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NOT Happy with SHAW TECH SUPPORT!!!!!!

ok people , My problem is very interesting one. Lets run down from beginning of issue.1. We start to have intermittent internet from december 28. Almost no internet whole day then 5 min some time some time 2 hours.2. Called shaw and reported it. Shaw... Read more


High Latency Warzone

I play warzone and for the past few months I have noticed high latency. When I started playing a year ago I would consistently get between 40 - 60ms. but for the past while I get 80+ all the time. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this and how t... Read more

Outdoor wifi Extender

I am a Shaw customer with Bluecurve service and very fast Internet. I have an extender for the inside of my apartment but now I’m trying to find some way of extending to the outside and connecting wirelessly to a security camera. Any suggestions grea... Read more

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