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My Phone # Was Spoofed . . .

. . and I got a puzzled Shaw landline call from a stranger who said "this number came up on my phone so I called it".Clearly, some scammer has spoofed my number as their caller ID. If the number of such puzzled or angry incoming calls to me begins to... Read more

call blocking is not working

I am constantly being awakened at 4 AM by spam faxers from the east coast. I immediately block them. Today I received two such sequential calls from numbers that I had previously blocked. What is the reason for this inexcusable lapse please? Read more

Shaw Home Phone Portal issues

Has anyone recently accessed the Shaw Home phone portal at [] to modify their voicemail settings, including greetings?In my situation, although I can select the desired greeting, the system fails to accept it despite ... Read more

Can't Un-hide Caller ID

New to me, but on the Rogers/Shaw web site, it is not possible to un-hide caller ID. By default, "Hide my caller identification from other numbers" is turned on, and in Rogers' red, the note "This setting is not available". See attached screenshot. M... Read more