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AS your records will show, during the month of May alone, we were out of service for over 10 days because of a faulty line serving our home.  This has been going on for years, not this May alone. They have now run a temporary line over to our neighbors home to get us going but the problem area  ( the line into our home) has not been corrected.  Because of all the down time and aggrevation to us over the years, I think we should be receiving a few months of free service from Shaw as a customer relation good-will gesture.

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You would have to call or chat directly to Shaw to talk a...

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You would have to call or chat directly to Shaw to talk about a credit. I wonder why they haven’t fixed your line, is it underground? The idea of temporarily running a line to the neighbour’s house is so wrong.


-- I agree that Shaw should compensate you.  But, this is...

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@1996Pote -- I agree that Shaw should compensate you.  But, this is a peer-to-peer discussion forum, not a path to Shaw Support.

However, while reading this response, scroll-down to see "Your Voice". Click it, to send a message to Shaw.

Or, as @rstra suggests, call Shaw (1-888-472-2222).

Twice last year, I was offered $200 in "Telus Credit" if I switched TV/Internet/Phone/Mobile to Telus.  The $200 would offset part of the cancellation-fee, for an early termination of my Two-Year Value Plan. That fee is $20/month. So, if you have less than 10 months remaining on your Value Plan, call Telus, and ask them if that offer is still available to you. Also, contact Shaw, and tell them that you have an offer from Telus, and see if that spurs them into some action, e.g., repairing your outdoor cable, instead of them losing the income (your monthly payments). Note that as a "new" customer of Telus, you might get a nice "promotional" price. Verify the number of months that you'll get that promotional price, and on which services it will apply. At the end of your 2-year (or 3-year) Telus contract, switch back to Shaw, to get "promotional" pricing from Shaw, as a "new" customer of theirs.


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