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HELP!! Disconnecting Serivce

In the last 24 hours, I have wasted more than 3 hours on hold with Shaws 888-472-2222 Customer Support Line - there is no 'call back' option given, just "please wait on the line for any disconnect...". Has anyone experienced similar wait times? Is th... Read more


Shaw open Wifi

Can I connect my wifi camera to shaw open wifi. I have the MAC address for the camera. Please help. Read more

WOW !!! On hold for over an hour???

Good heavens....what is going on? No chat until September 30, and no one will answer the phone? I've been on hold for an hour, the ridiculous squawbox in the phone message is still telling us to go the "shaw chat" but the website says it's down until... Read more

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Shaw Passpoint

Shaw Passpoint is not letting me log on although the correct information is entered. One hotspot location keeps bumping me off shaw passpoint and over to guest or open where I get no wifi service at all. Read more

Frustrated with setting up Shaw open wifi?

I’m really frustrated. I have a device registered. The first time trying to set this up a profile was loaded onto my iPhone. I never installed it. Today it’s gone. The tech didn’t seem to answer my question and I was told I register the device with m... Read more

ShawOpen Wifi Throttling

I know that Shaw claims to not throttle but my experience would make it seem like they do. I have used the same ShawOpen connection for a year now and up until about a month ago it was great. Now when I first log on I have speeds of at least 30Mps bu... Read more

Shaw 300 customers please help

Can you take these 3 tests and report the speeds you get? click Gigabit / Fiber Read more

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Shaw Open - Dead Access Point

Just an FYI, the Shaw Open Access point located on the corner of Resort Drive & Rathtrevor Road in Parksville, BC is now dead. It no longer broadcasts an SSID. In case you don't know what that means, it means the access point is dead and no longer fu... Read more

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Shaw wifi in downtown Canmore

I can barely connect downtown Canmore and it keeps on dropping me. This started yesterday. Worked 100% earlier this year. My wireless works with all other hotspots. Any one else having an issue? Read more

Two Kinds of Errors Connecting to Shaw Go Wifi

Hello, I am having trouble registering my device with Shaw Go Wifi. + When I try to register via my home Shaw network, I successfully authenticate but always go directly to an error page (“Error / We were unable to complete your request. Please try a... Read more

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Shaw Open - Limited Speed

Hi Folks!I was under the impression that Shaw Open speeds were tied to subscribed Internet account speeds. I'm connecting to a Shaw Open AP and the best I can get out of it is 10 down / 5 up. It's a pretty isolated AP and I can't see there being much... Read more

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Shaw Open Log in request

My cell phone ( Samsung Galaxy S8) is registered GO WiFi network.The cell phone is connected automatically to Shaw Open when I entered Shaw Open area.I am working in Calgary airport and keep moving at the area.But only Calgary International airport-C... Read more

Cant connect IPhone 8 IOS 11 to Shaw Hotspot

At point of writing this, I am completely frustrated...I cannot connect my Iphone 8 plus to Shaw Mobile Hotspot to take advantage of what I pay for Shaw home internet 150 5G....This is SOOOOOO frustrating...Re registered my Iphone several times enter... Read more


how to get Shaw Go WiFi Access Code

I see instructions on how to check your email for an access code then when trying to register device you just enter the code from the email but there is no instructions anywhere how to generate a code when logged into my account ? where do the codes ... Read more

I cannot get on the Hotspot 2.0 access points.

I cannot get on the Hotspot 2.0 access points.I have an iPhone 6 running IOS v12.0.1I have registered my phone, from on the phone, and installed the connection profile. However, when I do this, the MAC address that is registered in my account is wron... Read more

Go WIFI Login hijacked by

Since last week the Shaw Go Wifi unit in our workplace refuses to connect to an up to date HP Envy Windows 10 laptop. Other devices (Linux and Android) work fine.When you try to connect to the hotspot it tries to launch the login page, but is immedia... Read more

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Network upgrades to increase upload speeds?

I understand Shaw has finally entered the 21st century and will slowly be increasing our upload speeds to match our upload speeds, like other competitors, especially those who are giving fibre to their customers. Is there a map or status update porta... Read more

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Is Shaw go wifi device specific?

HI,I registered my iphone 6 to shaw go wifi and then sold it about 2 years later. Have a iphone 8 now and it automatically hooked up to Shaw go wifi. It must have picked up the settings when I set up the iphone 8. Is that correct?I tried adding the i... Read more

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Difference between Shaw Go Wifi and Shaw Open

What is the difference between Shaw Go Wifi, Shaw Open and Shaw Passport?Also,I have been trying to use Shaw Go Wifi and Shaw Open with limited success. I have my device registered but instead of automatically logging in, it directs me to a device re... Read more

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Got sent to collection agency for a modem even after it was picked up a month ago from today by their person. Even I called serval times the same answer we have not received yet. SHAW I HOPE YOU HAVE AN ANSWER FOR THIS AND HOPE YOU CAN FIX THE PROBLEM. An

Got sent to collection agency for a modem even after it was picked up a month ago from today by shaw person. Even I called serval times, but the same answer we have not yet received. SHAW I HOPE YOU HAVE AN ANSWER FOR THIS AND HOPE YOU CAN FIX THE PR... Read more

What is Shaw Mobile HotSpot

I live in a residential area. I just saw a new network on my wifi list.What is Shaw Mobile HotSpot? See it in list below. This is recently added by ? Read more

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