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Background recording

My shaw PVR used to automatically background record the channel I was watching and also the previous channel. So then when I reverted to the previous channel I could rewind to see what was recorded. But now I have upgraded to the blue curve and it do... Read more

BlueCurve remote button changes within YouTube app

There was a recent update to the YouTube app on approximately June14 and June 24 (I run the XG1v4 for info). Since these two updates the “Last” button on on the BlueCurve remote no longer backs out of a video you are watching to the previous screen. ... Read more

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Voice command doesn’t work with a/v receiver

Just upgraded from Shaw gateway to Shaw blue curve tv and I have a weird problem. If I feed the HDMI signal from the set top box to my a/v amp, then it doesn’t recognize any voice commands. If I bypass the amp & plug the set top box directly into the... Read more

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