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Amazon scam calls

I have spam call blocking turned on. but I am getting a ridiculous amount of spam calls from fake amazon security. they are all coming through 605-457-XXXX number block. what options do we have to help mitigate these calls. I am getting them multiple... Read more

Compatibility of Shaw email to Outlook

I have been using Telus email for the past 40 years (since it was invented) and kept it even when we moved to Shaw for phone, internet and cable. Now Telus is dumping me to Google which I was advised does not work well with Outlook which I prefer. Wh... Read more

Apply shaw mobile

hi,I tried to apply shaw mobile, however I was not qualified. The Shaw representative said that my credit score is not good and that I could not get a phone line. She advised me to contact Equifax, the company that Shaw uses for credit score checks. ... Read more

Setting up homeline

We are shaw customers with internet. We've just moved and were looking into our options for getting a home line phone. My sister has shaw internet and says her home line is free with her plan. Is there anything you can offer us for adding a home line... Read more

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