Want to watch your favourite TV series? Shaw TV subscribers can now sign up for Crave, and access it's content through Crave.ca, the Crave mobile app, On Demand, and the Ignite TV App (Formerly known as BlueCurve TV).

Crave includes popular content such as the Showtime Collection and shows like The Affair, Ray Donovan and Penny Dreadful. Enjoy HBO classics like True Blood, Entourage, and Sex and the City. Crave Comedy? Laugh with the best sitcoms in TV history such as Seinfeld, Cheers, and The Big Bang Theory. Discover or catch up on past seasons of today’s top shows like The White Lotus, The Flight Attendant, and Orphan Black. Plus, Crave has breakthrough exclusive series including the critically acclaimed series Manhattan and Bosch.

How to get Crave

Shaw TV subscribers can sign up for Crave by contacting us, or can choose to subscribe using Shaw.ca and My Shaw. Once subscribed to Crave it will appear directly on your Shaw bill alongside your other services.

Crave content can be accessed through Crave.ca, the Crave mobile app, On Demand, and also the Ignite TV App. Crave is also available on Ignite TV with voice or remote keypad search ("unified search"), and you can stream Crave content directly to your TV through Chromecast and Apple TV.



Download the Crave App

Follow the instructions using the resources below to download the Crave App. 

Download Links:

Crave Mobile App Supported Devices

  • iPhone iOS 7.1 or higher
  • iPad iOS 7.1 or higher
  • Android 4.0 or higher


How to sign into the Crave App

Crave is free to download however, you will need to be subscribed to a Shaw TV plan in order to add Crave to your account. Once you've downloaded the app you can select the menu button from the home page of the app, then choose Sign In. From here, Shaw customers can select the available Through My TV Provider option and tap Shaw Go.

Shaw cable customers can use their Shaw ID and password to sign in.

Crave Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Crave TV with our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Crave?

Crave is an on-demand video streaming service that's all about great television. Crave brings you thousands of hours of TV programming you'll love including HBO classic series, hits from Showtime, the best sitcoms in TV history, today's top shows and Canadian exclusive original series.

How do I subscribe to Crave?

You can subscribe to Crave by contacting us or by visiting Shaw.ca.

How will I be billed for Crave?

Shaw subscribers will see the Crave subscription fee included on their regular TV invoice.

Are there any commercials on Crave?

No. Crave is completely commercial-free.

More frequently asked questions are available at Crave - Help and Frequently Asked Questions

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