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What in the world happened to this PVR recording?

Went to go watch Holey Moley this evening, only to find out that the whole thing recorded like this: The minute of show that was recorded prior to this was fine, so I can maybe assume that the broadcaster is to blame fo... Read more



....Could shaw add Metv channel to the Winnipeg area right now only Vancouver has it would like to see that channel here Read more


series recordings

how do you see all of the series that you have recorded?i upgraded to blue curve i say upgraded losely it is not what i expected i am not very happy that you cant customize like the gateway. who wants to fast forward 5 min nobody i only want to go on... Read more


I ask help last Wednesday because our tv is somewhat glitching almost everyday. (Like every time we access Tv) This has been happening for almost year now. Ive been complaining about this issue from here and there but it seems there is only one quick... Read more

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