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Very unhappy with the switch to Ignite TV

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Rogers saying my Shaw Gateway/Portal won't work anymore with their new system, so I had to switch to Ignite TV. That was already unwelcome news, but since there was no alternative, I told them to send me the replace... Read more

terrible customer service

I called in to talk to someone in the billing department and they hung up on me.Sadly this is not the first time that i have had really bad service from shaw. They have no respect or regard for their customers. Read more

Pausing live TV

I was watching a film on Hollywood Suit, when I had to pause and answer the phone, I was gone for about 45 minutes, when I came back and started watching the film from where I left off it continued for a few minutes and then the credits started rolli... Read more


Ignite tv app

Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed the ignite tv app cast function will not stay open on my iPad but it works fine on my iPhone, support chat were less than helpful as usual and said check with google or it’s your iPad, uhmm if it works on the... Read more

XiOne 4K wireless TV Player

When I owned the old Motorola DCX 3400 cable box, my Sony Smart TV recognized it. Now that I have BlueCurve's XiOne cable box, it does not recognize it. Who manufactures this box? I have tried to use SERCOMM as the name of the manufacturer to no avai... Read more

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