Question about the new TV Packages.


Hi, so in order for us to renew our internet and tv package, we were told that we had to change our grandfathered plan with the new packaging deal shaw is offering now.

The new tv packages is what we have to change and there's 2 questions we were hoping can be answered.

1. We're currently grandfathered under the digital classic package that seems to include a wide variety of channels and the Large Package seems to be the equivalent. are all of the channels from digital classic going to be on the large package or will there be channel removals?

2. Our current pricing for digital classic is $80 per month but the large package now is 95. Is shaw able to match the price of digital classic to the large package?

thank you

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Re: Question about the new TV Packages.


Hi mahram 

There may be some differences between the Classic package and the new prebuilt Large package. Our channel lineup varies by region, so I'd recommend getting in touch with customer service to do a comparison. They can send you a lineup via email to show which channels would be included, as well as which would be removed. In terms of pricing, we would not be able to match the old package rate as the cost for Large TV is $95. That said, there might be another configuration that would work better for you. You can find more information about the TV packages on Shaw Cable TV Plans & Packages 

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