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Does anyone know if it's possible to program the program the remote to skip ahead 30 seconds or 1 or 2 mins? Read more

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Does BlueCurve TV require Shaw Internet

We currently have a very old Shaw TV package with 2 DCX-3400 boxes. We would like to upgrade to Bluecurve TV but are being told that we need to add Shaw internet to access Bluecurve TV. I do not understand why this is the case. Shaw shows TV only pla... Read more

Sound not syncing with picture

We have had Blue Sky since we moved to Qualicum Beach in August 2017 and have had nothing but problems with the sound being out of sync with the picture. Have called numerous times, had tech's out and the problem still persists. We have tried everyth... Read more

Equipment Return

Is Shaw extending equipment return deadline until retail locations are open again? I am not comfortable sending the equipment via mail. Read more

Is Cable Box HDMI CEC compatible??

I would like to know if the MP2150 cable box I have on my shaw system is HDMI CEC compatible. I would like to hid the cable box behind my Samsung TV and and use the TV remote to control the cable box via the HDMI cable. Is this possible with this Arr... Read more

Bluetooth On My Smart Phone

I would like to pair Bluecurve with my Samsung Note 8 (reasonably new phone)Neither Bluecurve or the phone will find each other when both are on and either one is searching.Bluecurve 'help' does not appear to include any Bluetooth troubleshooting. Read more

Cancel service due to poor service

Hello,I’ve been having really bad service with my internet and tv, I’ve had Shaw out three times now and they can’t seem to fix the issue, I’m in a contract with only being in it for one year so far, as my issue is completely a service issue and I’m ... Read more


Why does our recording stop after ~1 minute?

For the past 2 weeks, our nightly recording of the same show has 1 of 2 issues. 1st) we get a error message saying “something went wrong and it cannot play”; 2nd) we start the recording, it plays for roughly 1 minute and then it kicks us out. It says... Read more

Cable hook up

Yesterday I chatted with Edward re my cable hookup. He said that dispatch would call me “shortly” to arrange for a tech to visit my home to connect my cable moderator edit to remove personal info can you please tell me when I can expect a call for a ... Read more

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Sound not syncing with Bluecurve 600

We just got Bluecurve 600 and I’m not impressed so far at all. Sound does not sync at all with any program and even though we’ve gone into settings on the tv and changed the delay, it stilldoesnt match up at all. We’ve also completely lost art mode f... Read more

How do I change the guide?

Just got the new gateway update, and it's okay. There is an issue - everything is just black. no colours any more (green for sports, etc).My husband is disabled, and used those colours to help navigate.How do I get them back? Read more

Voice command doesn’t work with a/v receiver

Just upgraded from Shaw gateway to Shaw blue curve tv and I have a weird problem. If I feed the HDMI signal from the set top box to my a/v amp, then it doesn’t recognize any voice commands. If I bypass the amp & plug the set top box directly into the... Read more

30 second forward keeps switching back

I have set all bluesky remote up and down buttons to be 30second forward and 15second back. For some reason it keeps switching back to 5mins back and forth. I have to always restart each bluesky box by disconnecting and connecting the power source be... Read more

Rewind and watch previous channel.

On the old shaw box we used to be able to switch between two channels and rewind the show. Now when we toggle to the “last” channel it starts at the exact time we switch back and we cannot see what was missed. Is BlueSky working on providing this ser... Read more

Bluesky vs Gateway tuners

I recently switched from Gateway to Bluesky. I really liked the tuner buffering with Gateway. I could watch multiple channels, switch back a forth between them and rewind what I missed. This fantastic and useful feature doesn’t appear to be available... Read more

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