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Topics with Label: Modems & WiFi

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Can't open some Chinese websites

I can't open some Chinese websites, such as:;; etc...I tried to restore to manufacture of the router but still not working.What should I do? I need these websites very often and I have to use VPN to open these websites rig... Read more

Shaw blue curve modem always disconnecting

Hey our modem has been disconnecting randomly almost every day since we have been hooked up here.We keep having techs come over just to say they don't know what the problem is, they guess that the neighborhood has a bad connection / cabling as it's a... Read more

blue curve wifi issues

I have the shaw blue curve set up for my TV so that the signal is sent via wifi to a small box that connects to the tv. I have 2 TV's with one being about 15' away and in direct line of sight. I lose connection from the modem to the tv box at least 4... Read more

BlueCurve Pods Ethernet Port

Questions regarding BlueCurve Pods. In the Pods spec sheets on Shaw’s website, it shows pods equipped with Ethernet port. Is this Ethernet port backhaul to router enabled ( using Ethernet cable to communicate rather than wifi ) Read more

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