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How to get Shaw to cancel my service

My service ends on the 1st, i've been trying to cancel it for 2 weeks now. I get on the phone line put my # for call back and for the 6th time today... as soon as i was put as position 1 in the queue(from the callback) my call was dropped. I have spo... Read more

Question for the Shareholders:

Goodbye Shaw.After 17 years of haggling with you over price increases I can almost set my watch to, I'm finally done.Ten years ago when I axed my television service, I thought you might get the hint. The digital over-the-air TV signals here in Edmont... Read more

Is their a shaw plan that is cheaper

My contract with shaw will expire on april. I called them several times but cant give me a deal like the others have. Currently at 99 per month for 2 yrs they offered me 85 per month for 2 yrs for renewal. Hoping to get a better deal than this before... Read more

ShawOpen Wifi Throttling

I know that Shaw claims to not throttle but my experience would make it seem like they do. I have used the same ShawOpen connection for a year now and up until about a month ago it was great. Now when I first log on I have speeds of at least 30Mps bu... Read more

Threatening notification

Why do I get this threatening notification, 'Your account is overdue. To avoid disconnection of services, please make a payment immediately'every time I receive an ebill from Shaw? My balance is at $0 and my bill is not due for another 3 weeks. Shaw ... Read more

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