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Topics with Label: Long Distance & Prepaid

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Phone log to keep track of calls

We made a long distance call and want to know how long we talked (or any calls for that matter).In MyShaw, I don't see a page where it list all calls coming in nor out like we have for Novus, which was great.Where can we find this? Read more

Calls charged to my home phone number

In reviewing my past bills I found two numbers that were supposedly dialed from my home phone number. One on January 7 to a Fort McMurray number for 15 minutes and then one 13 minutes later to a Red Deer number for one minutes. Six days later to the ... Read more

international Calls my Home Phone

Re. My Shaw International Calling PlanI have not been able to make international callings from my Shaw Phone. Please tell why this is happening?Thank you.Elizabeth Jesus Read more

unsure numbers

i have tons of text me now app numbers that all last 1 min have for months now and a spouse who claims that he doesnt now anything about them how do i see what and where this happing from? please help Read more

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