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Do you have a reffrence to the "except moving" clause. We...


@g-idkDo you have a reffrence to the "except moving" clause. We have had shaw for almost a year and a half at the current address (and many years at prior residences)  and are moving to an area of Delta which Shaw does not have service. We called to move the service which is when they told us they don't have service there and then said we have to pay out the remainder of the contract.

Does anyone which states nothing about this issue.

many thanks

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Hi , Yes they will charge you if you are moving to an ar...


Hi @nikad , Yes they will charge you if you are moving to an area that Shaw does not serve, it is listed in the Joint terms and conditions here is a quote from it.  If You are Moving
If you are moving you are responsible to notify Shaw at least 30 days prior to the date you are moving. If you move
to a location that is outside of the area served by Shaw and are not subject to a service agreement, these Terms of
Service shall be terminated and you must return all Rental Equipment to Shaw. If you are a Shaw Digital Phone
subscriber and you move to a new location within Shaw's serving area and you wish to transfer the Shaw Digital
Phone Services, including your current telephone number to the new premises, you must give Shaw a minimum of
15 calendar days advance notice. For Shaw Digital Phone Services, you may only transfer your telephone number
within the same exchange area. The ability to transfer the Services to a new location is dependent on the availability
of the Services at the new location and subject to change depending on the available channel lineup, packages and
pricing in the new location.  

here is the link 

Joint_Terms_of_Service_Privacy_Policy_Internet_Acceptable_Use_Policy_-_June_2020.pdf (ctfassets.net)

so basically if you move to an area that Shaw serves then no problem they will just transfer you services, but however if you move out of there service area then yes they will consider the account being cancelled and all fees due .  I know that sucks but they are like it not our fault your moving somewhere we don't service.  That's one of the downfalls of signing 2 year contracts , you lock yourself in without reading all the small print.  Hope this is the information you were looking for, let me know if I misunderstood your question.