The Blue Sky system has some new good features.... but there are several disappointing differences between it and Gateway...


1. For some reason all the Stingray Music channels  are all blank and do not show the song or artist that is playing...

Having to start up my computer and log into Stingray to see the playlist is not acceptable.  WHY?

2. We work and travel and the 500 GB hard drive is too small for the amount of shows we like and want to record. 

With Gateway we had a 1 TB esata hard drive attached and had no problems with not enough drive space.... There

is an esata port on the Blue Sky but it is apparently disabled..... WHY?

3. When watching a show and you decide to save it to the PVR it will not record from the beginning of the show only from that point forward.....(You can rewind to the beginning and start it but still only records from the original later point in the program).......WHY?

4. You cannot pick what channel or time slot you want to record.... it decides...… WHY?

5. If you have any older TVs that dont have HDMI you will have to buy an adapter (Amazon or ?) as there is only 

HDMI    - No   RCA, composite or component out jacks.....WHY?

This is what we have noticed so far.... we were offered an upgrade from the older GATEWAY system

which we were quite happy with but we have lost several important features with Blue Sky....

Our first disappointment with SHAW....

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I cannot answer 1-3, but I can help with 4.  When you search for a show and select the episode you want to record, one of the options that appears is "other times".  This will give you all of the times/channels of that episode, so you can select the one you want to record.  I'm not sure how a series recording works on BlueSky, as I set-up my recordings one episode at a time.  If I miss an episode, I just use the On Demand library (which may be a way to address the issues mentioned in your second point).

As for your 5th comment, it seems like on newer television hardware it's getting harder to find anything that isn't HDMI.  I think this is because the legacy hardware you mention is just that, legacy.  That being said, there are certainly adapters available on the web, such as Amazon.




#1 - It won't automatically bring up the artist/song name, but with the voice remote, you can say "What song is this" and it will tell you that way. Unfortunately there is no way to change it, evidently it was something that was complained about before so was made this way as a option per song to find out what it is.




I certainly did NOT receive the Shaw Services from Blue Sky that I was promised.
I continue to get Error Messages, from "Not being able to connect to the platform" to many other Error messages!

My TV continues to Freeze or it takes forever to switch channels with the 3 Dots scrolling across the screen.
Then there's Netflix that has taken, up to and over, 20 minutes to come on!
And Shaw calls their Blue Sky the best technology going. Their bs Lies makes me sick.. 

The Shaw tech told me that Shaw Blue Sky was sooo much better than the gateway and that I'd really enjoy it much better. This is so NOT true.
I believe this is "IMPLIED WARRANTY" where a customer does NOT get the Product/Services that were described at the time of sale!

Perhaps it's time I go to the Media regarding this Cash Grab Rip Off?
Like maybe Jenny with CBC Marketplace who loves to do stories about Giant Companies Ripping Off the little guys!

Then I go to find the Channel List in my SETTINGS and I Searched every single item, and nope, there's No Channel List to be seen!! Looks like Blue Sky duznt offer a Channel  List like the Gateway does.

So with no Channel List, it just makes things alot Harder with more Steps! For example, I like to block certain channels when the Grandbabes come over so they don't accidentally click on one. With an actual Channel List you could just temporarily unhighlite the Channel(s), but with Blue Sky you gotta go thru ALL that PARENTAL CONTROL bs to prevent kids from going on certain channels. What a crock!

When you get to a certain Age, you start Forgetting Pins and Passwords, so why not Add the Channel List onto Blue Sky so people getting up there in Age, Don't have to worry about Pins and Passwords in order to temporarily Block Channels!?
I looked everywhere in Settings, including lab and notifications and there's absolutely No  Channel List inspite of what Shaw's website says.

Gateway was sooo much Easier and Better all the way around!
Plus the Gateway Remote was easier and more comfortable to hold in the hand. This new Remote is the Worst Remote I've ever used!
The Functions are all in such awkward places and gives a person a Clicky Thumb, plus near carpal tunnel when hanging onto the remote so to keep your fingers or thumb on the correct buttons so you don't push the wrong button when not looking.

At least with the Gateway Remote, you didn't have to look at what buttons you were pushing! You could use it in the dark bcuz the buttons were easy to find bcuz they were in the perfect position to the hand and waaay more Comfortable!

Not so with this Blue Sky Remote. Plus it goes thru BATTERIES every couple of weeks! Just another stupid added COST that the Shaw Family DIDN'T THINK about when creating this piece of crap!

Then, with Gateway, I used to be able to watch a few shows at one time...
Ex: I'd watch a show til the commercials came on, then I'd switch to another channel and I could rewind that channel to where I last watched it and watch that show til the commercials came on and switch again between 2-3 shows.

With this stupid Blue Sky, when you switch channels, which btw has an EXTRA STEP as compared to Gateway, but when you switch, you can't rewind and go back to where you last were watching!

Plus with Gateway, when you rewound a show to the beginning, you could record it from the beginning, but not with Blue Sky, it only records to where it rewinds to, and most of the time it duznt rewind to the beginning like Gateway does..

Shaw calls this Blue Sky sooo much more Advanced?? If you ask me, Shaw has taken several steps Backwards!!!

I ordered new channels and I'm still waiting for my guide to catch up and add them. But nope, they're still not there.

I've disconnected everything in every room for longer than 10 seconds and still No UPDATED GUIDE!

Way to go Shaw!

Plus if you have paused or rewound a show, and say the time is 11:55 AM, well as soon as a new time comes like 12:00 PM, the show/channel Automatically goes to LIVE TV at 12:00 PM and you can't rewind to go back to where you were in the previous show!

It's just horrible what Shaw has done and thinking they've "Blasted Into the Future" with their so called "amazing new technology!"

Another thing that's sooo WRONG, is my Internet Service. I keep getting told by the tech that it's in the Red!
When I asked what that meant, the tech told me that it keeps kicking itself outta fast speed, I believe it's 150 now from 50,  but whatever it is, it keeps going into slow mode, when the Shaw Tech told me I'd be so surprised bcuz it would be super Fast Internet! Yeah right! Just another BS Line these techs are told to spiel off to the customer in order to upsell their products!!

And I've tried several times just this week alone to call in, and after being on hold for more than 50 minutes, I just keep hanging up.
I have more to do with my life than spend it on hold waiting for a Shaw CS agent to come on..
I'm sick of calling in to let them know each time my TV Freezes or each time I get an Error message.
This kind of stuff SHOULDN'T be happening on a regular basis, like every single week!

There's just waaay too many WRONGS with Shaw Blue Sky to continue writing here, and I really don't think Shaw cares!

The Shaw Family has made Billions and who cares if their customers are unhappy and Paying for Services NOT PROMISED!!

Looks like it really is high time I speak with CBC Marketplace and put an end to this bs!
So, first thing Monday morning that's who I will be calling, bcuz enuff is enuff!!

Anyway, it looks like the more I go on the more frustrated I'm getting, so I better sign off for now...

Good Luck to all of you who are having problems with Shaw's New and so "Amazing" Technology, Blue Sky, that's supposed to be sooo much better than Gateway!

very disappointed  




if you want to go back to gateway, you can do it witihin 15 buyer remorse as you signed a new agreement and a new billing system.  

hope it helps

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