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Good Day,

Our voicemail is automatically sent to e-mail. We are getting associated messages that for instance read:

"You have 1 message that will expire on 16/02. Call your service to consult."

Can some one tell us what this specifically means? 1. We have some voicemail messages in email that go back over 5 years; some that we would like to keep and at 5+ years of age that does not seem to be the thrust of this message. 2. Rather than telling us when it will expire could it not tell us the originating date/time of the expiring message or some other reasonable identifying feature (i.e. originating/sending phone number)


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-- that will expire on 16/02 Sigh. That was yesterday. N...

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@jmclifford -- that will expire on 16/02

Sigh. That was yesterday. 

Next time, from your Shaw Home Phone, dial <star><nine><eight>

Enter your voice-mail PIN.

When you hear "you have one saved message", press "one" to hear the date/time of the message, and the caller's telephone-number, and then listen to the message.

Then, press "seven" to delete it.



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Shaw voicemail to email can be set to send you a .wav fil...

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@jmclifford  Shaw voicemail to email can be set to send you a .wav file in the message that you can keep as long as you like.

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