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how to do attachments in webmail

I used to have no problems doing attachments in webmail. Now when I want to attach a photo or document, I get bounced right out of the compose window. The original email is saved as a draft. When I select the file(s) I want to attach, nothing happens... Read more

Shaw email

Since the email system meltdown on April 7, I have not been able open any emails that I received prior to the system failure Read more

I can't see emails older than a month in webmail

Assisting a client with Shaw webmail issues and she is unable to view emails that are older than a month in her webmail on her laptop but on her older desktop it works fine. Tried clearing browser history but that didn't resolve the issue. Read more

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Account is not active????

HTTP ERROR 400Problem accessing /service/preauth. Reason: account is not active:What the ... why one earth can't I access my email?????????????? (took email address out for privacy reasons). How on earth can my account not be active?? And even if it ... Read more

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Office 365 Shaw email settings with screenshots

Hi all, I just found out Shaw no longer supports setting up email clients. As result I had difficulty setting up my shaw mail to work with outlook. After a while I captured what works for settings and captured screenshots. I hope this helps you. Read more

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