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Shaw shuts Down it's Customer Loyalty Department

Well, after 30 minutes yesterday trying to contact anyone at Shaw concerning my expiring Customer loyalty promo on my Internet 300, I was informed that Shaw has Shut down it's Customer Loyalty Department! All options presented to me, by 3 different p... Read more

Home wifi error message blue curve TV

Can someone please tell me why I get an error message when trying to watch an active recording on my iPad/iPhone on the Bluesky app that says I need to be on ‘home wifi’ to watch. All my devices are on the same home wifi and I still get this message.... Read more

Pausing live tv

I just got a motorola dcx 3200-m p3 hd box and I can't seem to be able to pause live tv, when I press the pause/play button at the bottom, nothing happens. In video on demand, I can pause/play shows with no problem. Is live tv not supported with paus... Read more


Are there any plans to offer Disney+ and Amazon Prime through the Shaw Bluesky interface. I see that Netflix and Youtube are available but wondering if there are plans to add other streaming offerings. Read more



Does anyone know if it's possible to program the program the remote to skip ahead 30 seconds or 1 or 2 mins? Read more

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Streaming local channels

If I cancel my TV completely and just stream everything through internet, will I still be able to stream the local channels... CTV, CityTV and Global... or do i need a TV package? Read more

I've asked before but gotten no answer

Hi I figure I'd ask again, but why is it that Shaw no longer has more flexible tv plans for instance Small TV would have been perfect for me but I now have with my current plan I have lots of channels that I don't watch & if I downgraded to Limited t... Read more

Adding apps to Blue Curve system

I would love to get Acorn tv app since BBC isn’t on Shaw now. Right now if I want to subscribe to Acorn you have to join Prime TV then join Acorn so it adds up in cost. Could watch Acorn on Internet with a subscription but would rather watch on my ma... Read more

Scehdule PVR recording from BlueCurve App

I recently switched from Gateway portal hardware to BlueCurve Home/Cloud PVR. Using the BlueCurve TV app, is there a way to set or schedule PVR recordings? I can see recorded programs, and delete programs, but no place to start/set/schedule recording... Read more


Hi there. Wondering when Shaw will add Disney+ to the apps on our BlueCurve boxes? Would be amazing if we could access that content at our TV locations without an alternate streaming device. Thank you. Read more

TV Channel Updates

I figured that any new channel announcements ( yeah - I'm not holding my breath for anything being added ) or channels being dropped could be posted in one thread to make it easier for everybody to find. BBC Canada will cease broadcasting on December... Read more

blue curve app

Why can't I download blue curve app on my laptop ? I have Free range app on my I pad but I can't get it either on my laptop . Help Please. Read more

CNN transmission intermittent fuzz/clear

Just a minor one really but still wondering. On CNN now (4:43PM, Nov. 14).....CNN transmission is having some kind of odd focus problem. It's the only channel having this. I've checked everything else. If you watch closely enough it gets fuzzed aroun... Read more

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Cancelled series still shows as scheduled

In late Nov. I cancelled 2 series. Several days later I saw they were showing up in the list of scheduled recordings, and the dates were already past. I cancelled the recordings from the scheduled list but next day they were there again and more epis... Read more

How do we hide subscribed channels in our guide?

Bluesky: how do I hide channels from my guide (that we don't want to see)? This includes ones that we have subscribed to. I know how to view our "free" ones... but we want to hide some that we are subscribed to but never watch. Used to be able to do ... Read more

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why can't i order center ice yet?

i'm wondering why i can't order center ice yet. for some reason one of our friends already has it showing on his guide, he's already ordered it but i'm being told we cant yet? Read more

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NHL centre ice

is Shaw offering the nhl centre ice package this year? Cannot find it in the Addons. Any search leads me to information about nfl, Read more

Audio problems with recorded programs

We have a new Sony XBR55A8H and Sonos sound bar. Audio quality is excellent with all live shows and most recorded ones but for some recordings the audio, particularly voice, is badly muffled to the point of inaudibility. This muffling occurs when we ... Read more

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Tv lag

I changed to Shaw Blue Curve in November. One if the issues I am having is that live tv is not on the same time as a friend. For instance we often text back and forth when Canucks score. Her tv is at least 15 Seconds ahead of mine. How can this be fi... Read more

Pixelation with Shaw HD Channels

I have an issue that popped up in the last week after Shaw made their internet upgrade from 300mbps to 600mbps.Since the upgrade, I have both an HD box and the XB6 modem coming off of a splitter in one room. Since the upgrade from 300mbps to 600mbps,... Read more

2021 NHL Centre Ice

Is Shaw offering NHL Centre Ice for the 2021 season?Chat Reps say we need to contact them on Jan 14 to add CI to our programming.Chat Reps say we do not get the opening season games?Rogers Centre Ice starts on Jan 13. Read more

Rewind and watch previous channel.

On the old shaw box we used to be able to switch between two channels and rewind the show. Now when we toggle to the “last” channel it starts at the exact time we switch back and we cannot see what was missed. Is BlueSky working on providing this ser... Read more


IpCoam - What is this?

In my list of authorized devices streaming BluCurve TV there is a device entitled IpCoam device - c9bae . Last week I noticed I had about 9 of these and engaged in a chat with a Shaw Rep who asked if I had home security cameras. I do not. I was advis... Read more

External Expander Hard Drive for Arris Gateway

I knocked over my external hard drive connected to the Arris Gateway and got a disconnection error on the TV. Unfortunately, the Gateway no longer recognized the drive as connected.Can I format this in Windows and re-install as a new formatted drive ... Read more

Replace Gateway internal hard drive

Wondering if anyone has replaced the internal hard drive on their Gateway XG1, if they could share the procedure for doing so? Some questions I have are:- Is it pata or sata?- Form factor: 2.5" or 3.5"- Filesystem: NTFS, ext3, ext4, etc...- Partition... Read more

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Replacing hard drive on Expander

After many years service it appears my 1TB Iomega Expander has bit the dust. No amount of cycling will make it appear on my Gateway. My assumption is it's the hard drive that has died - it clicks about 7 or 8 times each time I boot it up - however it... Read more


No Nhl Center ice 4k boxes!

Went to order my Nhl center ice yesterday. I was told my hardware 4k cable box this season is not compatible with it! Rep had no answer why. I now have to install regular HD cable box to get my games. Anyone know why this is? Thanks Read more


Episodes & Seasons Missing on SOD

I'm wondering why there are so many SOD shows with gaps between episodes and even whole seasons? Starting a series at S3E14 is no fun. It would be nice to start at the beginning and watch to the end. Read more

Hi, any updates on channel upgrades in the Vancouver area, similar to what has been done in Calgary? Telus is running fibre right to my home as we speak, which means more HD from them and faster uploads than my internet 600. O have been with Shaw since th

Hi, any updates on channel upgrades in the Vancouver area, similar to what has been done in Calgary? Telus is running fibre right to my home as we speak, which means more HD from them and faster uploads than my internet 600. O have been with Shaw sin... Read more

Getting fed up with tv comment

I am getting very fed up with the way tv is going the past few years. They have commercials, which i understand, but for quite a while now, the channels have, what i call banner ads commercials which take up about 1/4 to 1/3 of the screen ruining wha... Read more

Headphones/Shaw box

Asked Chat line why my headphones were not able to pickup programming without rumble in left earpiece.Chat line said problem not with box but with earphones. I didn't believe that so after $110 spent on TV technician, it turned out that Chatline was ... Read more

Cable box reboot

Trying to reboot my HD cable box, but it is taking a very long time...40 minutes? Have gone through the boot, OCAP, APP, Strt, PSLd, OFLn, I on the right track? Is this working? How much longer should I expect? Read more

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Cable Setup with Splitters

I recently moved into a new house and was left with a nest of cables from the previous owner as well as some hardware. I was able to easily plug in my Shaw gear from my previous place and everything seems to work, however I am unsure if it is as effi... Read more

Garbled Audio

I am getting a lot of "garbled" audio on some of the channels for the past few days. My cable box is a DCX3500-M. I have noticed this particularly on the US time shift channels such as the Detroit CBS channel on channel 86 and on CNN on channel 17. I... Read more

intermitant sound and picture freezing

Sound keeps going off and on and also picture keeps freezing, tried switching off via the help advice in the settings but still having same problem . Also changed channels and happening on different channel aswell Read more

Does your fast forward skip?

When fast forwarding a show near the end of the recording, a lot of shows will skip forward to the last minute. It often happens when there is 15-20 minutes left in an hour show and it jumps to the last minute of the recording. Read more

Remote headphones

Three days ago my phones, which are plugged into a Shaw cable box, began a pulsating noise in the left side.I switched phones, with towers, no change. I switched cable boxes, no change. I switchedto different TV set, no change. Only thing common to a... Read more

new remote

I phoned a week and half before Christmas regarding my remote not working right. I was told by a tech that a new remote would be mailed to me. It is now January and I have not received it yet. I tried phoning again and was told I would have to wait o... Read more

Why won’t BlueSky let me pause and rewind live TV??

Today I was watching a show and tried to hit pause and rewind a scene, and a message popped saying something like “pause is not available, set top box won’t allow it” and then I would flip to a different channel and the pause function would work once... Read more

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channel 48 the weather channel

I was going to voice my great dislike of the channel 48 weather … but I see that is being done by so many others.Horrible. 1. Can't read the temp easily which is the crucial thing of this whole page.!!! 2 Who the heck needs numbers like 1.5 degrees??... Read more

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Can you still get Video on Demand if you only have a non PVR cable box (Motorola DCX3200 or Motorola DCX3200 M-P3) and internet and no tv packages? Read more


Will Shaw be replacing the BBC channel that was cancelled at the end of 2020 ? Will an alternative be made available? If not, will my bill be adjusted to reflect the removed channel ? Read more

Blue Curve Pause Live TV

We have been a long time shaw customer and have recently upgraded to the blue curve system.We have notice that when pausing live TV we seem to be only able to hold 30 minutes, backwards from current clock time. The previous systems allowed a pause fo... Read more

gateway portal

how do you turn the power off a gateway portal.I turn the tv off but the box remains on and on the chosen channel Read more

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Why are search results not listed in numeric order by season and/or episodes after conducting a search for vod? Read more

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PVR issue

Hello,I fully unpaired my XR11 Bluecurve TV Remote from my PVR and now I can't get it paired again, I can't turn on the PVR without the remote and I am getting no signal from the PVR even when I unplug and plug it in. I have no remotes to control the... Read more

BlueCurve Wireless 4K TV (Xi6) Player - my review

I would like to share my experiences and opinions about the BlueCurve 4K Xi6 wireless tv player technology with the Shaw Comminity forum. BackgroundIn 2015 I started to follow developments around Internet Protocol Television(IPTV). In July of that ye... Read more

CTV Sci-Fi and CTV Drama on the app

I am trying to stream episodes on the CTV app but when I log in it says that I am not subscribed to CTV Sci-Fi or CTV Drama...but I am. I pay for those channels and can watch them on my TV. I called Shaw support to correct this issue and they told me... Read more

Bad Experience with Blue Curve upgrade

I am having a horrible experience upgrading my TV and internet to Blue Curve, have tried to address my concerns to customer support, and have received wrong or conflicting information from various levels along he way. I do appreciate that this is pro... Read more


No Content pop up

I've been getting this 'No Content" pop-up for a couple weeks now. First it was just one or two channels I rarely watch (Comedy, FX). Now it's happening on a lot of other channels. Then the show gets rather pixelled, or freezes, and catches up. I tri... Read more

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