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Recordings cutting off early

I have BlueCurve tv. I've had quite a spate of recordings cutting off several minutes before the end of the show lately. It isnt just one show or one channel. As most shows tend to end a few minutes before the hour is up, i'm guessing that my recordi... Read more

About the old Digital Classic tv package

I had it about 2 or 3 months ago switched total tv then limited tv....I should of kept it, I like it because it included OLN which is not inconvenient Limited tv or Total tv & it's $6 for it as a individual channel (it's only $4 from Telus optik tv) ... Read more


XG1v4 Guide Shows No Current Channel

We just upgraded to a Shaw BlueCurve 4K TV Player (XG1v4) which is really nice.With our old Motorola DCX3300, we used to be able to press the "Guide" button on our old remote and see the current channel we were watching up in the top right corner of ... Read more

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