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Topics with Label: Modems & WiFi

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BlueCurve Modem Pass-through IP

I had my second IP set up as a Pass-through IP on my old Hitron Modem. I just got the new BlueCurve modem and can't figure out how to do the same thing on it. It only has 2 ethernet ports and it appears that I have 2 IP addresses under Connections/Sh... Read more

Shaw's Technicolor modem: avoid if at all possible

There really needs to be a recall and mass replacement of this modem. This is the second replacement Technicolor modem and the issue remains where it randomly disconnects from the internet but remains available thru disconnect remains fo... Read more

Mesh vs BlueCurve router

I’ve recently moved to BlueCurve (from a previous provider) but also have an eero mesh network, which I’ve put into bridge mode. The eero is a great system and I want to keep the mesh for house coverage but have two questions:- from a download perfor... Read more

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