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Playing Voicemail on My Shaw Android App

Just wondering if anyone here is able to play voicemail from the My Shaw app for Android? Whenever I try to play a vm, the app hangs. I have tried on 3 different Android devices with the exact same result. It works fine in iOS and web, also web on An... Read more

Phone log to keep track of calls

We made a long distance call and want to know how long we talked (or any calls for that matter).In MyShaw, I don't see a page where it list all calls coming in nor out like we have for Novus, which was great.Where can we find this? Read more


BlueCurve Modem telephone ports

We have just received our BlueCurve Modem and have it set up so the WIFI and TVs are working. I noticed that there are 2 telephone ports on the back of the BlueCurve. The only information I can find about the BlueCurve and these ports is that it supp... Read more

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