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My Blue Curve TV has 4 technical issues

My Blue Curve TV has 4 serious problems. 1 has been ongoing since I got the Blue Curve equipment. One is recurring for the last 3-4 months and is getting steadily worse, and 2 occurred over the weekend. For many months, I get recordings of every repe... Read more


Please add ability to remotely record

I have Shaw Blue Curve. For the most part it’s great! But it is missing the ability to remotely schedule recordings or to check on currently scheduled recordings. I had this with Shaw Gateway but lost this with Shaw Blue Curve.The Shaw TV Blue Curve ... Read more

Current Free Previews

Since the people in charge of updating the " News and Free Previews " can't be trusted to update the page in time ( or sometimes at all ) I guess I can do my best to keep SHAW users updated with any Free Preview available.The Comedy Network ( availab... Read more

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