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Looking to get Shaw internet at rental I just moved in. First time this home has been rented (old folks in their 80's lived in the place and did not have internet and used DSL for TV). looks like they have not had cable in a very long time. I found some ancient cable in one of the rooms (maybe old RG58 cable). and not where the main modem should go

Do I need a technician to install new cable run? Best way to arrange? (by phone) any added charges?

I'm in BC, the lower mainland

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Hi jreg 

Your best bet would be to check in with customer service to book an installation. They can check the address to see if it's serviceable and if there is any additional information, such as the last time the address had service. There is a charge of $49.95 each if you need brand new outlets installed, but if there are existing outlets, the tech would probably just have to activate them for you (no charge for that).

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