Programming Gateway remote for unsupported audio device


I'm testing a Gateway remote with my audio system: pairing the remote and controlling the volume. In the process, I discovered that my audio system is either unsupported or it uses a remote code that is not known by my current version of the Gateway remote.

  1. Is there a 5-digit code for Onkyo CR-325 mini audio system that works with the URC-2054 remote? I couldn't find one.
    I tried the codes in the manual (31805, 31320, 30135) and went through the codes in the internal library of the remote. No success.
  2. I went online at for answers. There is a CodeFinder where you can select the brand (Onkyo) and model (CR-325). I found the recommended code as being 32451. Programming the code ends in error on my remote (a long blink of the power LED, indicating "unrecognized code"). So, my remote is either older or a slightly different sub-model. In the battery compartment, I found: URC 2054BC2-0001-0865-R followed by a serial number.
    Is anyone aware of the existence of multiple models for this remote that may contain additional device codes? (like the ones suggested by the URC support page)
  3. In the past, with some Motorola boxes, Shaw used the Atlas remote. This remote came in several models. An old one that I have the learning mode allows one to program the remote using the device's remote as a reference. I did this once years ago and I'm still using that remote with a Motorola DCX3400 cable box. Is there a remote with a similar feature that works with Arris (Shaw Gateway PVR) box?
  4. Assuming the volume control from my Onkyo mini system cannot be controlled by the Gateway remote, I would expect that the Shaw Gateway PVR box has an option of controlling the audio signal volume through the remote directly. The Motorola boxes have this feature (even if not explicitly mentioned in the regular manuals).
    Did anyone find that they can control the audio signal level inside the Shaw Gateway PVR box using the remote?
  5. Is there another universal remote that I can use with the Shaw Gateway PVR box (including Atlas remote)? I.e. codes that I can use on specific universal remotes (please provide examples if you know some).
  6. Are there any other ideas on using a single remote for Shaw Gateway PVR box, TV, and an unsupported audio system (like the one I have)?

I appreciate any help or ideas you can provide here.

Thank you,


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