mark to hide all the channels you did not want to see in your guide. Clean it up and make it less pages to scroll through. How do I do that on the Blue Curve? For ... Read more

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Channel descriptions

Once upon a time, Shaw published a "directory" which told me what a certain channel was all about. For instance, "Treehouse" was described as being a channel about (I've forgotten, but it doesn't matter). I want to see such a directory again as it wi... Read more

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