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Voice Mail Left but Phone Never Rang

We keep getting voice mails from a company spamming a septic tank service. They say 'This is not a sales call...'. These come in as many as 3 times a week, The company changes phone number as reported (no doubt spoofed) at least once a week. Latest n... Read more

Setting up homeline

We are shaw customers with internet. We've just moved and were looking into our options for getting a home line phone. My sister has shaw internet and says her home line is free with her plan. Is there anything you can offer us for adding a home line... Read more


shaw service

WTF is going on with Shaw ... in Vancouver ... no 1 888 422 2222 ... has been busy for weeks and no live chat!! How does one cancel certain channels & services??? Long-time Shaw customer & p*ssed!M Read more

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