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Youtube glitchy on 720p

Hi, Lately I have been unable to watch any youtube content using the bluecurve tv. Anytime I try to watch anything in HD (720p) the screen goes all fuzzy but when I drop the quality down to 480p it seems to play perfectly fine. This just randomly sta... Read more

Scehdule PVR recording from BlueCurve App

I recently switched from Gateway portal hardware to BlueCurve Home/Cloud PVR. Using the BlueCurve TV app, is there a way to set or schedule PVR recordings? I can see recorded programs, and delete programs, but no place to start/set/schedule recording... Read more

Sound not syncing with Bluecurve 600

We just got Bluecurve 600 and I’m not impressed so far at all. Sound does not sync at all with any program and even though we’ve gone into settings on the tv and changed the delay, it stilldoesnt match up at all. We’ve also completely lost art mode f... Read more

Small TV Pick 5

I have the Small TV Pick 5 and I cannot find any information about it. Can I switch any of my channels? Thanks for any help! Read more


I can't sign in to Global TV and Global Go app

I have subscribed to Small TV package which should have Global channels included. But when I tried to sign in Global TV website and Global Go app (on iPad), they both said I am "Not Authorized".I have tried many things (clear cache, re-install Global... Read more

Fast forwarding on PVR is broken/feature

In the past few months, I've noticed something new which happens when fast-forwarding through recorded shows. The way it used to happen was wonderful, you would see your show start and hit play. It would generally skip back 5-10 seconds so you didn't... Read more

Frequent audio drops Bluesky TV

Got a new Bluesky TV box on Wednesday to fix an issue I was having with my previous one, and the new one is experiencing very frequent audio drops. The issue isn't occurring with any of the other devices connected to my A/V receiver. When it happens,... Read more

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Sound not syncing with picture wuite a few times

I see some people here have the same issue as myself, there are a lot of times when the sound does not sync with the picture (it's not too much but you still notice it) also when I turn my tv via the bluecurve remote there is no sound & I need to tur... Read more


Crave TV & HBO Free Preview

So at some point within the last 24 hours the upcoming free preview for Crave TV and HBO ( scheduled for February 14th to February 17th ) has been removed from the News and Free Previews page. Are we still getting this free preview as it is listed on... Read more

bluecurve recording issue

When we set series recordings we can sit down and watch one and by the next day we will have 10 more old recordings. We have all the setting correct. how can we get this to stop. We only want the new series not old shows. This only rece Read more

So Shaw no longer offering theme packs???

I was just at my local Shaw retail store to return a Bluecurve box that was sent to me by mistake....I was talking to the person working at the counter about my package as it's Limited TV with pick 10 for $22 & at month to month as for my cable I don... Read more

5 Minute Page Up

I have a problem with the remote and they says it's not fixable. The page up and page down just today changed from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. I watch 75%+ of my TV using PVR, so 5 minute skips won't work. This happened last year, and when I called supp... Read more

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