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Low Upload Speeds??

So currently Shaw has low upload speeds. You have to dig to even find out what you are going to be getting for an upload speed with your account. Even with Shaw 600 you will only get an upload of "up to" 20MB Read more

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Dedicated 2 separate Wi-Fi connections with Bluecurve

When we first had the Bluecurve gateway installed two years ago, the technician set our household up to have two dedicated Wi-Fi lines; a 2.4 GHz and 5G one. He told us he was doing that so that we could specifically pick one of the two lines dependi... Read more

Fibre 300 internet is slow

I subscribed for Fibre 300 about a month ago and I was getting 150 Mbps initially for 2 weeks, then after it's 20, 30 & 40Mbps the most. I was on Shaw chat the last week or so, spending hours with changing agents. Yesterday (mdk) replied me to call i... Read more

Service absence, failure to provide

Shaw has been cutting down service technicians due to covid. At the same time I've been waiting for the drop to the house for 3 weeks because they keep cancelling the service calls automatically. They seem to have no problem billing me for services t... Read more

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