Effective December 4, 2019, Shaw customers will no longer be able to access any video programming using this TV box. Visit About: Legacy TV box upgrade program for details.

This article will guide you through the features and tech specs of the Pace Tahoe TV box. The Pace Tahoe is a high definition TV box with PVR functionality, capable of viewing HD channels and accessing Video On Demand.


Pace Tahoe

To view content in HD: Connect an HDMI cable between your TV and TV box for HD picture and audio (HDMI carries both picture and audio). Alternatively, you can connect a component (red, green, blue) cable for video, and an RCA (red, white) cable for audio.

If you don’t have an HD TV: You can use a coaxial, RCA/composite or S-Video cable to connect this TV box to a standard definition TV.

Pace Tahoe
HD Yes
Hard Drive Capacity 160 GB
Recording Hours (SD/HD) ~ 95/20
Tuners 2
Video Output Coaxial, Composite, Component, S-Video, HDMI
Audio Output RCA, Coaxial and Optical SPDIF
Dolby 5.1 Yes
eSATA Port (for Expander) Yes
AV Format MPEG2
3D Capable Yes supports 3D content in:
  • MPEG2 format up to 1080i resolution
Dimensions (W x D x H) 44.0cm (17.0in) x 38.0cm (15.0in) x 8.0cm (3.0in)
Serial Number Prefix PATJ
IR Tether Yes
Wiring Diagrams N/A

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