Ads for better service at lower cost not honoured?


I wonder why Shaw asked me to renew, then changed their mind?

April 13th Shaw sent me an email saying "Your 2-year ValuePlan ends in one month, making now the perfect time to lock in two more years of savings on your Internet." with a button "View offers" which when clicked brings up an Internet300 plan for $69/month.

April 15th Shaw sent me an email saying "Don't miss out. Renew your 2-year ValuePlan." So I clicked on "View plans" which brought up an offer for 300Mbps for $69/month, so I signed up ("up to" 300 Mbps actually, which would be better than our current plan of 15Mbps for $75/month plus tax.)

Later that day Shaw emailed me again, saying:

"We regret to inform you that we were unable to process the offer requested. The offer requested is an emailed offer for customers who are on a 2-year value plan which is expiring in the next 2 to 4 months, due to the time left on your plan we are unable to proceed with your order. . . Thank you for choosing Shaw and have a great day!"

The mysterious thing about the Shaw internet company is that they send emails but decline to receive them.

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-- if you contact Shaw ( ) or 1-888-472-...

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@Blue88 -- if you contact Shaw ( ) or 1-888-472-2222, and try to renew, what will they offer? Then, what will they offer, if you mention that you are thinking about switching to Telus Optik, and you quote the Telus bundle price for "new customers" of Telus?


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