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Topics with Label: Dial Tone & Call Quality

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Problem With Time Showing For Voicemails

So this problem started right after the switch to Daylight Savings time. I noticed that the time for messages received was behind by 1 hour on both my phone and on " My SHAW " page. At first I figured that since the switch to Daylight Savings had jus... Read more


no one at the other end

everyday I get calls from 780-459- any 4 numbers. there is never anyone at the other end. I call back that number and it is not in service. I am on the do not call list. every day! I am ready to cancel my land line. Any suggestions. Read more

No dialtone after power outage

The power went out. It is back now. My 2 line system has no dialtone. The Shaw modem is in an electrical room in the complex, I have no access to it. I plug in my tester phone (I fix computers for a living), still no dialtone. I phoned helpline, afte... Read more

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