Billing & Account Articles

Billing & Account Articles

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Shaw makes paying your bills easy and versatile. Learn all about how to set up pre-authorized monthly payments and how to go paperless by switching to viewing your bills online.

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Are Shaw services available in my area?

From the home page, you can quickly check if Shaw Internet, TV or Phone services are available in your area. Go to From the menu, select Enter address, or click your location if it's shown. On a mobile device, tap the menu icon at th... Read more

How do I renew my 2-year ValuePlan?

You can review your 2-year ValuePlan online. Choose one of the options below to get started. Renew your 2-year Bundle ValuePlan (choose this if you have a 2-year ValuePlan for Internet and TV services). Renew your 2-year Internet ValuePlan (choose th... Read more

How To: Move your Shaw services

You found a new home, now leave the complicated stuff to us! When moving, you can take your Shaw services with you and avoid a disruption to your Internet, TV or Phone. Just let us know where and when you're moving, and we'll help make it easy. How t... Read more

Outbound Calling Practices

From time to time Shaw’s outbound sales teams reach out to prospective customers to make them aware of new services and upcoming promotions that we feel they would be most interested in. We’re always looking at ways to improve our practices to best s... Read more

How To: Set up auto payments

You can set up automatic payments for your monthly Shaw bills using the My Shaw website ( or the My Shaw mobile app. Set up auto payments using the My Shaw website Set up auto payments using the My Shaw mobile app Set up auto payments usin... Read more

How To: Request a payment extension

If your account is overdue and you would like a payment extension, sign in to the My Shaw website ( or the My Shaw mobile app. If you are eligible for an extension, you will see a message at the top of the screen offering you the option to... Read more

How To: Set up two-step verification for Shaw ID

Two-step verification is a security measure for your My Shaw account. When it's enabled, login attempts will trigger a 6-digit pin code to be sent to you by SMS text or email— your choice — and entering that pin code into the My Shaw website ( Read more

How do I upgrade my Shaw services?

You are looking to upgrade your Shaw services and want to see what your options are. If you are looking for a new Shaw bundle package or are looking to upgrade your Shaw bundle package, please visit our current bundle offers. Learn more: Shaw TV and ... Read more

Where can I find options for Shaw's TV services?

If you are considering upgrading your TV package and would like to see some of the options for additional television services that Shaw has available: Please see our current TV news and free previews. If you are looking to add a channel or theme to y... Read more

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