2nd IP for IP Passthrough, after a move


I had a 2nd IP set up more than a year ago, so I could set up my network with a third-party router. I put the Hitron into IP Passthrough mode and everything worked well. Last week I moved, and today the technician came (while I wasn't home) and I got internet at my new address. It appears he reset the Hitron, and I had to reset up the IP Passthrough. However, now I don't get an internet connection with my third-party router. Is it possible that I need a new 2nd IP from Shaw after the move? If not, what else could be the issue? 

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Re: 2nd IP for IP Passthrough, after a move


Hi rambo1978 

There's a small chance that the second IP was removed - for example, if you got a new account number when you moved or if the account was transferred into our newer billing system, there's a chance the agent who booked it might have made an error and left it off. I'd recommend checking in with customer support just to make sure it's on there. 

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