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Email recieving but not sending

This one's got me mighty stumped, so I'm turning to the Shaw community for help. I'm trying to help my mom with her MacBook Pro (2019) which is running Catalina, and she is using Mac Mail to get her mail. She has an IMAP account, and the incoming is ... Read more

E-Mail Accounts Suddenly Not Working

I have 8 Shaw email accounts on my iPhone 8 Plus. I use every single one of them for a different purpose. Today, just out of the blue, 2 out of the 8 just stopped working. I use the Apple Mail app on my iPhone. I can check these 2 problematic account... Read more

Cannot lot in to shaw webmail and email is locked

Hello I hope you are helpful. I am in Europe have called shaw two technicians after providing all information, then the call drops on their end, like they hang up, oh I need to check further...then gone. So spent over an hour doing this yesterday, tr... Read more

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