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Shaw passpoint

In IOS it is asking for username and password. Which username and password I have to enter. And there is no profile option to connect. Read more

Usage of ShawPasspoint for Android

I was wondering if there is any planned updates relating to the use of ShawPasspoint relating to support for Android as the article still points at support only for iOSAbout the ShawPasspoint SSID Based on the details of the article, it would appear ... Read more

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Shaw Go/Shaw Open not working

I'm using an iPhone 8 Plus, upgraded it to iOS 14 a few weeks ago.Surprised at how well everything worked.Today -- Shaw Go/Shaw Open (whatever it's called -- don't even know the difference as it is not made clear anywhere) is not working.On Lonsdale ... Read more

Constant packet loss for last couple of months

As of recent since I've resigned with shaw, I've had more of less constant packet loss for the last couple of months and there seems to be literally no pattern to when its happening. I've ran all the basic tests and ping plotter tests to multiple sit... Read more


ShawOpen - Dead Access Point

Just an FYI, the Shaw Open Access point located on the corner of Resort Drive & Rathtrevor Road in Parksville, BC is has been dead for about 5 days. It no longer broadcasts an SSID. Read more

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