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Remote Control Functionality

I fast-forward through commercials. When I see the next scenes from the show, I press Play. Rather than stopping at that point - the sensical result from pressing Play - it typically goes to a point between one and three minutes earlier. Not stopping... Read more

Regarding My Shaw app

I recently got a Motorola Moto E & tried to download the app, but apparently when look for it it says it's "your device isn't compatible with this version" ...also the same with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet.,..does anyone else have this issue? (Previousl... Read more

Moving to BlueCurve TV from regulat Gateway

Hi Everyone:I have had the XG1-A Gateway for at least 4 years with 2 additional Arris units. I am not sure what I am continuing to pay for. I get a rebate on the Gateway($15 a month), but pay $10 a month($5 each) for the Arris units. The remotes on a... Read more

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