Uncaring greedy company


Unfortunately the only comment is you do not care to properly care for your customers.

You made sure to show US open matches up until the Womens final and then with your association with TSN you then made sure to try to GOUGE us by making us pay for extra service. Now I find that your SEARCH function clearly shows the mens final is on TSN 2 TOMORROW (Monday the 8th). But the MENU clearly shows that it is not on and actually it is on in 15 minutes.

But due ti your indifference to your customers I will not be watching it.

I run a SERVICE company myself and would never treat my customers like this.

Lat word. "YOU are DEAD to ME "



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Programming decisions such as this are up to the network...


@Daveispissed Programming decisions such as this are up to the network themselves, so TSN would be the ones to decide which of their channels to show programming on.  However, our current TV packaging options would have all TSN channels bundled together either in the TSN theme pack or as part of your package lineup, so I would suspect that you're on an older TV package. If you do want to review your package options and see if one of our current offerings would be a better fit, you can download a PDF comparing our current packages here, or get in touch with our customer service team for assistance. 

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