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Repeated password prompt

I use Mac mail, and frequently get a request for my password when sending an email. When I enter the password, it says the account already exists. I click cancel, and then the email sits in my outbox (and if I open it again and click send, it goes no... Read more


adding existing email account

my daughter will be moving in with me and had a shaw email account. is it possible to add her email address to my account so that she has access to her account while she is living here? Read more

can i change pop email to imap?

I have my email account set up as a pop account on my Mac, and would like to change to IMAP for easier handing on multiple devices. However, i don't want to lose the downloaded mail that i have on my Mac. If i make this change will i lose my download... Read more

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Manage email in app

In the iOS app, when I select manage email, it shows 0/10 when there should be 3 addresses created. The email addresses appear to work. Is there a bug in the app? Read more

Shaw email not working with Gmail app

The Gmail app on my Android phone updated last night. Today my Shaw exchange email was not working. The only option Gmail gave me was to delete the account. When I try to add the account again, I get the message:"Can't add account.Gmail's security se... Read more


I am able to receive shaw email in Microsoft Outlook, but am unable to send anything. Task One of Two completes, but then it just hangs there with a cryptic error message. The POP Account settings for outgoing mail show Server:, port: 58... Read more

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Unable to send email

I have been able to receive email today, but when I try to send an email it won't go through. After a period of a 30 seconds or so I get a message that there was an issue with the certificate and that it could be one pretending to be Shaw. Is this a ... Read more

Using Shaw email on ios13

I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue with ios13. On my iphone and ipad, using the Apple mail app, when I send an email message, 2 copies are saved in the sent folder. Also, I cannot save a draft message.This started happening as soon as... Read more

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