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Port Forwarding

When I go to my Gateway controls ( Advanced Setting > Port Forwarding I'm told I have to go to the Shaw app to control my Port Forwarding. I go to the app .............. no Advanced settings no Port ForwardingSo where can I set up Port Forwa... Read more

XB7 Intermittent Slow to Wake Up

The annoyances I have with my XB7Random loss of WiFi for short periods late at night (to PS4 Pro - AppleTV+, Prime, etc)When I wake up my computer it seems like the internet ethernet connection has gone to sleep and websites show as "server not found... Read more

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Bill explanations

My last bill I saw was $16+ which is due on sept 16. Today I received another bill $77.28 how is this calculated. Please explain. Read more

Why do they keep over charging me

So My August Internet payment was 1 day late as I got a new debit card. I changed it right away but Shaw already charged me DOUBLE for my internet bill for being 1 day late even though as per their policy they can only charge me 2% interest until I p... Read more

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