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Why such long wait times for support

I've been on hold AGAIN for shaw support for hours. They always say "it's just very busy right now" But it's always like this so why don't you add more support since there is always a demand. My whole household is down and I can never get help. This ... Read more

no ignite app for PC, why?

its a little bit infuriating that i cannot configure my home internet from my home computer. why is there no windows/mac app or interface to do so? i do not use iphone/android, and i should not have to borrow a phone to setup a new wifi pod. Read more

Routing Issues In Valorant and League Of Legends

A couple of weeks ago, I've been having issues with ping on Valorant and League Of Legends. I get around 70-90ms on my default server (Illinois), but recently I've been routed to Oregon and get around 60-70ms. I've restarted my router, my computer, l... Read more

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