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Shaw outages

I live in Cassidy BC and my phone ,TV and internet have been going out at least once a day for a week now. Why is this happening is Shaw down lately? tech doesn't have a clue Read more

Please lobby to make call centers illegal

Impossible to block unwanted callers, they just spoof the numbers and call again and again and again. When you don't recognize the call and not answer, they leave a robo-message. There is no way to avoid these calls. I am almost at the point of hangi... Read more

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Porting a phone number

This was my parents (93 & 95 years of age) first day as Shaw customers. They got internet, TV and a phone number that is unusable for 3-5 days. Shaw hooked up the phone switch to do the port, which is 3-5 days away, then promptly turned their phone o... Read more

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