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Topics with Label: Voicemail & Features

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message retrieval

I cancelled my land line, including my voicemail and call waiting on May 19,2020. I am told that people can still leave a message. Why is that and can you tell me how to retrieve messages now that my line is no longer active. Read more

voice mail

recently messages left on voice mail have taken up to 7 hours to be notified that a message is waiting. Why is this suddenly happening? Read more

Phone message.

Hi, for weeks now it’ll show I have voicemail. I get a few messages everyday, just empty. The message carries on for a minute or so. I check my call display and there is no number showing. It’s very strange. Read more

Access Code

Is there an access code for Canada that a person can use for when calling back to Canada from another country? This way it would be charged to my home phone and avoid using collect calling. Read more

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