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I’ve just had a long and frustrating discussion with Shaw Customer Support.

From within my account, I submitted an order online for an internet and TV value bundle priced at $170/month for 2 years, with $100 off my bill. I read the agreement carefully before submitting it and no other criteria were specified. The order got accepted and sent for processing. About 30 mins later, I got a message saying Shaw could not provide the pricing offered and to speak to an agent.

Eventually got connected with someone who told me it would be $155/month based on my location, but I would need to speak to another team. I got transferred to another team member who quoted me $195/month - she could not change the pricing in her system to match the original offer. Furthermore, she said I would get different pricing depending on whether I order online, in-store, or by phone as each method has different offers. (Seriously?!). 

So, if I order online it gets cancelled because the pricing is too low and I have to go to a store or order by phone and then pay more?I’ve been with Shaw for many years - seriously thinking about switching, as I can get a better package elsewhere for less money.

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That price was probably for new customers, and you mentio...

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@NadiaMarchant  That price was probably for new customers, and you mentioned you already have an account, so you wouldn’t qualify. 

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