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BlueCurve Modem telephone ports

We have just received our BlueCurve Modem and have it set up so the WIFI and TVs are working. I noticed that there are 2 telephone ports on the back of the BlueCurve. The only information I can find about the BlueCurve and these ports is that it supp... Read more

caller ID

How do I make a phone call when my ID is blocked and the person I am calling does not accept ID blocked calls? Read more


Text to landline

I have been billed .20 for sending a text to a landline. I texted a message landline but I thought it was a cell number. I have mistakenly done this 3 times, and each time, I get the notice of the .20 AFTER I send the message, NOT BEFORE.I would neve... Read more

Call forwarding fixed: how to disable single ring?

I don't want the phone to ring when an incoming call is received and then forwarded to the designated phone number.How do you disable and enable this feature so the original dialed number which is forwarded doesn't ring to indicate that it's being fo... Read more

Complimentary 411 not complimentary?

I was being lazy a few times and I dialed 411. After I provided the name of the business and city, I was not provided the telephone number. Instead, a message saying I will be charged to be connected to that number. I never have the option to hear th... Read more

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