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How to get Shaw to cancel my service

My service ends on the 1st, i've been trying to cancel it for 2 weeks now. I get on the phone line put my # for call back and for the 6th time today... as soon as i was put as position 1 in the queue(from the callback) my call was dropped. I have spo... Read more


E-Mails Going Crazy !!!!!!!

So I just checked my e-mails and there seems to be some sort of problem.After about 5 minutes hundreds and hundreds of e-mails are appearing in my Inbox - some of them from as far back as 2016 !!!!! And the total has now reached over 1,000 new e-mail... Read more

Error Message When Changing Email Password

I've tried to change my email password through My Shaw and get an error message telling me to contact support. I went to support and opened a chat screen. The wait was estimated as 15 or so minutes. That was over 90 minutes ago!!!This is intolerable!... Read more

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