Well I have finally decided to make the jump to Telus. Th...


Well I have finally decided to make the jump to Telus. Their deal was just too good to pass up and SHAW didn't even seem interested in even trying to match their offer. So good luck to all you loyal SHAW customers - I honestly hope things start getting better for you ( especially for all those Gateway users out there ) and you stay happy with what you are getting from SHAW. And my final message to the suits over at SHAW - start listening to your customers especially those that have been with you a long time. We all know that you are a profit driven company but you can still make a huge profit and not alienate a large percentage of your customers at the same time.

@hjnicol wrote:

Be very careful with Telus.  They don't always tell the truth.  I've had sales people (contract sales people, talk and act like Telus employees, but they are commissioned sales people) tell me what I wanted to hear.  When it came down to the actual install, talking to the actual Telus people most of what was promised was impossible.  The same happened to a friend.  Lots of promises but all fiction.

I feel confident that Telus will come through with what was promised. I have multiple e-mails stating exactly what I am getting and exactly what I will be paying. I also have a 30 day " back out " clause so if there are any shenanigans I might just end up back here.