Shaw InfoAlert re last paymt couldn't be authorized.


I just received an email from Shaw stating Last payment couldn't be authorized. Action is Requested.....

I have always rec an email for my bill & I pay through online banking. Nothing has changed. Is the notification spam or someone compromising my acct? 

P.S. Also I checked my Shaw account & everything is up to date as per usual. I printed out my newest bill in preparation for next paymt. What's going on.....

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-- is the notification spam ? A "spam" message is one thi...

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@MD1953 -- is the notification spam ?

A "spam" message is one thing -- just delete it.

However, a "scam" message can be more is more serious. Absolutely NEVER click on a hyperlink in the E-mail message.

If you have not deleted the message, re-open it, and "view source" or "view properties" or "view headers" (depending on which E-mail client that you use).  Look at those headers, with special attention to the ID in the "FROM:" field, and the timezone information in the "DATE:" field. Any timezone that is not correct for Calgary, as adjusted for Daylight Saving Time, is suspicious.

In the "body" of the E-mail, did the message include your name and/or your Shaw account-number? If not, the message is suspicious.

Also, your E-mail client may let you point at the hyperlink, and click with the right-side mouse-button to see the "copy hyperlink" option. Click on that option to copy the hyperlink to the Windows Clipboard. Open NOTEPAD or Microsoft Word, and click "Edit" and "Paste as text" to view the URL. Any link not starting with "https://" is suspicious. Any domain-name not showing as "" is suspicious.

If your online-banking statement is normal, and viewing via the "My Shaw Portal" also is normal, then the E-mail was a "scam" attempt.




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it’s a scam, got the email this morning.

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@MD1953 it’s a scam, got the email this morning.

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