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Down time

AS your records will show, during the month of May alone, we were out of service for over 10 days because of a faulty line serving our home. This has been going on for years, not this May alone. They have now run a temporary line over to our neighbor... Read more


I have 2 accounts with Shaw, [mod edit to remove account info] I can access through my computer, no problem. [mod edit to remove account info], cannot access, I also do not have a password for this account. How can I get to view this account. Read more


Both these accounts were discontinued in November, 2020 but I just got a letter on both accounts that the balance is 0.00 and to return if equipment if not done, both account equipment was returned. But I have noticed the the home phone line, has not... Read more


re # *** When account was set up, we asked it be in both our names, Bruce and Barbara - this was not done. Now when w try to purchase additional services on line, I'm unable to do so without providing additional verification. Please change/advise how... Read more

Deceptive Sales Practices

I’m writing here because I have been unable to get a response through other channels, and I'm currently on a 2-hour hold on the phone. Recently, I received notice that my Cable + Internet monthly fee was going to jump by about 60% in September, as my... Read more

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