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Topics with Label: TV Boxes & Remotes

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30-Second Skip (BlueCurve)

Skipping forward 30 seconds and back 15 seconds using the BlueCurve remote (pg up / pg dn) no longer works.It cannot be restored using the sequence exit-exit-exit 0030 . Read more

Blue Curve Pause Live TV

We have been a long time shaw customer and have recently upgraded to the blue curve system.We have notice that when pausing live TV we seem to be only able to hold 30 minutes, backwards from current clock time. The previous systems allowed a pause fo... Read more

XiOne Volume Level

Just switched from the old Arris gateway and wired portals to the new Fibre+ XB7 with XiOne wireless players. We noticed that the TV volume is significant lower with the XiOne than the old players. With the old one, our normal volume level was 30 but... Read more

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