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TV not work

I am a paid up long time subscriber (bundle) This morning the TV does not work "no picture" Read more

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Too many items labelled spam

In the past months, I have seen an increase in the number of emails labelled as spam, some of which I have been receiving for years. Many are regular (daily/weekly) emails from reputable companies like Food Network, and Costco. Clicking the "Not Spam... Read more


I'm finding my PVR recordings keep lagging or skipping and pausing while watching a program. I have the newest Bluesky modem installed in March/2019. Is there a fix to this problem Read more

dct3416 not powering up

Cannot power up DCT3416 PVR. It is getting power but the front panel power button does nothing. I tried unplugging the unit and re-plugging it after a while but nothing happens. What else can I try? Read more

YouTube app

I have the new 4k wireless bluesky box and the YouTube app randomly shuts down. Is this an indication of the wireless signal from the bluecurve gateway? Read more

Can’t sign into CRAVE to authenticate Apple TV

I was trying to activate my Apple TV on Crave. I went to and entered the code and then went to sign in with Shaw details. After I login I get an error. I tried multiple times and keep receiving the error. Link to screenshot of error Read more

Benefits of New Shaw Forum

What are the benefits / improvements of this new Shaw forum over the previous forum? Is the an area for General Q&A and Billing/Admin Q&A as well as the forums for Internet, TV and Phone?Is all of the history from the previous forum gone? Read more

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Service issue

Since Saturday, August 17, my landline telephone was dead I had no ringtone. This means obviously that I am an able to call 911 in an emergency situation. As well at the same time the audio went on my television with the exception of the music channe... Read more

Cable box reboot.

My cable was knocked out by a storm this week. It will not reboot. Display shows 88.88. About every 20-25 seconds it appears to try to reboot but remains at 88.88. Any suggestions? I have tried disconnecting all connections and reconnecting. Doesn't ... Read more

NASA HD Channel?

Are there any plans to add the NASA HD channels to the line up? I saw them at a family member's who has Telus Optik and they have it. Cool.Shaw? Read more

Recordings on free range app

I tried watching a program on my iPad with the free range app that was still being recorded. Was told that I could only do that on my home wifi. I am on my home wifi but for some reason it thinks it’s an “out of home wifi”. Read more

HD channels?

Hi I know I've asked this before & even submitted in the tv channel request form but I have the regular Shaw cable (not Gateway) (not Bluesky) & really don't want to change to those 2 but just wondering for us with the regular Shaw cable, is there an... Read more

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