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How to get Shaw to cancel my service

My service ends on the 1st, i've been trying to cancel it for 2 weeks now. I get on the phone line put my # for call back and for the 6th time today... as soon as i was put as position 1 in the queue(from the callback) my call was dropped. I have spo... Read more

Shaw open on iPhone

I have an iPhone8. For the past few months whenever I am away from home and my phone automatically connects to Shaw Open, I am unable to access the internet. Although the wifi shows the connection is there, when I try to acess Google or any website I... Read more

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Shaw Staff: Any originals still around?

I know this isn't tech help specific unless you were tech help. I ask as I'm the original consultant that helped setup Shaw. I remember testing Telus and Shaw side by side. Except when the one out of BC server was tested. We made the plan for investm... Read more

Can't get ShawPasspoint profile (Hotspot 2.0)

HelloI can't get a ShawPasspoint configuration profile for my 7th Generation iPad (2019) running IOS 13.2. I had no problems getting it set up on iPhone 6s (also running IOS 13.2).I've done several factory resets to the device, as well as reset the n... Read more

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