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BlueCurve download speed issues

I recently got BlueCurve 300, and I’ve been happy with it all except for one thing. I have good consistent speeds around 300, but when I want to download a bigger file or game, the download speed slows down immensely to around 150. If I do a speed te... Read more


Transferring Internet connections to new computers

An easy question, I hope. We have Shaw tv, phone, & Internet.Our 2 existing desktop computers are hard-wired in separate rooms of our apt. 2nd computer is hard-wired via long extension cord (home network/LAN) . For Shaw Internet we have a Motorola SB... Read more


Connecting to friend on playstation

My Friend and I both have the same Shaw modem/router and are not able to connect online through Playstation 4 network. It's Very Peculiar because we only have problems trying to connect with each other. Can anyone help us? Read more

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Xb6 modem issue?

Recently, i've been noticing packet loss issues. Upon using winmtr, i've noticed 40% loss indicating from my Shaw modem.I've already restored to factory defaultusing Ethernet. Tested with different cableSoftware Image Name:CGM4140COM_3.6p8s2_PROD_sey... Read more

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