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espial TV

Tonight I rebooted my Gateway system ( it helps when the remote functions start acting sluggish ) and I noticed something weird. Instead of the usual Avent ( or whatever it was called ) logo that appears during the reboot process I saw this logo on m... Read more

Shaw blue curve TV VR

Does anyone know of the blue curve web app will support browsers in VR? I have a quest 2 and have tried both Firefox and the default browser ( both in desktop mode as well) and the blue curve app errors out as being an unsupported browser type. given... Read more


Wiring for multiple receivers

I currently have one 630 receiver and the oval dish with dual LNBs. However, I would like to get one more receiver, and at the same time wire a total of 3 additional rooms for future receivers. I see Shaw suggests the DTV4x8 multiswitch for multiple ... Read more

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