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espial TV

Tonight I rebooted my Gateway system ( it helps when the remote functions start acting sluggish ) and I noticed something weird. Instead of the usual Avent ( or whatever it was called ) logo that appears during the reboot process I saw this logo on m... Read more


Wiring for multiple receivers

I currently have one 630 receiver and the oval dish with dual LNBs. However, I would like to get one more receiver, and at the same time wire a total of 3 additional rooms for future receivers. I see Shaw suggests the DTV4x8 multiswitch for multiple ... Read more

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Listening to channels with TV off

At some point an update has removed the ability to keep the gateway (along with av receiver) on with sound after TV is turned off.It would be great to have back the ability to listen to music channels without the need for the TV to be constantly on.I... Read more

Shaw gateway XG1-A and LG smart remote

Just bought my 80 year old mother a 55" Nanocell LG TV.She has an XG1-A Shaw gateway HDPVR that she would like to control with the LG Magic Remote - it seems that accessing and managing PVRed material is the most difficult. I unplugged from Shaw TV y... Read more

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