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Cable box reboot.

My cable was knocked out by a storm this week. It will not reboot. Display shows 88.88. About every 20-25 seconds it appears to try to reboot but remains at 88.88. Any suggestions? I have tried disconnecting all connections and reconnecting. Doesn't ... Read more

NASA HD Channel?

Are there any plans to add the NASA HD channels to the line up? I saw them at a family member's who has Telus Optik and they have it. Cool.Shaw? Read more

Recordings on free range app

I tried watching a program on my iPad with the free range app that was still being recorded. Was told that I could only do that on my home wifi. I am on my home wifi but for some reason it thinks it’s an “out of home wifi”. Read more

HD channels?

Hi I know I've asked this before & even submitted in the tv channel request form but I have the regular Shaw cable (not Gateway) (not Bluesky) & really don't want to change to those 2 but just wondering for us with the regular Shaw cable, is there an... Read more

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