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Unhappy with Blue Curve

My most loved feature in my Gateway and previous systems was the ability to jump forward in fixed 30 second intervals. This does not seem to work in Blue Curve and is a feature sorely missed. Yes you can fast forward but I end up all over the place a... Read more

Shaw blue curve TV VR

Does anyone know of the blue curve web app will support browsers in VR? I have a quest 2 and have tried both Firefox and the default browser ( both in desktop mode as well) and the blue curve app errors out as being an unsupported browser type. given... Read more

Current Free Previews

Since the people in charge of updating the " News and Free Previews " can't be trusted to update the page in time ( or sometimes at all ) I guess I can do my best to keep SHAW users updated with any Free Preview available.The Comedy Network ( availab... Read more

So Shaw no longer offering theme packs???

I was just at my local Shaw retail store to return a Bluecurve box that was sent to me by mistake....I was talking to the person working at the counter about my package as it's Limited TV with pick 10 for $22 & at month to month as for my cable I don... Read more

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