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Suddenly Cannot receive email whilein Europe Grrrrrr

In EU ... I only have data on my phone so no phone number ... email is vital to get updates on flights, chevk in fir flights etc ... shaw Live Chat & messaging will not work 😠and give me error messages my email worked for over 10 days and then sudde... Read more


I cannot find a phone number to talk to you. My problem is my shaw webmail. When I go through to delete my old messages it shows that I have used 70% of my allotted space but I do not know where I have used that amount. My webmail only shows me my me... Read more

Preserving Email

My in-laws have sold their home and will be cancelling the Rogers( Shaw) services. Once they do that they will no longer have their email addresses correct?Is there a way they can preserve their emails and not be a Roger customer?How ... Read more

Keeping my Shaw email address

If I’m told that I have to change my email address, I’ll be moving all my services to Telus. I’ve already done this with another account at my summer place. - just saying… Read more

Cannot send email when using app

We have a problem where any time we are not at home connected to our Shaw internet we cannot sent email through the email app on our devices. We have 4 different devices affected - 2 Samsung phones, Samsung tablet and iPad. Can send receive email wit... Read more