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Voice mail

We no longer get a lot of calls on our house phone. So few so that we are seriously considering just getting rid of it as so many have already. When we do, it would be nice if the caller could leave a message. When we signed up with Shaw, we configur... Read more


BlueCurve Modem telephone ports

We have just received our BlueCurve Modem and have it set up so the WIFI and TVs are working. I noticed that there are 2 telephone ports on the back of the BlueCurve. The only information I can find about the BlueCurve and these ports is that it supp... Read more

international Calls my Home Phone

Re. My Shaw International Calling PlanI have not been able to make international callings from my Shaw Phone. Please tell why this is happening?Thank you.Elizabeth Z.de Jesus Read more



I would like to cancel my land line with Shaw and go to another cell service provider.I will be keeping Shaw internet. Will I be able to keep my shaw email address ? Read more

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