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fast forward issues

This is frustrating. I have a samsung tv with a paired shaw remote. My issue is when i am watching a recorded tv program and press the fast forward button to get past the commercials the tv does nothing for almost 2 minutes then all of a sudden it is... Read more

Universal remote for Shaw XiOne player?

Upgraded this for my parents who were on an ancient PVR. Gotta say, fantastic system and the wireless cable feed was something I never heard of, brilliant! Everything works great except the remote's ability to control the actual TV. It has rudimentar... Read more

Turn off automatic keypad backlight for XR11 remote

Is there any keypad sequence I can press to disable the backlight for the keypad from turning on automatically on my BlueCurve XR11 remote?Compared to the other remotes in my house that are the exact same model, mine gets very poor battery life, and ... Read more

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