Shaw proletarian copied down wrong surname. Now, all my e-bill have incorrect surname.


This is so frustrating. I'm trying to give a bank proof of where I live. So I tried to copy the Shaw bill as proof but I notice Shaw has copied down my surname incorrectly. My internet bill should read Chris XXXXXXXX but someone at Shaw copied my name to be Chris XXXXXXXX. I couldn't find anywhere on your support to even ask the question "WHY?" Maybe someone will read this and be able to help. Six hours searching on Shaw to find help. Just miserable.

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-- Six hours searching That is very persistent. Note that...

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@Rorschached99 -- Six hours searching

That is very persistent. Note that this is a peer-to-peer discussion forum, not a path to Shaw Support.

To get answers, please contact Shaw, telephone them: 1-888-472-2222 or use online chat:

Or, cancel with Shaw, and switch to TELUS.



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