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Shaw on demand error

When we attempt to go to Shaw on Demand, we get error code 64417! This has been happening for days...we have just recently had Read more

Sound not syncing with Bluecurve 600

We just got Bluecurve 600 and I’m not impressed so far at all. Sound does not sync at all with any program and even though we’ve gone into settings on the tv and changed the delay, it stilldoesnt match up at all. We’ve also completely lost art mode f... Read more

BlueSky Sleep Mode - How to Turn OFF?

I recently upgraded to BlueSky/BlueCurve service.For the most part, positive... however...My TV Box keeps going into Sleep Mode.I have found the setting where I can prolong the awake period, but how do I turn it off permanently?I hate it!It always se... Read more

Delete channels

We are wanting to delete some channels and lower our bill. How do we go about doing this? We have a sports package, but all the sports are cancelled now! Read more

SHAW Dropping Peachtree TV

So I just noticed the following announcement in the " Service Updates & Outages " section:As of April 30, we will no longer be carrying Peachtree TV as part of our channel lineup. This channel will be removed from all lineups across the country and w... Read more

Refresh took away channels

We added a service for a cost, which triggered Shaw to "refresh" our t.v. and now we have lost channels we had before. When I called to ask for it to be fixed, I was told I would have to pay MORE money to get back the channels I already had before I ... Read more

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