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EMail body is blank in Chrome now

The body of the emails are not showing in preview, nor when I click to open them, Win 10 Chrome.Works OK in IE.Just happened in the last few days. Been using this set up for years.....Anyone else? Read more

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Issue deleting a contact from a Contacts Group

I use a Contacts Group to email several people at once. I need to remove one contact from the group, but every time I try (clicking on the x beside the contact while in the group's editing mode) I get an error message immediately upon clicking the sa... Read more

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Additional email storage space.

Is it possible to have more email storage space than the standard 1.0 GB per email address? If so, are there additional costs and what is the pricing of this? Thanks Read more

Zimbra Desktop Client

Using the Zimbra Desktop Client (7.3.1GA) and unable to access the Advanced Search functionality. Has Shaw disabled this functionality for the Desktop Client forcing us to use the web client? In the Web client you can access the Advanced Search by cl... Read more

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