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Backup Recording Options

PLEASE!!! A QUICK SIMPLE FIX!!!Every time I have to replace or upgrade a Shaw Direct PVR, there is no option to backup and then restore the Recording Options.I currently have over 100 scheduled programs to be recorded. I lose those when my PVR has to... Read more


Pixilation, sound interruption

Lately we have been experiencing severe pixelation and sound breakup especially between 8:00 and 10:00 pm, on on both PVRs, for both live broadcast and recordings made during that time period. Shaw instructions suggest it could be a problem with the ... Read more

30-Second Skip (BlueCurve)

Skipping forward 30 seconds and back 15 seconds using the BlueCurve remote (pg up / pg dn) no longer works.It cannot be restored using the sequence exit-exit-exit 0030 . Read more

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