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Delete trash / sent emails after 30 days

I have a Mac, using Catalina, and have used Mail for quite some time. I'm also using the IMAP configuration, and previously was using POP. Does anyone know if it's possible either in Mail or on Webmail to set a filter up to delete the trash and sent ... Read more

Megaserver blocking important email -

We have a situation where we need to make sure that no matter what emails from specific domains will come through - so regardless of the content of the email or attachments or anything that might cause the email to be marked as spam or blocked we wan... Read more

What source is shw using?

What anti-spam database does Shaw use?For example, do they use SpamHause, SpamCop, DNSBL etcetera - who? Don't 'google' it, Google will only provide information relevant to Canada. THANKS a lot GEO/GPS spies!!!!! I shoot every third person that asks ... Read more

Emails I send are being tagged as suspected junk mail

I send out emails, and bcc myself on them, and most of them are tagged as suspected junk mail when I receive them. This causes my recipients to not receive my emails in their inboxes as the messages are sent to their junk mail folders. How do I get S... Read more

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