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Phone log to keep track of calls

We made a long distance call and want to know how long we talked (or any calls for that matter).In MyShaw, I don't see a page where it list all calls coming in nor out like we have for Novus, which was great.Where can we find this? Read more

turning off voicemail in shaw-wired building

Hello,My aunt has moved into a Shaw -wired building so there is no account number available to her. She has a Vtech phone for hard of hearing folks. It has a phone base and a handset that is used for programming. Her phone number as been ported from ... Read more

Alternate Dialing Methods

Does anyone know if these alternate dialing methods can be used on a Shaw land phone?:- Using a DTMF tone dialer held against the microphone of the land phone.- Pulse dialing. Read more

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