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How to solve this question??

Hello everyone,I currently have the BlueCurve 600 with the wireless TV boxes. I am looking to use my own router but according to Shaw, I cannot bridge the modem and therefore I cannot use my own router. Anybody knows what I can do? I have searched an... Read more

Shaw blue curve modem always disconnecting

Hey our modem has been disconnecting randomly almost every day since we have been hooked up here.We keep having techs come over just to say they don't know what the problem is, they guess that the neighborhood has a bad connection / cabling as it's a... Read more

Port forwarding not working?

Just a few weeks ago before the port forwarding page was moved from the blucurve admin page to the shaw webpage (Why?) ports 80 and 443 worked just fine, however the switch seemed to have kept port 80 intact but not 443.I tried to remove and add 443 ... Read more

XB6 bridge mode stop working

HelloI've been using Linksys Velop as the router with XB6 in the bridge mode for over a year without any issue.Suddenly few days ago the set up stopped working.I tried usual suspects such as rebooting the mode and router multiple times.The router is ... Read more

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