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NOT Happy with SHAW TECH SUPPORT!!!!!!

ok people , My problem is very interesting one. Lets run down from beginning of issue.1. We start to have intermittent internet from december 28. Almost no internet whole day then 5 min some time some time 2 hours.2. Called shaw and reported it. Shaw... Read more

Intermittent Internet Signal Drops

I have an issue with my internet signal dropping for no apparent reason.This has been happening for at least a year now and I have contacted support, gone through all of the troubleshooting protocols, and had a tech come to my house. Nothing has fixe... Read more

Slow Internet Speeds even on ethernet.

I have the 1Gbps Shaw plan and speeds most of the time are at 70-90 Mbps (ethernet). I tried speaking with support but they just told me that it was due to the fact that I have 14 devices on my router but the majority of them are smart bulbs or plugs... Read more

Upgraded to the new modem xb7

Upgraded to the new modem xb7 and now my download wireless speed is down from over 500 on my desktop to 200, on my phone down fron 270 to 70, after being on chat for a bit I was told that the modem is receiving the speed I pay for which is 750 and th... Read more

Stop Shaw from changing DNS via Hitron

GreetsISSUE:On a weekly basis now, for last 3 - 4 weeks, the WAN changes and there is no Internet.LAN works in that each 'device' is visible in the Hitron GUI(Basic Settings > LAN Setup > Connected Devices > Show)TESTS I've Done:Unplug pwr adapter, w... Read more

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