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CFL, TSN, IGNITE oxymoron

What is it with these 3 entities? Ignite changing recording preference, TSN not having a dedicated CFL channel or a reliable recording schedule. Had Toronto and Montreal set to record, that worked,Had Edmonton at Sask set to record, missed 1st quarte... Read more

TV blacks out

My TV blacks out every so often when I am watching a cable channel. It doesn't do it when I am watching Netflix or other internet applications. I replaced the HDMI cable between my Shaw cable box and the TV but it is still happening. When it happens ... Read more

5 Minute Page Up

I have a problem with the remote and they says it's not fixable. The page up and page down just today changed from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. I watch 75%+ of my TV using PVR, so 5 minute skips won't work. This happened last year, and when I called supp... Read more

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30-Second Skip (BlueCurve)

Skipping forward 30 seconds and back 15 seconds using the BlueCurve remote (pg up / pg dn) no longer works.It cannot be restored using the sequence exit-exit-exit 0030 . Read more

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