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Strange VOD/PPV charges on my latest Shaw bill

Today, when I received my latest Shaw bill, the bill showed 4 billable items for VOD/PPV programs (2 times $4.99, 2 times $11.99, before taxes) on the same day (January 15, 2020). Curiously, through My Shaw, when I viewed all my transactions for Janu... Read more

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XI6 program recording with app

Can't find this on Shaw Support site so I am sure someone here knows. I have the old Arris Gateway and two portals. They are acting up so I want to replace them. One feature I use often is the Gateway app that allows me to manage recording shows. For... Read more

Remote recordings

I see postings that in 2019, upgrading to Bluecurve did not have a feature to record tv programming remotely.It is now 2023. I just upgraded to BlueCurve TV Player Wireless 4K and the remote record feature is still not available.Very disappointing.An... Read more

Ignite TV (Xi6) Zoom Functionality Problem

I was recently forced to upgraded to the Xi6 TV boxes because they were phasing out the old boxes. First off I'm not happy about this. Everything was working perfectly with my old wired (coax) boxes.Anyways here's one of my issues. Under the Device S... Read more

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