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YouTube slowdown

The past week or so has seen most every YouTube program i chose pauses with a black screen and loading message sometimes taking 10-15 seconds before the program launches. I have changed nothing and tried resetting the box by unplugging for 30 seconds... Read more

Upgrading equipment need advice

I haven't upgraded my shaw internet or tv equipment in over 5 years.I currently have for the home:Internet: Hitron modem for 300MbTV: Motorola DCT 6416 3, Arris (Gateway hdpvr) ax103anm, and 2 Motorola DCX 3200If I upgrade my modem to the Fibre+ Gate... Read more

Bluetooth On My Smart Phone

I would like to pair Bluecurve with my Samsung Note 8 (reasonably new phone)Neither Bluecurve or the phone will find each other when both are on and either one is searching.Bluecurve 'help' does not appear to include any Bluetooth troubleshooting. Read more

Fuzzy picture for sports, then it comes into focus

I have blue curve 4K TV player with Fibre+ 175. Generally the picture for sports is only adequate but I have noticed when I first tune into a sports channel the picture is fuzzy and very slightly pixelated, most noticeable on the players. After about... Read more


2019 TV. Shaw Remote not working

This is just curiosity. I purchased a brand new (2019) version tv. Specifically TCL 43S425I tried basically every code with the Shaw remote (Champ?). Unfortunately none of them work. I am just wondering if there will be a code update anytime soon. I ... Read more

security of Shaw-9E2500-5G

I am told that the security of Shaw-9E2500-5G is weak and should be changed. How do I change it or this is this just a sales technique to get me to buy some thing that is more expensive? Read more

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Home wifi error message blue curve TV

Can someone please tell me why I get an error message when trying to watch an active recording on my iPad/iPhone on the Bluesky app that says I need to be on ‘home wifi’ to watch. All my devices are on the same home wifi and I still get this message.... Read more

Shaw shuts Down it's Customer Loyalty Department

Well, after 30 minutes yesterday trying to contact anyone at Shaw concerning my expiring Customer loyalty promo on my Internet 300, I was informed that Shaw has Shut down it's Customer Loyalty Department! All options presented to me, by 3 different p... Read more

Pausing live tv

I just got a motorola dcx 3200-m p3 hd box and I can't seem to be able to pause live tv, when I press the pause/play button at the bottom, nothing happens. In video on demand, I can pause/play shows with no problem. Is live tv not supported with paus... Read more


Are there any plans to offer Disney+ and Amazon Prime through the Shaw Bluesky interface. I see that Netflix and Youtube are available but wondering if there are plans to add other streaming offerings. Read more



Does anyone know if it's possible to program the program the remote to skip ahead 30 seconds or 1 or 2 mins? Read more

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Streaming local channels

If I cancel my TV completely and just stream everything through internet, will I still be able to stream the local channels... CTV, CityTV and Global... or do i need a TV package? Read more

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