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Account is not active????

HTTP ERROR 400Problem accessing /service/preauth. Reason: account is not active:What the ... why one earth can't I access my email?????????????? (took email address out for privacy reasons). How on earth can my account not be active?? And even if it ... Read more

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I signed up for 2FA. Recently I changed my email, and my password manager didn't register the change. Now I can't log into my email or my shaw since the 2FA access code goes to my shaw email. I need tto get a work arond so I can change my 2FA. Read more

Shaw Certificate Suddenly Not Trusted

Tell me what has changed on Shaw's end again to cause the Apple Mail program on our iMac to suddenly pop up a message saying "Shaw's certificate is not trusted"? My mail has worked perfectly for over two years (ever since I got this new iMac). This h... Read more

Junk mail

Why are emails from people/companies who are in my contact list sometimes going to junk? Read more

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