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Anyone else suddenly have pixilation issues. Funny as some channels - only a few. Both TV's in the house. Completed all of the steps and purchased new splitter and cable. Frustrating for the last 4 days. Read more

Fast forwarding on PVR is broken/feature

In the past few months, I've noticed something new which happens when fast-forwarding through recorded shows. The way it used to happen was wonderful, you would see your show start and hit play. It would generally skip back 5-10 seconds so you didn't... Read more

Bluetooth Volume

Can the Shaw BlueCurve TV Player (Xi6) control Bluetooth audio volume? I have Bluetooth earbuds that have no volume control on the earbuds. They depend on the Bluetooth transmitting device to control audio volume. Read more

BlueSky TV box won't delete recordings

HI there, Just noticed today that when I go to delete any recordings from my BlueSky TV box, it goes through the process, but doesn't actually delete anything. This only just started today, last night was perfectly fine.I've reset the box twice, whic... Read more

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