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My XB6 event log shows these 2 entries below every single day at the same time.

Modem is in bridged mode.

DHCP client on XB6 cannot be disabled.

ti_dhcp6c[9565]: 72001011-DHCPv6 - Missing Required Option 822019/4/18 02:42:42Critical
ti_dhcp6c[9565]: 72001011-DHCPv6 - Missing Required Option 242019/4/18 02:42:42Critical

As per https://www.iana.org/assignments/bootp-dhcp-parameters/bootp-dhcp-parameters.xml

Option 24 should be MTU timeout.

Option 82 should be relay agent information.

Now initially I thought the modem was not using IPv6, but on closer inspection I realized both V6 and V4 are enabled and there is no way to turn V6 off.

I don't know why Shaw decided to force V6 on, but obviously they did with some update recently. I don't believe it was enabled last time I checked.

Since I do not use V6, I am pretty sure these 2 errors will pop up because I am not using V6,

Please fix the issue or even better allow V6 to be toggled off.

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Hey vanadiel,

Thank you for the details and feedback. I will pass this along to our product engineers to review.


Tony | Community Mod.

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