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Audio static for ch 202 NBC -HD

Lately we have been hearing audio static on this channel only. It’s on every tv in my home but worse in my bonus room because it has home theatre. Why? Just one channel. Some days are okay. Most are not. Every tv. So it’s not a coax cable issue. It’s... Read more

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Missing station

What happened to channel 271 the Nanaimo weather channel? It no longer shows up in my channel listings Read more

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Another Rate Increase !!!!!!!!

Talk about a slap in the face. So Gateway users get no new HD channels but are supposed to accept another rate increase starting in January. 😡 this point ev... Read more

Shaw has awesome agents

But you need to hire more of them.....I've been on the phone for nearly 1 1/2 hour because all I want to do is add one tv channel.......the online way I'm having no luck either,e I say the agents are awesome.....but shaw management & ow... Read more

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BlueSky PVR

Just wondering: if I do not have IPTV, is there a reason why some of my recordings have little cloud icons? This evening, just while starting to watch a show that was in the process of recording (I sometimes wait a while before starting in order to s... Read more

BlueSky Surf Favorites with one button?

Getting used to the Shaw BlueCurve and its "Universal Electronics" remote. I'm missing the "FAV" button on the old remotes which allowed me to surf quickly between my saved Favourites.Press it once it takes you to next channel that is in the Favourit... Read more


Tv screen says welcome connecting to your entertainment experienceit has continued from 7- 1 pm Read more

Current Free Previews

Since the people in charge of updating the " News and Free Previews " can't be trusted to update the page in time ( or sometimes at all ) I guess I can do my best to keep SHAW users updated with any Free Preview available.The Comedy Network ( availab... Read more

Why no service on Vancouver channels?

Wed 11:15 pm - no service on local channels (except CBC). All black screen. Others still operating. At first they would simply blank out for a few seconds to a black screen. Now the black screen is continuous. Read more

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Shaw cable

My shaw are not working, when I use the guide to select a channel, I get a message that shaw is having problems and to call ? When I select a chanel it defaults to a sports network and gives a message that I need a subscription for that channel (whic... Read more

The Province Newspaper TV channels incorrect

The channel listings in The Province Newspaper are incorrect, I called the newspaper and they say Shaw is changing the channel numbers but it may take months to do, they cannot put the correct numbers in as they have to put in the channel numbers giv... Read more

I can't sign in to Global TV and Global Go app

I have subscribed to Small TV package which should have Global channels included. But when I tried to sign in Global TV website and Global Go app (on iPad), they both said I am "Not Authorized".I have tried many things (clear cache, re-install Global... Read more

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