amazing customer service!!!!! but no place to give recognition for a job well done?


On multiple occasions I have had to connect with shaw employees either by chat or over the phone. Each time has been a pleasant helpful experience and my questions were answered and issues resolved. No headaches, polite, and helpful agents who go above and beyond, the world would be less angry if shaw agents worked at every company. I find it very odd that a company such as shaw, who pride themselves on great customer service, do not have a place where people can compliment the amazing employees on their top notch communication skills and excellent customer service. I hope they get the recognition they deserve!

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Hey  , So happy to hear about your positive experiences!...


Hey @Davemffred ,

So happy to hear about your positive experiences! We do have a feedback form called "Your Voice"  Here which is where you can submit feedback if you chose too. It can also be found at the very bottom of our website under the "About Us" header.

Thanks again for letting us know,


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