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Topics with Label: Voicemail & Features

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My Phone # Was Spoofed . . .

. . and I got a puzzled Shaw landline call from a stranger who said "this number came up on my phone so I called it".Clearly, some scammer has spoofed my number as their caller ID. If the number of such puzzled or angry incoming calls to me begins to... Read more

Your call can not be completed as Dialed!!!

So I have now been with Shaw for the past 3 months, Switched over from Telus as they had tried to bill be for items that where never received, and tried renew my contract with out consent. Anyhow, After switching over our phone line; only receive cer... Read more

Voicemail greeting?

How can I change the greeting for my voicemail? I set it up when I was half asleep now I want to change the message and the name. How can I do that? Read more

Amazon scam calls

I have spam call blocking turned on. but I am getting a ridiculous amount of spam calls from fake amazon security. they are all coming through 605-457-XXXX number block. what options do we have to help mitigate these calls. I am getting them multiple... Read more

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