My sister has the granfathered TV package yet I don't:(


My sister has Shaw cable/internet & has been a customer for years so she gets the grandfathered package which includes Sportsnet Pacific TSN (not all of the regional Sportsnet & TSN channels just the basic ones) also she gets KSTW & Vision TV plus CBC News Network & more, I was with Shaw about 5 years ago, then decided to try Telus for a year, now for a few months back with Shaw, yet when I came back to Shaw was not offered the grandfathered pack I had before & what my sister still has, I know it's only TV, but really it's not fair that some people get the keep & have the grandfathered pack yet people like me don't (& really I shouldn't have to pay $15 each for the TSN & Sportsnet theme packs when people like my sister get them included with their TV channels) Like I say it's only TV we are talking about, there's other stuff worse in the world, but with people like me who don't have much opportunities to can't out, it does make a difference & yes I could of stayed with Telus but was with Shaw those years years before

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Re: My sister has the granfathered TV package yet I don't:(


Those channels are available in the "Shaw Personal TV" plan, no?

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