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Recordings cutting off early

I have BlueCurve tv. I've had quite a spate of recordings cutting off several minutes before the end of the show lately. It isnt just one show or one channel. As most shows tend to end a few minutes before the hour is up, i'm guessing that my recordi... Read more

no response

I have not used my tv in the den for a while and now my remote will not connect with the box. It says choose language and is stuck there. I have replaced the batteries. and tried a reboot but nothing seems to help. Read more


Every morning when I wake up or come home from work I go to watch TV. I turn on my TV with my Samsung Remote and/or my BlueSky remote but my New BlueSky box doesn't send any video or audio signal when waking it up from sleep mode, power saving mode o... Read more

Guide view

Getting super annoyed that I have to constantly change my guide view back to "free to me". It won't stay on it for more than a short amount of time. Feels like a constant forced sales pitch. I'm aware there are other channels available, I don't want ... Read more

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Pvr service-cant record

Just set up my bluecurve boxes yesterday everything is good until i go to set up my series recordings then nothing, went into guide and pushed the record button to which i get a error msg "problem with pvr service" were restoring the services code XR... Read more

disconnect all services

I need to disconnect Shaw services and my wife spent all afternoon trying to get through to them and finally got through at 10:00 PM and was told that she need to call back in the morning as they can not do anything, need to talk to a special disconn... Read more

PVR recordings

My PVR will not delete recordings. When I press “delete recording”, it says “deleting”, but nothing happens. Anyone know how to fix this ?? Read more

Recorded shows not playing in 5.1 surround

I recently switched to the wireless 4k BlueCurve boxes and have a weird issue. Whenever I watch a recorded show the audio is playing in stereo 2.0, when the live feed was 5.1 surround. If I watch that same show live, it plays correctly in 5.1 surroun... Read more

Regarding TSN & Sportsnet

For some reason I'm unable to reply or comment to people's posts here & there was a post here posted regarding TSN Sportsnet only in packages & only in theme packs ..,..well on another note whereas Shaw charges $15 each for Sportsnet TSN (or both for... Read more

Deleting recorded programs

I am trying to delete seen programs from my TV. I am following the correct steps to delete however the programs are not being deleted. I have unplugged my cable, unplugged by PVR and unscrewed my cable from the outlet and from the back of the PVR. No... Read more

Sports Package Ripoff

Can anyone explain to me why I pay for seven Canadian sports channels only to have the same program on at the same time on a majority of channels and why there may be three NHL games on 3 of 5 TSN channels and 1 of 2 Sportsnet channels and they are a... Read more

Australian Open PVR

On BlueCurveTV, how can I set to record the Australian Open on different TSN channels at the same time? After setting to record on one channel, when I set to record a different channel to record two different matches in the same time slot, the first ... Read more

Sound not syncing with picture

We have had Blue Sky since we moved to Qualicum Beach in August 2017 and have had nothing but problems with the sound being out of sync with the picture. Have called numerous times, had tech's out and the problem still persists. We have tried everyth... Read more

Cost of Non-Bluecurve TV Packages

I can't find a price list anywhere on the SHAW site for the Limited TV, Small TV, Medium TV and Large TV packages for non-Bluecurve customers. I have the PDF list of channels included in each package but want to know what the current cost is for each... Read more

Limiting a series recording to a specific time slot.

We recently changed from an Arris PVR/gateway to Bluecurve (notice I didn't say "upgraded", since there are several ways in which this has been a step back, some of which have been mentioned in other posts). Some programs, especially nightly news, ar... Read more

Blue Sky problem pausing live TV

Had a similar problem a few months ago and Shaw replaced the main cable box now it is happening again. Does anyone else have this problem? Often when I pause live TV and hit play a few minutes later it will jump back several hours and start from ther... Read more

Small cable box not working

Have there been any problems reported with small digital boxes not working after last night’s nationwide problem? This morning, I couldn’t change any channels, access the guide or do anything other than watch one channel on that box, the main box is ... Read more


Anyone else suddenly have pixilation issues. Funny as some channels - only a few. Both TV's in the house. Completed all of the steps and purchased new splitter and cable. Frustrating for the last 4 days. Read more

Fast forwarding on PVR is broken/feature

In the past few months, I've noticed something new which happens when fast-forwarding through recorded shows. The way it used to happen was wonderful, you would see your show start and hit play. It would generally skip back 5-10 seconds so you didn't... Read more

Stingray Music Channels

Stingray music channels go off and on intermittently - sometimes the display remains while the sound goes off while other times the sound and album display both go off. Have tried rebooting and checking cable connections but problem persists.Is this ... Read more

Sound not syncing with Bluecurve 600

We just got Bluecurve 600 and I’m not impressed so far at all. Sound does not sync at all with any program and even though we’ve gone into settings on the tv and changed the delay, it stilldoesnt match up at all. We’ve also completely lost art mode f... Read more

Big Changes To TV Plans

Well it looks like SHAW has made some big changes to their TV plans. Not only have the prices gone up ( $ 60/ month for Small TV, $ 80/month for Medium TV and $ 95/month for Large TV ) but now you don't even get to pick your own Theme packs as SHAW h... Read more

Bluetooth Volume

Can the Shaw BlueCurve TV Player (Xi6) control Bluetooth audio volume? I have Bluetooth earbuds that have no volume control on the earbuds. They depend on the Bluetooth transmitting device to control audio volume. Read more

BlueSky TV box won't delete recordings

HI there, Just noticed today that when I go to delete any recordings from my BlueSky TV box, it goes through the process, but doesn't actually delete anything. This only just started today, last night was perfectly fine.I've reset the box twice, whic... Read more

HDMI no information

In the last few days, my TV screen had inconsistently displayed three different dialog boxes - HDMI - no information, the menu and the channel tuning at infrequent time intervals for a few times throughout the days. My TV has HDMI cable connected wit... Read more

No gateway found on portal (?) Unit in bedroom.

We have our main unit in living and a portal in bedroom and one in spare room. Went to use bedroom one a few weeks after spare room was added and it came up stating check connections. Connections were good and tight. So I tried a reset. Now it says b... Read more

Program History

We recently went to BlueCurve. One of the things I really miss that we had with our old Arris PVR is that the Arris saved some history of what ever you are watching, even if you changed channels. It would then started saving the new channel for a tim... Read more

Motorola dcz3400 settings

Hello,My problem is when my box is set for 1080p it reverts back 1080i.My UHD TV is capable to display 1080p that is conneted via a HDMI switch (able to pass through the 1080p signal) by a HDMI cable.Thank youbarsim Read more

PVR -- Problem with Folder Title

For several months I have been having a problem with the Title on my Folders in Recordings. This is primarily sports folders.Currently, for example, I have this... (1) The TITLE on the Folder is >> PGA Tour Golf - WGC HSBC Champions, Third Round (5)I... Read more

BlueSky Netflix, VOD or Apps?

Is watching Netflix from the BlueSky On Demand (VOD) menu different than from the app section in BlueSky?I ask this question taking into consideration the source of the streaming.Is the VOD version streaming like other VOD titles?Is looking at Netfli... Read more

Gateway Scheduled Series issues

For the past few months I've had nothing but troubles with the Gateway not recording shows that are scheduled before other shows by times. When I go through my daily scheduled recordings I often find a number of shows that are programmed for the next... Read more

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Transmission Quality (lack of)

Four of the channels that we get are badly pixelated with garbled audio. My mother, who watches one of them regularily, says that it happens every Saturday. What is going on and what can we do to fix it? Read more

FX Now on Appletv

Thought I would post this up hoping for Shaw to advocate on behalf of their paying customers. I wanted access to FXnow on my AppleTV 4 however every other cable provider is available except for Shaw. I tried contacting FX for support however my quest... Read more

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Global Go App

Anybody get this working with their Shaw subscription? This appears to be an ongoing issue for months now and Shaw doesn't seem to be too concerned about getting it fixed Read more

A few questions here

Awhile back I filled the shaw channel request form & asked that KSTW (from Seattle) Vision TV & a couple others I requested that I can't recall be added to the Limited TV package (not high end channels like A & E or Sportsnet or TSN or CNN etc,) but ... Read more

Wireless Reciever to Sound Surround

I notice that the Wireless 4K receiver only has 1 output that needs to connect directly to the television. Is there any way to output sound to a Sound Surround system? Read more

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Shaw xi6 4k box not streaming Netflix in 4k

We upgraded our plan to use the new 4k xi6 boxes. We've had the premium (Ultra HD) Netflix plan for a while now as we used the 4k Chromecast to watch netflix in 4k.It's advertised that the xi6 boxes should be able to stream Netflix in 4k, but Netflix... Read more


TV box loses HDMI signal issue

I have Xi6-A boxkeeps losing HDMI input signalIts like,it does not know how to wake itself up after period of inactivitythere is no specific time period that will cause thissometimes it can be 6 hours of no use/ or 30many times it wakes up but seems ... Read more


Set Recording from App

How do I set a recording using the BlueCurve App on my phone? I can find the program I want, but when I click on it, there is no option to record it.We used to have this with the old app Read more

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