18volt adapter

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Shaw gives me TV, Intermet and home phone.

I need info on a power supply that is plugged into one of  the coax outlets in my home.

The power supply has a sticker on it reading Do Not Remove.

It powers the tv/phone/internet system in my house in some way, though I am not sure exactly how or where it hooks up to.

It is currently in an unused room but I want to start using this room and want to put it into another unused room..

I have fear that if I move it to "the wrong" outlet I might fry my intermet modem, TV converter box or the telephone haf ampere of 18 volts supplied to the wrong part of the system might destroy something.

So.. can someone who KNOWS what it is and what it is powering tell me if it is safe to move to another coax oulet in my home, (maybe this particular outlet is special and not like the others).


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Re: 18volt adapter

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Drop amp power supply.

No, you can't move it because the drop-amp has a power-in port, making that cable outlet special.

If you know how the coax cables in your home are run, you could move the other room's cable line into the amp's power-in port.

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