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Another Rate Increase !!!!!!!!

Talk about a slap in the face. So Gateway users get no new HD channels but are supposed to accept another rate increase starting in January. 😡 this point ev... Read more


Hide un-wanted channels on Blue Curve

On the Gateway you had a "channel list" and you could go through add or remove a check mark to hide all the channels you did not want to see in your guide. Clean it up and make it less pages to scroll through. How do I do that on the Blue Curve? For ... Read more

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Please add ability to remotely record

I have Shaw Blue Curve. For the most part it’s great! But it is missing the ability to remotely schedule recordings or to check on currently scheduled recordings. I had this with Shaw Gateway but lost this with Shaw Blue Curve.The Shaw TV Blue Curve ... Read more

Recording Sports (specifically Winnipeg Jets)

So I set up a recording for the Winnipeg Jets on TSN3... or at least what I thought was TSN3. If there happens to be a game where the Jets play a team that has a Sportsnet broadcast on, it tries to record it on Sportsnet. BUT the game is actually bla... Read more

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