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HELP!! Disconnecting Serivce

In the last 24 hours, I have wasted more than 3 hours on hold with Shaws 888-472-2222 Customer Support Line - there is no 'call back' option given, just "please wait on the line for any disconnect...". Has anyone experienced similar wait times? Is th... Read more

can't do email

I can't send or receive email I get "An error occurred while sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting: ESMTP server not available CSI block." Read more

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WOW !!! On hold for over an hour???

Good heavens....what is going on? No chat until September 30, and no one will answer the phone? I've been on hold for an hour, the ridiculous squawbox in the phone message is still telling us to go the "shaw chat" but the website says it's down until... Read more

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Webmail upgrade won't save Preferences

Since the upgrade a few days ago to my Shaw Webmail account, everything shows up in a gigantic font not of my choosing. I go to Preferences to restore my preferred font and font size, but the program does not save these changes. Is there a button I h... Read more

Setting up with Thunderbird Not Working

I'm trying to set up Thunderbird (IMAP) with my Shaw email, but it doesn't seem to be working right. It's receiving emails fine, but if I try to send any, I get an error message saying that it timed out. I used the settings listed on the site, listed... Read more


I am using windows live mail 2012 , now my entries are not showing up?? is there anyway to restore? Read more

Shaw emails not getting to recipients

There's a mis-configuration somewhere on Shaw's or Apple iCloud's side. Most emails from Shaw never seem to make it to iCloud. Forwarding emails from shaw to an iCloud address would always return: 550 5.7.1 [CS01] Message rejected due to local policy... Read more

incorrect inbox

I am receiving my wife's email. She still receives hers. My email appears on the webmail page Read more

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Quota warning. 940 MB where?

I have been getting this quota warning for weeks. When I sign in to webmail, I see 313MB in my inbox and literally nothing in any other folder. Where is this 940 MB of data hiding? Read more

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Webmail upgraded to 8.8?

While I do not see any official announcement, it appears that an upgrade to Webmail is starting to take place over the last week as shown in the about screen. (I can't seem to find a method to attach a screenshot to a post) What's interesting is that... Read more

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i do not want password remembered

We recently had a new modem installed and now my email password is remembered automatically. I want to be prompted to enter it when I access email. Where do I change this? My Shaw only has a place to change the password Read more

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