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TV blacks out

My TV blacks out every so often when I am watching a cable channel. It doesn't do it when I am watching Netflix or other internet applications. I replaced the HDMI cable between my Shaw cable box and the TV but it is still happening. When it happens ... Read more

recordings settings were deleted

cable receiver was completely not working so unplugged and it rebooted, but all series recordings were then turned off. In PVR settings they were still set as a 'record this program' but no record symbol appeared in guide. Reset ( by deleting series ... Read more

Blue curve recordings skipping

For the last week I have had nothing but issues with my recordings. Currently they are skipping and cutting out portions of the show. So frustrating. I have had to reset the box so many times! Telus keeps calling and I am at the point of choosing to ... Read more

Stop recordings in French

How do I stop recording the French versions of shows? For example I record all “Liam Neeson” as well as other Artists and it records all the French movies or shows they appear in.Thanks Read more

Blue curve Xi6 picture quality vs. Gateway

Switched to BCurve from Gateway, and though I like the feature set of the wireless 4k boxes, the picture quality is NOT the same at all. I am not getting pixellation or other issues reported here, system is working fine, and internet signal strength ... Read more

flashing icon

i have a motorola dcx3400. any idea what this flashing lightning bolt icon is? it only shows when it's turned on. we had called shaw a few days ago with an issue and they reset it, got it working. but since then there is this flashing. Read more


Hard to keep up with the changes

Last year I invested in a few Chrome dongles. casting Shaw BlueCurve TV work very well. Now I see Amazon fire makes a dongle with 4K TV and there is a Blue Curve app available to be downloaded direct to the player. Grrr why these companies create the... Read more

Shaw shuts Down it's Customer Loyalty Department

Well, after 30 minutes yesterday trying to contact anyone at Shaw concerning my expiring Customer loyalty promo on my Internet 300, I was informed that Shaw has Shut down it's Customer Loyalty Department! All options presented to me, by 3 different p... Read more

Blue Curve Pause Live TV

We have been a long time shaw customer and have recently upgraded to the blue curve system.We have notice that when pausing live TV we seem to be only able to hold 30 minutes, backwards from current clock time. The previous systems allowed a pause fo... Read more

Shaw / Rogers Merger Approved news. Seems the competition lines are being redrawn between Telcos and Cablecos. Here hoping for some exciting things down the road. Read more


Poor audio quality on Stingray

Seems to me the audio quality on Stingray is very poor. Not up to the quality on regular broadcast channels. Any way to fix, or is it just the way it is? Read more

How to Contact Shaw via Email ?

I would like to send Shaw Support a long email about my recent service experience (just joined the HD world on Shaw after being a customer since 1987). No, "chat" won't do, and really can't sit and wait to talk on the phone (I realize the COVID Thing... Read more

BlueCurve TV - image flickers at startup

We have Shaw BlueCurve in our house. On one of the TV's, the image flickers for the first couple of minutes and then works fine. I think the problem is getting worse as it used to "go away" when we went to guide or changed channels or turned it off/o... Read more

Series recordings disappeared

I had to unplug my cable box and tv to move all the equipment. Now the Series tab under Recordings is blank. All the series I've set to record no longer display. It's been 24 hours and they still haven't reappeared. Is there a way to get them back? I... Read more

Shaw Gateway HDPVR retirement - Manitoba

So was just reading up on the retirement of certain hardware (eg Gateway HDPVR) in the link below and wondering if there is a tentative schedule for Manitoba? Read more

Scheduled Series Recordings List Disappeared

My list of scheduled series recordings disappeared suddenly on Monday and they have still not reappeared after I tried waiting a day and then booting the following day. Is there anyway to get the list back without having to re-enter each one again? T... Read more

Problem with the recent Gateway upgrade ?

Last Thursday morning (10 Mar 2022) I noticed a change in the "My PVR Recordings" menu structure.There is an added bar on the top right of each recorded program indicating the amount the recording has been watched. Also, when sorted by "Date" each pr... Read more

Audio sync

I’ve recently signed up for shaw blue curve and have noticed major audio lag. The audio doesn’t match up with the video and makes it hard to watch. I’m not using any other speaker source, just the tv sound, and it’s happening with live tv as well as ... Read more

30-Second Skip (BlueCurve)

Skipping forward 30 seconds and back 15 seconds using the BlueCurve remote (pg up / pg dn) no longer works.It cannot be restored using the sequence exit-exit-exit 0030 . Read more

Gateway XG1-A set top box & audio

Does audio out from the optical digital port work. Can it work in addition to the primary hdmi connection to the tv.If the optical port on my set top box doesn’t work, are other boxes that do both outputs? Read more

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Regarding My Shaw app

I recently got a Motorola Moto E & tried to download the app, but apparently when look for it it says it's "your device isn't compatible with this version" ...also the same with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet.,..does anyone else have this issue? (Previousl... Read more

Blue Curve and Harmony Remotes

How can I use my universal remotes to control the Blue Curve PVR? I can't change channels or operate the DVD etc. with the remote supplied by Shaw. Since I have difficulties using multiple remotes, a universal remote is critical. I have 2 different H... Read more

5.1 Audio on you tube app

I noticed this morning that the YouTube app does not broadcast 5.1. Every other app and channel is fine. YouTube on my laptop through the same sound system is 5.1 or better. I am using the wired 4K blue curve box with HDMI from the box to my avr. I h... Read more

BlueCurve Remote not pairing with TV/AVR

Hi there,Just today, I received a new BlueCurve wireless TV box to replace the wired one I was using, and while the whole set up was quick and painless, I'm having some difficulty pairing the new remote with my TV/AV Receiver. It seems to be stuck in... Read more



My remote would not pair to my RCA TV I found that the brand called Curtis worked after 7 or 8 try’s of doesn’t work if finally paired everything works except the on off button anyone else have this problem? If so did you find a fix? Read more

Gateway recording

For the last couple weeks after an update I've been having an issue when setting up recordings. When I schedule a recording a message pops up saying that not enough room is available even though hard drive has loads of space available. Anyone else ha... Read more

Programming issues with my remote

I bought a new LG OLED TV and JBL sound bar system, when I went to program the TV on the remote I had no issues but as soon as I added the sound bar to the remote the TV was no longer programmed to it. Both worked fine when I programmed it but again ... Read more

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espial TV

Tonight I rebooted my Gateway system ( it helps when the remote functions start acting sluggish ) and I noticed something weird. Instead of the usual Avent ( or whatever it was called ) logo that appears during the reboot process I saw this logo on m... Read more

Fast forwarding on PVR is broken/feature

In the past few months, I've noticed something new which happens when fast-forwarding through recorded shows. The way it used to happen was wonderful, you would see your show start and hit play. It would generally skip back 5-10 seconds so you didn't... Read more

service interuptions

When we bought this house 4 years ago i had the cable hooked up for tv and internet. We were told by the install tech that we had a "temporary" line that he would report so that it could be replaced. I'm pretty sure that didnt happen because frequent... Read more

seniors - simple remote control

I was looking for a simple remote for Seniors with cognitive difficulties. The "Delta Senior" looks promising but apparently is being discontinued? Are there other options for a simple remote control for use by seniors? The senior having problems has... Read more

Recording 'Last Channel'??

Recently 'upgraded' to BlueCurve.With the old system if I wanted to switch between two channels I could 'rewind' on the second channel as it was recorded while I watched on the other.There does not seem to be a similar alternative with the new system... Read more

Xi6 status light

Despite multiple resets the status light on one of my Xi6 boxes goes back to off and can not be turned on. Read more

Returning old equipment

We have an old Gateway PVR (refurb) and one portal, both rented at $0 on our Shaw bill, that we we are done with.Checking the current situation on Shaw's site, looks like it's still mail back for equipment, no in-store returns since the start of the ... Read more

PVR Remote Control

Hi Shaw, A few buttons on my PVR Remote Control are not working. Could I please order a new one? The model no. of my existing remote control is 2025B2-B1. My PVR model no. is DCX3510-M. Thank you. Stella Edited by Mod Read more


XG1v4 Guide Shows No Current Channel

We just upgraded to a Shaw BlueCurve 4K TV Player (XG1v4) which is really nice.With our old Motorola DCX3300, we used to be able to press the "Guide" button on our old remote and see the current channel we were watching up in the top right corner of ... Read more

No access to control TV box

There is no access to TV box from Remote control or buttons on TV box. I restart couple times and: got dUL at box display, and than one dot blinking couple minutes, than E 1:26, than 88:88, and dot blinking again .... Read more

What am I paying for !!?!

We had a tech come to the house to have a look at our cable lines to the exterior pole and in the process he unnecessarily did a modem “swap” … I asked him to “swap” back and now we have had no service whatsoever (neither cable nor internet) since Ja... Read more

Blue curve tv and slingplayer

We presently utilize Slingbox/slingplayer to access our tv channels and PVR.we need to replace Slingbox soon and hope that Blue Curve will be our solution.can we run both at the same time to ensure we are not without service in case Blue Curve doesn’... Read more


2019 TV. Shaw Remote not working

This is just curiosity. I purchased a brand new (2019) version tv. Specifically TCL 43S425I tried basically every code with the Shaw remote (Champ?). Unfortunately none of them work. I am just wondering if there will be a code update anytime soon. I ... Read more

XI6 program recording with app

Can't find this on Shaw Support site so I am sure someone here knows. I have the old Arris Gateway and two portals. They are acting up so I want to replace them. One feature I use often is the Gateway app that allows me to manage recording shows. For... Read more

A question about Shaw Gateway HDPVR

I have the Motorola PVR cable box and am switching to the Shaw Gateway HDPVR as I feel the Motorola has a effy picture quality....I'm not a fan of the Bluecurve cable boxes as I prefer the layout of the traditional cable boxes myself....just a person... Read more


TV Remotes

I have BlueSky + Netflix. Why does the batteries on my TV remote get used up so quickly? On previous remotes the batteries would last quite a long time. Read more

Can't fast forward a recorded show

Watching a recorded show tonight (BlueCurve cloud recording) - tried to fast forward through commercials as usual, and got an error message that fast forwarding is not allowed. Is this a new thing? (Hope not) Or is it maybe channel specific? It was t... Read more

Strange VOD/PPV charges on my latest Shaw bill

Today, when I received my latest Shaw bill, the bill showed 4 billable items for VOD/PPV programs (2 times $4.99, 2 times $11.99, before taxes) on the same day (January 15, 2020). Curiously, through My Shaw, when I viewed all my transactions for Janu... Read more

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What is the Wireless 4K TV Player

Telus is installing its fibre network in my neighbourhood and perhaps that is why I keep getting emails from Shaw offering "exclusive" deals. One of these deals, the Fibre +GIG + Total TV includes 2 wireless 4K TV players. What are these? Is this pla... Read more

IR Blaster to control Shaw gateway box

I just bought a new Sony TV XBR800g and hooked it up to my Arris Gateway box and reprogrammed the Shaw remote and everything works great. My problem is that I want to put the Shaw box in a cabinet below the TV which has a door on it. The remote won't... Read more

Bluesky handshake issues

I'm experiencing an increasingly difficult situation where Bluesky will not handshake with my Denon AVR. When I first got bluesky, it was an intermittent issue, which was resolved by unplugging the PVR box and plugging back in. Last night the same is... Read more

Xi6 Issues

I have recently replaced my 1st gen bluesky TV box and portals with 4 Xi6 portals, I have had nothing but issues since installing, it's pathetic. Full disclosure, I run my modem in bridged mode with an Asus GT-AX-11000 and 2 AC86's. My internet basic... Read more

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XG1V4 with Xi6

Back when blue curve first came there was stock issues with available equipment. Tech had me running on a combination of XG1v4 boxes and Xi6 wireless boxes. Everything worked fine, the odd issue with accessing cloud PVR items but no big deal. When my... Read more

Is 4K 120hz support on blue curve?

Hi, I am using a new wireless blue curve box hooked up to a LG C1 and bought an hdmi 2.1 cable but don’t see any option for 4K at 120hz only 60hz. Is 120hz supported on the blue curve? Or is there a way to get 120hz to work?thank you Read more

Arris Gateway Cable Box Freezing

This past September, Shaw replaced our 1st generation Gateway TV box as it was unable to accept code updates. We chose to replace it with a 2nd generation Arris as we could continue to use our Shaw Extender (reformatted of course) for recordings.In t... Read more


HDMI cable 2.1 for blue curve tv

Hi,I recently upgraded to Shaw Blue Curve TV Player | Wireless 4K (Xi6) an was wondering if I should up grade my HDMI cable to version2.1? I am currently using my old HDMI cable (years old) which works but wondering if buying a new HDMI 2.1 cable wou... Read more

Replacement Remote Control

Hello,My shaw remote control is giving me problems, batteries are new but some of the buttons do not work. Do I need to buy a replacement from shaw? Or will shaw exchange it?Thanks. Read more

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Comparison of blue curve hardware

Hi,Has anyone done a comparison to see what is the best blue curve hardware to use.I currently upgraded from an old gateway system to the Blue Curve TV Player | Wireless 4K (Xi6) FAQ) but wondering if the Blue Curve TV Player | 4K (XG1v4) would have ... Read more

espial TV???

Today I turned on my TV, to find that the regular Shaw guide doesn’t come up. Instead Espial TV is stuck on the screen and my remote doesn’t do anything? How do I get my regular TV back and get rid of this? Read more

Looking to upgrade to wireless 4K TV Boxes

I'm currently running Gen 1 bluesky tv hardware and the bluecurve gateway modem, 1gbps. I'm looking to upgrade my set top TV boxes to 4K. Shaw states that the 4K will not work when the gateway modem is in bridged mode, this is the way I am currently ... Read more

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How do I use the search function in Crave or HBO?

Apologies in advance if this is a simple question but I can't figure out how to search for a specific word or title in Crave or Crave + HBO. Is there something I'm missing? The only options are to sort alphabetically or by most popular.Thanks Read more

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PVR recordings

Ever since an online reboot was done on our system, our PVR recordings have gone from bad to worse. Picture freezes, and jumps forward so we miss parts of the program,. Every channel recorded plays back the same way. What do we need to do to fix this... Read more

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Remote Control Functionality

I fast-forward through commercials. When I see the next scenes from the show, I press Play. Rather than stopping at that point - the sensical result from pressing Play - it typically goes to a point between one and three minutes earlier. Not stopping... Read more

Moving to BlueCurve TV from regulat Gateway

Hi Everyone:I have had the XG1-A Gateway for at least 4 years with 2 additional Arris units. I am not sure what I am continuing to pay for. I get a rebate on the Gateway($15 a month), but pay $10 a month($5 each) for the Arris units. The remotes on a... Read more

TV stopped working

My mother in law lives in a senior complex on 44 st and 117 ave and her TV stopped working this afternoon. Is there any outages in that area right now? Read more

New DCX-3510-M Fails to ALERT of CONFLICTS

Recently our two older PVR (DCX-3400-M) Boxes were replaced with DCX-3510-M Boxes because the older boxes stopped functioning properly - apparently due to Shaw phasing out older equipment.The DCX-3510-M Boxes appear to have a CRITICAL OMISSION which ... Read more

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SHAW's New Policy on Repairing Cable Boxes

Basically their new policy is this - they no longer repair any cable boxes at all. About a month ago I posted a thread about SHAW now charging for replacement Gateway remotes: Read more

Cable for legal suite

We currently have cable in our legal suite that is connected to the main house account , can I switch it so that the new Tennant needs their own cable account to access ? Read more


I do not like the PVR provided with BlueCurve. It has no clock and it does not indicate (red light) when something is being recorded. It is very inferior to the early PVR. Read more

Coax Cable Splitter: Cable vs. Satellite

Trying to get some clarity. I just recently upgrade to a HDPVR and did not know that it requires TWO Coax Cables while our Satellite only has one coming into the house. I spoke with my brother and he has a splitter into his PVR but he is on cable. Is... Read more

DCX3510-M HD PVR Reboots Multiple Times Each Day

I have a Motorola HD PVR (model DCX3510-M) that I received from Shaw in 2013. About one week ago it began rebooting multiple times a day. On a few occasions it has displayed the message "Rebooting STB. Please wait..." but in most instances it will si... Read more

Gateway recordings skipping more and more

Recordings started to skip a few seconds a while back. Now it is slowly getting worse and worse. It's at the point that many of our recordings are unwatchable. We missed a touchdown and the point after in a football game!I'd hate to do it as we'd los... Read more

How Does Upgrading to 4K Boxes Work Exactly?

Now that some 4K channels exist how does upgrading to a 4K box work exactly?Are you supposed to pay extra or can you exchange current cable boxes for the 4K version for the same current monthly subscription?I contacted support and they were so confus... Read more

Garbled Audio

I am getting a lot of "garbled" audio on some of the channels for the past few days. My cable box is a DCX3500-M. I have noticed this particularly on the US time shift channels such as the Detroit CBS channel on channel 86 and on CNN on channel 17. I... Read more

Voice command doesn’t work with a/v receiver

Just upgraded from Shaw gateway to Shaw blue curve tv and I have a weird problem. If I feed the HDMI signal from the set top box to my a/v amp, then it doesn’t recognize any voice commands. If I bypass the amp & plug the set top box directly into the... Read more


I just got an ARRIS DCX3510-M DVR and it's working fine. Previously I had an older PVR on which after I watched a recorded TV show and then deleted it, I always accessed HISTORY afterwards for further deletion.I can't find HISTORY on my ARRIS. Does a... Read more


HUNT Displaying On My PVR Screen

Hi, after attempting to get rid of the HUNT display on my PVR screen for the past couple years, I need help please. I'd like to have a Shaw technician come over to check my outside signal. Would it be possible for someone at Shaw to send me an email ... Read more


HUNT Continues to Display on My PVR Screen

This has been happening on and off for the past couple years. Just when I think it's been rectified, it hasn't. For the past couple weeks HUNT has been displaying on my PVR Screen nearly constantly. I've often tried all the tips suggested to me from ... Read more

Poor wireless coverage =no tv service

How am I responsible to ensure Shaw network coverage in my home? I have a full wireless network but that cannot be used for TV adapter support . it has never worked. Installer said I could use my network. support team says no I can't. why do I have d... Read more

Channel logos in guide on 4K PVR

I’m having a problem with my 4K PVR. Channel logos in the guide aren’t loading properly. As you scroll in the guide it will show the logo for the wrong channel on the left. Sometimes if you leave it a minute it’ll load correctly. Or if you page up an... Read more

Shaw TV

Sunday, September 12, 2021 the cable box is rebooting more often than usual and everything is operating as though it were mired in molasses. Push a button for a channel and it takes up to 20 seconds for it to appear on the screen. Try to push channel... Read more


For the last couple of weeks, the Hollywood Suite channels are pixelated and quite unwatchable. We have tried resetting the PVR, disconnected the coaxial cable, to no avail. We live on Vancouver Island in Port Alberni. Is anyone having the same issue... Read more

PVR Recording Fails

My Shaw PVR (ARRIS DCX3510-X) recordings are repeatedly failing. I get a weird error message (see attached) - since it's off to the side of the screen I have no idea what's going on. Would appreciate some assistance. Thanks. Read more

Regarding error code on my BluecurvevTV player

Trying to activate it talked to technical team & having a technician coming over to look at it this's weird on the screen it says "This device needs to be activated before we can continue" & do look online about the error code which is ... Read more

Bluecurve Wifi Boxes

How is it fair that only certain people can get access to these new wifi boxes but I cannot...I live in Chilliwack so I know we will be last on the timeline to get these....reps say its not available in my area yet its just a box that needs to be plu... Read more

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Listening to channels with TV off

At some point an update has removed the ability to keep the gateway (along with av receiver) on with sound after TV is turned off.It would be great to have back the ability to listen to music channels without the need for the TV to be constantly on.I... Read more

Shaw TV service declining

I have been a Shaw customer since 1989 and in the last year and 1/2 I have seen their service decline. I have had to deal with various problems numerous times. Because my Main tV box is noisy and makes noise similar to an older hard drive searching a... Read more

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Shaw cable tv

When I switch to watch Netflix everything is fine but I have lost the shaw icon on the bottom of the screen to switch back to tv. In search I type in shaw or shaw cable and I get nothing. I have to disconnect the tv box and from the tv to reset. Do I... Read more

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TV box DCT 6416

Taken out of device. No notifications. Very upset just told must speak to customer service for another box. Must wait till Monday. How can you do that without letting us know. Customer of Shaw for 17 years. Will look at alternatives.Errol Read more

Motorola DCX3400

Why does my Motorola DCX3400 keep canceling scheduled recordings and is there something that can be done to fix the issue? Read more

dcx3510 not showing correct channels

Had to replace old box in the basement with this unit. It shows the wrong time (EST) and the wrong temperature outside. It does not show the channels I subscribe to and can get upstairs on my gateway. Its pretty much useless to me the way it is. You ... Read more


Wiring for multiple receivers

I currently have one 630 receiver and the oval dish with dual LNBs. However, I would like to get one more receiver, and at the same time wire a total of 3 additional rooms for future receivers. I see Shaw suggests the DTV4x8 multiswitch for multiple ... Read more

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Shaw gateway XG1-A and LG smart remote

Just bought my 80 year old mother a 55" Nanocell LG TV.She has an XG1-A Shaw gateway HDPVR that she would like to control with the LG Magic Remote - it seems that accessing and managing PVRed material is the most difficult. I unplugged from Shaw TV y... Read more

Sound interruption

I have just connected my modem and cable boxes and I am finding that the sound will cut out on all channels when using my sound bar. We tried just using the TV sound and it does not cut out. Could this be interference between the modem and the sound ... Read more


Three blinking dots

Every time we go to change the channel in the last couple of weeks, three blinking dots show up instead of the picture. There's audio, but no picture until the channel is re-inputted. I've tried resetting the box, refreshing the system and unplugging... Read more

unable to get service

I have always found Shaw customer service helpful , but yesterday I was on the phone twice and live chat once for a total of three hours.The two phone employees knew very little about gateway boxes and their solution was to unplug and reboot..for two... Read more

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DCX3400-M displays "hunt"

Hi, about 3 weeks ago all my 3 STB's DCX3400-M started to display "hunt" at times on the channel display, also there seems to be some issues with the Guide as some listings show "To be Announced" Does any one have any ideas as to whats going on?Thank... Read more

Weak or no signal

When I turn on the TV I get a message of Weak or No Signal. I have switched out the HDMI cable, unplugged the co-ax cable and unplugged the power, but still get this message. Read more

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Cable Box is Running Hot

Is that an issue? Is there any fire danger or will it just result in some electric burnout? Its very warm to the touch even when it hasn't been in use for several hours. Read more


Does Shaw still have PVRs? The Motorola I have is 6.5 years old and can only record 2 channels and you have to watch one that's being recorded. All the PVRs, they had, seem to have been phased out. I'm a pensioner and can't afford blue curve. What ar... Read more

Recording multiple TSN channels

Is anyone having trouble recording multiple TSN channels at same time re the Australian Open? One channel will record fine, but the next one will record for only one hour and the third one, not at all. If we set up series on one channel and it shows ... Read more

No video when coming out of sleep mode

Anyone run into an issue where there's not video signal coming from the Bluesky box when you take it out of "sleep mode"? Sometimes there's audio, but often it's just a black screen. I believe a signal is being received even if it's just a black scre... Read more

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Hiding unsubscribed channels on my Gateway HDPVR

How do I do that....I did have another Gateway HDPVR that have me the option the go to settings then go to vjxnnel list & there was an option that said "click here to hide unsubscribed channels" I did try Bluecurve wireless box after yonder if o woul... Read more

Equipment Return

Is Shaw extending equipment return deadline until retail locations are open again? I am not comfortable sending the equipment via mail. Read more


Analog box vers digital box

The building I live in in Vancouver BC has a deal with Shaw where we get basic cable for free in each unit. A friend of mine who lives here in the building as well received a digital box when he activated his service which was a couple months after m... Read more

Front door video camera

I live in a seniors complex that has a front door camera. Typically I can change between the television channels and the front door (security) video feed by toggling the input button on my Shaw remote. This stopped working when I switched from a faul... Read more

Go Gateway app - iPhone

I have been using the Shaw Go Gateway app to help me with my elderly father's tv - from my location (ie remotely). He recently moved, and I ended up having to set up a new separate accounto for him, with a PVR and I also set up a new Shaw ID for that... Read more

Yamaha Soundbar

I am trying to control my Yamaha 109 Soundbar with my Bluecurve XR11 remote. I’m able to pair it so it can control the Soundbar volume (codes 31331 and 32031 both seem to work) but it doesn’t control the Soundbar power. Am I using the wrong code? Or ... Read more

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TCM Channel Freezing

For the past few months, I have noticed some issues with the Turner Classic Movies channel. Every so often, it will freeze for a second or two. This happens regularly, although how often it occurs can vary. Sometimes it only does it once every 10-15 ... Read more

television does not have a picture

Televisions downstairs both work fine. Upstairs television has no picture. Remote control works for dvd player but when we try to access HDMI 1 where the television is accessed - no picture.Have checked the connections on the remote box from the wall... Read more

Intermittent sound loss

I've noticed intermittent sound loss over the last week. Nothing in my HT setup has been changed/altered, and it was all fine and good up until recently. It's not the first time I've encountered this, but it's been a long while since this has happene... Read more

Sound but no picture!

My tv just shows the Welcome connecting to your entertainment experience, all channels are the same. Get the sound but no picture, guide works. Any sugge Read more


Pixels, freezing and cutting out.

For months I've had constant pixelating, cutting out, blacking out etc. I can not watch live TV or recorded TV at times and have to turn on Netflix. I've had 3 techs out in the last few months and all 3 had different excuses, one was rude, one said h... Read more

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shaw go gateway app not working

The shaw go gateway app is not working on my iphone nor on my wife's android. tried the usual log out log in and uninstall/re-install but still not giving me my TV channel line up nor my recordings Read more

Bum Remote

What a mess this Shaw package was!!!! It contained the cable box and remote so everything seemed right. Unfortunately I couldn't get the remote to work so I went with a tech chat. No help there.But I thought the buttons on a remote like the Shaw remo... Read more

DCX3510 - Picture Problems - Pausing Live HD channels

Went through a rep. Ended up with planned service call next week. Old pvr could buffer 20mins while on pause without problems. When I pause HD channels now this new box will mess up the picture, freezing and pixelating and sound issues. When I fast f... Read more

Bad Recordings

I get bad audio and the screen seems to jump ahead. It is only on recordings which is what we normally watch. We have the Gateway system. Getting frustrated especially Read more

No current program

We are able to watch tv, change channels, etc but when trying to rewind we get the message “no current program”. Help? Read more

Cable Box Issue & Poor Customer Service

Encountered issue with older Motorola TV cable box relating to power cord. It took rep on the phone forever to 25-30 minutes comprehend and it didn't help matters he can't speak English at all. Rep claims that as of May these cable boxes are no-longe... Read more

Recording playback problems

Everytime we playback a recording we get part way through and then get an error that says Shaw is experiencing problems on their end and we should 'try another channel' - when you try to get any channel they are 'unavailable'. Happened last night and... Read more


Pvr recording old shows

I have several shows set to record “new episodes only” but the Pvr is filling up with old shows from previous years. I have checked the recording options and they are definitely set up for new only and HD preferred. This has to be a programming issue... Read more

inconsistent volume on startup

I have a Gateway and 4 Portals.On my most used portal, when I first turn on the "setup" aka Sony TV and Receiver, some of the channels have "barely there" audio, other channels are just fine volume wise. Eventually all channels have consistent volume... Read more


Pixilation, sound interruption

Lately we have been experiencing severe pixelation and sound breakup especially between 8:00 and 10:00 pm, on on both PVRs, for both live broadcast and recordings made during that time period. Shaw instructions suggest it could be a problem with the ... Read more

Regarding Shaw non-PVR HD cable boxes

I was chatting with an agent about switching to one & was told that they are no longer being made & are now obsolete (I'm talking about the non-PVR HD cable boxes that were renting for $5 per month), can anyone confirm this as I seem to get different... Read more

Incorrect time on my new PVR

Shaw recently sent new cable boxes to replace some older models. I believe they were refurbished.One of the units shows Eastern Time (I live in Calgary). There does not appear to be any way to override the clock settings using my remote. Any advice o... Read more

Service outages

Why does your phone tree direct people to look for service outages online if your website doesn’t update in real time? Read more

Classical Guide aspect ratio

This is for all the employees at Shaw. For the settings of the Classical Guide on the Motorola box, can you modify the choice of settings and allow HD to be 4:3 as well just in case there are 4:3 programs stretched to 16:9 and no one can't find the m... Read more

Harmony Remotes Discontinued

Logitech decided to discontinue their Harmony remotes, just as my Ultimate is acting up and needs a new battery. The batteries aren’t meant to be replaced, but I found an after market one. I also came across this other universal remote, the SofaBaton... Read more

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Tv remote

I just got a new shaw box and remote. I have tried many times to program my remote to my TV. It keeps saying my TV is a element TV when I have a Bolva. When I get the correct TV brand in it still says it is a element TV brand. When I push it doesn't ... Read more

Changing Batteries for the XR11 Remote

This is an embarrassing question, but I am having difficulty in figuring out how to open the remote control itself in order to change the batteries. I'm sure it will be easy to do when I know how to do it.I found a one sentence instruction on pressin... Read more

Blue Curve Player Xi6 stopped sleeping.

I have had two blue curve Xi6 boxes since Nov. 2019, having replaced an old PVR box. One is connected to a TV and one is connected to a monitor, which is also connected to a computer. The Xi6 box that was connected to the monitor used to sleep and wo... Read more

BlueCurve Wireless 4K TV (Xi6) Player - my review

I would like to share my experiences and opinions about the BlueCurve 4K Xi6 wireless tv player technology with the Shaw Comminity forum. BackgroundIn 2015 I started to follow developments around Internet Protocol Television(IPTV). In July of that ye... Read more


Arris MP 2150 gateway and Total TV.

Went to Shaw a week or two ago to get a free cellphone connected. While there the sales rep made some TV channel lineup suggestions that made sense at the time. Since I'd save $50+ a month I thought why not. I asked if Total TV was compatible with my... Read more

Search Bug Motorola 3510M

When using search, I inadvertently hit the PageUp button just under the down arrow. Search immediately froze solid - no data entry was possible. Navigating away from Search did not cure it, nor did a soft reboot. The only cure is to power off the cab... Read more

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Does URC MX-890 remote work with BlueCurve?

I have a URC MX-890i remote that currently controls 3 televisions on one wall with a Motorola DCX3400 hooked up to each television. I have no issue with this set up however I am moving now and wanted to know if I was able to switch my services to blu... Read more

Motorola DCX3510-M - can a custom recording be set?

I have a Motorola DCX3510-M PVR. Is there any way to set a custom recording that doesn't necessarily align to a specific program? As a very broad example, can I program to record on any given channel from 1:24am to 1:43am? Sometimes I want to record ... Read more

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Recording ATP tennis

I have been trying to set up my BlueCurve TV Player Wireless 4K to record all upcoming ATP tennis events. A couple of months ago when we first got this box I was able to record ATP tennis like any other series. Now it isn't giving that option. Any id... Read more

No input detected

My TV is shutting off every 20minutes and just before it does it shows, no input detected. I can turn it back on and it seems fine, but shuts off again in 20minutes. Read more

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How to record same series show 2 in row

I want to record 2 same series episodes, one at 6.30, other one at 7pm. I have only 2 choices: to record one or all episodes - there is no option to record 2. I tried to record it as "record only this episode" at 6.30, then choose "record only this e... Read more

Smart tv wireless connection

I have 2 smart tv's different brands, first one stopped connecting wirelessly and now the second one cant connect wirelessly. Is this a router problem? How do I check? Read more


Disconnecting digital box causes internet to go down

We have a strange situation going on here. We are using Shaw for our TV connection and Telus PureFibre for our internet. The PureFibre was installed in December. Everything with both products has been working fine until just recently when we decided ... Read more

PVR says NO Listings Available

For 4 days now the screen of my PVR is completely blank except to say "NO Listings Available" at the top and PVR 93% Full. that't it. I cannot see the content stored on the PVR, nor can I delete or record because there is no access. to the content. I... Read more


Getting a Shaw cable box

I'm just curious, to get a Shaw cable box is it possible to get one from my local Shaw retail store? Or is the only way via delivery what with what's happening right now?....I figure maybe it would be easier & quicker to get one rather Read more

Desktop Browser Support

Visited website today on a desktop browser (Firefox 76.0) and there is a banner on the shaw websitethat says"Browser not supported. For a better experience using this site, please update your browser."Firefox 76.0 is the lastest version. Why ... Read more

Turn off automatic keypad backlight for XR11 remote

Is there any keypad sequence I can press to disable the backlight for the keypad from turning on automatically on my BlueCurve XR11 remote?Compared to the other remotes in my house that are the exact same model, mine gets very poor battery life, and ... Read more

TV pixeling all day, freezing u

My Tv today has been pixeling,freezing almost all channels. Is anybody else having this problem today??? It is really annoying has been going on all day. They have no service updated reported and did the usual trouble shooting but my HD cable just no... Read more

my shaw bill

[moderator edited] When I upgraded my TV service to Blue sky I asked for my home phone to be discontinued. Please check my records, I have not used my home phone in years. Please discontinue my phone and credit back all those charges. I was on hole t... Read more

LF: IR Extender for Motorola DCX3510-M

Old box I know, but looking to store cable box in a media cabinet and having trouble finding any good recommendations on an IR Extender for a Motorola DCX3510-MAnyone had experience of what works and what didn't.Much appreciated. Read more


New TV and new HD Shaw box

We currently have standard definition Shaw Box. We will be turning t in for an HD box tomorrow and connecting it to a new 4K HD TV. We do not intend to connect the TV to anything else - not to internet or any apps,DVD,PVR . Do I set up and activate t... Read more

Did something change on the Gateway?

I bought a new Samsung 4K smart tv a few months ago. It found my Gateway box immediately when I plugged it into HDMI1 and everything worked fine from the Samsung remote. I could change channels and view the program guide all with the Samsung remote.T... Read more

Shaw Bluecurve Fast forward + Rewind

Currently we have an issue with our setup where when we are fast forwarding anything and hit play it jumps ahead about 90 seconds. Rewinding does something similar but the jump is only about 30 seconds. When dealing with support all they can say is w... Read more

Set box is stuck on screensaver images

My TV continually displays screensaver images that I know are coming from the set box. I've tried unplugging and rebooting (including an unplugged interval of more than two hours) and continually get the same outcome. So far, I can't knock the set bo... Read more

No signal

My added channels (Vision, Cooking, etc) are showing that I need a subscription which I already have. Been going on for over a week now. Shaw is next to impossible to get in touch with, and their wonderful self help website is of no help at all. Just... Read more

phone service

I need a technician to service a TV account. I phone the number. I am something like 80th in line for service and am offered the option of a call back. This is to avoid what I am told is between 30-45 minutes on hold. I get the call back and am told ... Read more


Tried to delete one item from pvr cleanup, message on screen says "one moment please" however it's now frozen. Please advise how to restore Motorola 3400. Read more

Bluecurve TV box

I want to add the Bluecurve TV box to my logitech remote. What is the make and model of this equipment? I think it is the xid-p Read more

Overscan on Xi6 box?

Just started with Shaw a few months back... have 2 Xi6 boxes on my TV’s. I have noticed that I can’t see the edges on several channels... almost like it is slightly zoomed in? I have the video output resolution set at 1080p and zoom is set to none...... Read more

TV capture

I am trying to setup a to watch TV when my pvr is recording 2 shows and i want to watch something else. (I have had this device for a number of years and had it working with a... Read more

Shaw Box concealed

We are putting the Shaw box in a concealed vented cabinet. Is there an IR eye can can be attached to the TV Box outside the cabinet? Read more

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