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Can’t reply to post

Is anyone else not able to reply to post? If I don’t get a reply, I will take that as a yes 😂😂 Read more


Something is broke

It's not just you, reply is broken for me also. It seems to open but doesn't look right and reply does not reply. Hopefully someone catches this and can fix it. Read more

Streaming TV is a pile of you know what

Streaming TV is a pile of you know what...if you watch the commercials on the network shows... they said stream anytime on any device anywhere... they should say stream anytime on any device anywhere as long as you have a TV package... as of this mor... Read more

What happened to the Pick and Play price list???

This web page here briefly lists the channels available for the "Pick and Play" options: is a link for "download channel pricing", but it does not work. It used to give you a PDF listing of pricing per... Read more

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