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Topics with Label: Voicemail & Features

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Playing Voicemail on My Shaw Android App

Just wondering if anyone here is able to play voicemail from the My Shaw app for Android? Whenever I try to play a vm, the app hangs. I have tried on 3 different Android devices with the exact same result. It works fine in iOS and web, also web on An... Read more


Home Phone Pricing

When I signed up for Shaw, I read that Home Phone "Includes Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Return, Voicemail, and all calls to other Shaw Home Phone customers are free" - see below:However, when I didn't actually get these features, I was told that... Read more

Safe List

I see that that I can block numbers, and I can toggle the spam call blocking. However, whenever I turn that option on, it keeps blocking important phone calls that are not spam. Is it possible to add phone numbers to a safe list? We have been getting... Read more

Deleting voice messages

My phone says “messages full”, but when I check my box it says “no new messages”. I presume that all previously deleted messages are stored somewhere and take space. How to clean it? Read more

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