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BlueCurve recording problem

I've had the BlueCurve thing for a couple of months now and something about recording is really annoying me.So I set a number of series recordings, all for new episodes, for example NCIS. I check the scheduled recording list daily to see what is reco... Read more

No cable tv

Our cable tv stopped working yesterday, now today it’s doing the same thing completely frozen. Won’t let us change channels. Was working fine, then crashed. It’s not our box or connection. It’s the ancient cable line that was put in sometime in the 1... Read more

Why can't I find all my channels?

I recently got the Bluecurve TV app on my Fire TV Cube, and when I go to "All Channels" under "Live TV" I'm missing some of the channels that I'm subscribed to. I have every other channel I like to watch, but I can't find YTV or Teletoon anywhere on ... Read more

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