Learn more information about Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

What is CASL?

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is a law that aims to protect Canadians and support their confidence in the digital economy by reducing the harmful effects of spam and electronic threats.

At Rogers (Together with Shaw), we are committed to sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs) that you only want to receive. CASL allows us to communicate with you electronically when you become a customer until such time as you wish to unsubscribe.

Find more information on the Canadian Government Website.

What forms of communication can I receive from Rogers?

Text Message

Rogers uses SMS text messages for troubleshooting and appointment purposes.

  • Installers and technicians may send a message regarding appointments.
  • For example: “I will be there at 4 pm” or “I am running late”

Promotional marketing offers may also be sent to customers with information on how to contact us to avail the offer.

Read more about SMS Marketing here.


Shaw uses email communications for a range of purposes including but not limited to billing, appointments, promotional offers, alerts, and other account-related resources.

How to unsubscribe from CEMs?

Please note: Unsubscribing from email or SMS Marketing does not unsubscribe you from all electronic communications.

We will continue to send you:

  • Your e-Bill
  • notices relating to your account
  • notices relating delivery of your services.

If you no longer wish to receive CEMs from Shaw, please fill out the relevant opt-out forms below.  Contact us if you require assistance.

To opt-out from SMS Marketing promotions, please click the opt-out link within the text message. If you are unable to complete the form, contact us.

Concerns and Inquiries

If you wish to submit a concern, complaint, or inquiry in relation to the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Rogers Communications, contact us.

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